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I am a PBHS senior, my favorite thing about my highschool is the teachers and Softball. I can connect with alot of ny teachers and i always look forward to going to the softball field and sharing my talet with my teammates. Although i wish alot more people would support our softball team we raise money for ourselves and have so much fun doing it. I will always remember my 4 years of highschool.
As a senior at Port Barre High, everything has happened the past 5 years I've been here. My 7th grade was a scary experience because it was a new environment for me. The first week was rough because I'm shy but I had made some really great people who I'm still friends with. Even thought a few of the teachers weren't my favorites, most of them were. They are truly gifts from God. They care about us and treat us like we're theirs.
Although my school is a B school and is the only school with high academics in all of the St Landry Parish public schools, we have our flaws. My school is more than 100 years old. Thanks to the flood in 2016, my chemistry teacher had to move to a new classroom because it was flooded inside. Mold was starting to grow and it was not pretty. Something else I would change is the where we have our "recess". I would like if we could go anywhere in the school during our breaks and not just squished together.
My experience at Port Barre High was a unique one. I have learned so many things from not only the teachers but the students also. I have met so many people who come from different places around the world. Some may not only speak a different language but they also have different cultures. If I had to go back to high school and do everything over i wouldn't because nothing would be the same.
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Port Barre High is one of the best schools in the parish. However there was a lot of change that happened over time. We make the best of what we have. This experience was very life changing. It made me the young woman that I am today. Most of the teachers are very cooperative and are willing to work with the students.
We do get searched pretty regularly which makes me feel safe. We also have a very supportive staff that help in any situation. The buildings do need repair. Water has leaked in and has been the source of allergy problems for many.
I am a part of many of our school organizations. I really enjoyed them. We did many service projects throughout the year and sponsored school events. I also played two sports. I really loved the sports but we needed more coaches and updated equipment.
I would choose this school again. It has a caring and home town kind of environment. The teachers that have been there for years really do care for their students. They try to improve things for the students.
The teachers at this school work very hard. They really do care about us and want us to succeed. Unfortunately this school is a bit short on teachers and has to often hire substitutes.
The overall experience is a memorable one. For the most part the quality of education is good.
At Port Barre High, I have earned good grades thanks to teachers that care. I am able to take honor classes and AP classes and have a 3.86 grade point average. The principals and guidance councelor are amazing and helpful. Also, there are two clubs that I participate in which are Beta and Future Farmeres of America. Another thing is that I love playing sports thereore, I participate in baseball and football at Port Barre High.
It is literally an okay school. There are a some teachers who really care, and they will make the biggest difference for the students. These teachers will go above and beyond to help you and make sure you get what you need to pass. Some feel as the students do, meaning if the student cares they care, but if the student does not care they do not care.
The school cafeteria only supplies one meal a day for each grade level. The quality of the food is poor, but it has predominately healthy choices in the cafeteria and at concession for snacks. Junk food is not an option. However, students are allowed to bring their own lunches to school with the exception of nuts and seafood for allergy reasons.
Although there are very few sports to chose from, the amount of school spirit is considerable. We put on pep rallies for every home game and have a great time. Football are the most populated and focused on, sometimes a bit too much. Parents are not uncommon to attend games, and the stands are usually field. The audience has an immense amount of support for the time and shows tremendous spirit towards the players.
There are few extracurricular activities to choose from at Port Barre High. This is most probably the cause of few teachers and a small amount of student participation. There are no after-school activities available except for sports which is only football, cheerleading, dance, basketball, softball, and baseball. Clubs are few as there are only a handful and not offered to all students. The most notable club is Sr. Beta, which takes trips to state and district conventions for competitions. FFA has the highest fundraising abilities and also takes numerous trips to educate and benefit the students interested in agricultural sciences.
Trouble over wearing the incorrect socks. Even if you are wearing pants.
No health, always pizza and fries
Not enough sports, we have the basics and that's all that people care about.
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Sponsors like for AG let the students smoke and do bad things like have sex in the green house, there is little supervision.
This school is in a small town where almost everyone is related or knows you. Everyone is pretty much accepting toward anyone they just met. Mostly everyone has an open attitude. There is not that much diversity now.
I have been at this school since junior high. I had the choice of starting my high school career many other places, but I didn't want to. Port Barre High is a great school containing many great people. It is full of uniques traditions and rich history. My best experience there would have to be my senior year. Even though we do not many senior priviledges, we still manage to have tons of fun. If I could do this all over again, I wouldn't choose any other school to attend.
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