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Port Aransas High School Reviews

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The school itself is fine, the staff is very helpful, but the students can be awful. The surrounding community can also be very hectic. Not to mention, if you transfer in from another school it can be very difficult to inigrate yourself.
I liked that they have helped me through the toughest times in my high school experiences. What I would like to change would be the way that the teachers can't handle their students when it's time to work.
This school is a very small school but it is good in that the teachers have smaller classes and are able to help students when needed. Because it is so small, it lacks the academic options that larger schools has as well as athletics. Overall, i really have enjoyed by time at Port Aransas and hope that when it's time to have my own children, they have a school like this to go to and learn and grow.
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I love the small school experience. My children get a lot of one on one attention! I would definitely recommend going there and it is right next to the beach which is great!
This is a school that I had the great pleasure of attending, where all the members of the faculty and staff treated each other and their students with kindness and respect. Due to its small size, students were able to get the attention and help when they needed it. The student body excelled in both academics and athletics thanks to the support and guidance of their teachers.
Port Aransas High School shaped me into the person I am today. The teachers and all the faculty taught me so many important life lessons that I will take with me to college.
The school offers many alternative classes as students progress further in their academics. While many of the lower classmen are constricted to some of the more basic core classes due to state testing, the upper classmen have a better variety of classes to choose from when it comes to core classes.
Students are very diverse as far as sexual preference, social beliefs, and political beliefs are concerned.
The school takes a drug abuse very seriously. Random drug tests were administered throughout the year as well as random drug sweeps of classrooms and lockers. The school also administered several school assemblies speaking about drug abuse and its affects, as well as participated in school wide drug free events.
This school makes sure its extracurricular students are welcome and engaging in giving back to their community.
As opposed to most Texas schools, the arts and sports are equally balanced and nourished for future growth and support. Parents, students, faculty and locals all gather around to support all school activities.
This is a wonderful school for any student to attend. The teachers are friendly and helpful. The school is easy to navigate. The students are quick to include newcomers and help them find a place to fit in.
Resources and facilities are limited but of fairly good quality.
The quality of teachers is very good, however if you do run across a teacher you're not fond of you are stuck with them because no one else teaches that class.
What they do have is pretty good, but there are very limited options which is typical for such a small school.
I think I was adequately prepared for my college classes.
There are tons of clubs for students to participate in!
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Everybody was very into fitness and the athletics at the school!
The teachers are all knowledgable in their subjects and taught me enough to do well in college, yet many of them lack important communication skills.
Because the school was so small, I had experience relating to many different kinds of people before college. The academics at Port Aransas High School were great, and I already had positive study habits set up before college. However, because the school was small I did not feel entirely prepared for the diversity and realities of finding work in the real world.
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