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Most of the teachers were very friendly and always willing and ready to help students. I participated in the NJROTC program, and absolutely loved it! The instructors were awesome and the relationships with other ROTC students was life-changing!
I started at sequim schools from preschool until 6th grade and although they had a larger budget and nicer equipment, the students were absolutely terrible. I was bullied every single day as was a lot of the other 6th graders. But moving to Port Angeles school district was a very good thing for me. I made friends very fast here and never have felt unsafe. The teachers are (for the most part) well educated professionals who are very good at connecting with the students and know how to do their jobs well. I have teachers from my past year at the high school who stop me in the halls to ask me how my day is going and genuinely care. Port Angeles high school may not have the budget or the fancy equipment or rich kids, but it makes up for it in its culture
I felt that the teachers did not care about my education or pay attention to my well being. I think they need to be trained to respond to students’ questions and comments better, nicer. Communication is also a key issue. I was only there for two years before transferring to Running Start at Peninsula College and I like it here better. This school was not inclusive. The only thing I appreciated and can stand for is the music program, it is strong.
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I appreciate the fact that Port Angeles High School has allowed me the opportunity to attend Peninsula College’s Running Start program. However, I wish that I had not been cut, as a senior, from the high school volleyball team after being a starter for the previous two years.
I like how small and personal everything is at Port Angeles High School, allowing a lot of recognition and involvement in student class activities. On the other hand, important issues regarding the betterment of the student body, such as the upkeep on the school's construction (it's very outdated) and bullying codes of conduct, are brushed to the side, and instead, all of the funding and focus goes to the music programs and the already-upgraded auditorium. It would be nice if the priorities were checked so the majority of the student body was safe and happy.
The Port Angeles High School is not a great place for education. The teachers really suck at there jobs, and the counselors are not good with keeping track of your progress and tell you if your aren't on track with graduation. The students there can be quite terrible to their peers, and the course selections are boring and useless. The building itself is very old and is in need of a renovation.
I have enjoyed my four years at PAHS. The teachers administrators and coaches have all been supportive. Overall a great school
This High School has some unique and interesting teechers. They also genuinly care about their students and are involved in their future. I especially love the spirit assemblies and homecoming competitions!
I enjoyed attending school and expanding my knowledge however the campus is quite run down and could use some serious help. I tried to avoid school food however the rest of the experiences at PAHS were very good and I felt very involved in my school and included in what was going on around me.
Port Angeles High School is overall a pretty average school. The teachers are invested in our futures and are always willing to help at anytime. The population isn't very diverse, though Port Angeles itself isn't very diverse either which contributes to that. There are many clubs that students can be apart of and The classes, however, do not completely prepare us for college classes, which is something that I'd like to see happen before my senior year.
I really like the music program at PAHS and how helpful most of the teachers are, but the buildings are in really bad shape. Mr. Rennie's room got condemned last week which isn't really surprising given the intermittent flooding and buckets to catch water leaking from the ceiling last year.
Port Angeles is a great school if you like the pacific north west. Great sports opportunity. Only down side is they don't have much electives and the school are out of date
Many of the honors/AP/college course teachers are great and are understanding about managing sports and homework
Almost everyone is white, almost every guy drives a truck and wears camo, we have almost zero school spirit, but sexual orientation isn't a problem for the most part
The sports and everything are really fun, but clubs have little funding and low attendance
Some of the activities can be really fun if you get involved, but it isn't acceptable to run classes in rooms with minor flooding or have to dodge the garbage cans collecting rainwater in the hallways
Some of the teachers are amazing and make me love their subjects, but some teachers have dry boring classes or no lesson plan often concurrent with inconsistent grading practices
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My favorite experiences are in the Music Department. The band and the choir were taught by a husband and wife (the two best people). They went out of their way to do everything they could for their students.
I generally find most the teachers kind and helpful. Some go the extra mile in and out of the school setting.
Safety is good at Port Angeles high
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