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Port Allen High School was a great school. Seeing the teachers faces and the principal greeting everyone at the door was a day maker
My experience was very fun. I came into PA as a freshman and spent my four years there. I graduated with honors and had so much fun doing it while also almost making all district in baseball.
The things that I like about Port Allen High are the teachers because thaty make u feel like family and they care so much about your education and your well being. I love the clubs and sports and the band was my favorite I got to make friends and meet new people who love music and love to be in the band they made me feel like a band family. Even though there are some disagreements they still care.
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My overall high school experience academic wise was quite challenging. Over the years I was able to put my mind to the test by challenging my self to learn more. If I could change anything I would change my work ethics to push myself to aim higher making the impossible possible.
What I like about Port Allen High School is the preparation for life. The teachers want you to succeed in any way possible and the goal is always to maximize student achievement and become a productive citizen hence our mission statement. The sports aspect is amazing being that I was apart of it and it’s a great experience.
This school has little diversity, no school spirit, teachers are very obnoxious, students are horrible out of about 445 students, athletics are not that great, cafeteria food is inedible, do not watch the special education students very well as they tend to wander the halls, teachers do not care about students, classwork is basic, throw anyone in AP, DE, IB, Honors classes even if they have made "F's" throughout the majority of their high school career, I could not even take college course classes while maintaining an 3.5 gpa average and above because the principal felt that I will not succeed in those types of classes but yet he puts children in those classes that are incapable of maintaining the type of gpa grade point average that I've had, make the students feel less of themselves, dumb, ridicule students about their looks or appearances, cuss out the students on a daily basis, & gossips about students to other students & faculty members.
I loved my school. This is my hometown school so it was easy to go and see familiar faces everyday. No one loves school work, but I can honestly say it wasn't hard throughout the 4 years I attended. I ended my high school career on a good note, and graduation day was the most memorable moment of it all!
My overall experience at Port Allen High was great. It is a very small but family oriented school. Most of the teachers were incredibly passionate about their students and education.
The students are very enthusiastic. The behavior could be better. The teachers should have more enthusiasm at school.
I love that everyone knows everyone, you can ALWAYS go to your teachers about anything. You really form a bond with everyone.
Port Allen High will always be in my favorite memories. All of the faculty and staff are exceptionally caring and always helpful. The students feel motivated to come to school and the principal, James Jackson, is one of the most inspiring people. He lights up everyone's morning and helps create the perfect learning environment for the students. All of the students are friendly and welcoming.
The teachers at my school are very favorable ..if they like a student they'll help . But if they see a child that needs help but they don't know them nor like them they choose to not help and make excuses as why they aren't helping the child with their work
I like the questions that they asked.
My school is accepting to all types of people.
They were strict on that.
I felt accomplished but not to much because I knew college was ahead of me.
The school is very close knit. I've never experienced any issue with not being accepted.
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The teachers, for the most part, far devoted to helping students pass, and do their best. There needs to be more counselors.
Few honors classes are offered, but the teachers are amazing.
Our policies are lenient, and understandable. Dresscode is very strict. Our uniforms must be precise.
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