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Port Allegany Junior/Senior High School Reviews

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It was very last name based and teachers are biased. Did enjoy the one on one time that you get to help you to better understand things.
I really enjoyed all of the teachers because they became family to me. I also enjoyed the extracurricular activities that they provided. I was able to be apart of the Varsity soccer team, Basketball team, Track & Field, Spanish Club, Varsity Club and the Yearbook staff all at the same time. The school really helped me open up as a person and meet people that I will be friends with for the rest of my life.
I liked that it was a small school and how the classes were run. All of the teachers were very nice and made learning fun!
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The school will pick about 5 people a year to send over seas and they will get to spend about 3 days in a new country like Germany, Spain, France, etc...
It's small town PA, PA. You know everyone you go to school with and everyone you graduate with, classes stay close to one another. Whether its dancing in one big group for homecoming/prom, setting up French Club dances, the Haunted Hallways, or the French dinner, its always been great. The school is unique because of it's size to sports ratio. Our football team was 4th in the state in 2012, our soccer team went to district finals in 2013, and our volleyball team went to states a numerous amount of time. Never a dull moment in PA, PA. I would absolutely attend again because of the life long friends and great teachers I had. Go Gators!
Powerpoint based teaching on smartboards for most teachers. They are for the most part knowledgeable on the subjects they are teaching, I don't think I ever had one of them tell me they didn't know something. They are all interested in their students and since it's a small school they get to know them very well. Communication is great, they are all there to help and they do give out emails and phone numbers for assistance. Grading is always based on correctness not completeness which...I don't think should always be the case but oh well.
Although I didn't have a choice which high school I attended, I am glad my parents sent me to Port Alegany. When I have children of my own I hope to live in the same area, so my children can go to this school.
Not that much to do
Deskusting is one word for it .it is alfull tastes bad . No chooses or is grouse.
We are allied to where some stuff but others kids can where different stuff than others.
We have never had boom turrets and are school is in an rural areas. We have some security meshers but not a lot.
I would have to say that the social scene in my school isn't the best but it could be a lot worse. There is a lot of gossiping and making people feel like they aren't cool enough to be around certain people. The peer pressure is probably greater, as in it happens often. I honestly don't think my school is much different than other typical high schools.
The food is alright depending on what it is. It varies from day to day. I would recommend packing a lunch or checking the lunch menu before school each day.
There is nothing special about the cafeteria food. Most kids bring their own lunch, but for those students who are unable to provide for themselves financially, our school offers free lunches to them. It's not like the food is terrible, I would just rather bring my own healthy foods.
My school is a very small and simple school. Of course there's the peer pressure, the bad kids, and the good kids that make bad decisions sometimes, but when it all comes down to it, I think everyone in my school accepts each other and knows that no matter where they go in life, this school will still be with them.
There are many classes offered based on the study course that is chosen at the beginning of your freshman year. Eligible students are also able to take honors or AP classes. There are also a wide variety of electives to choose from.
I enjoy school alot. I moved to a new school starting in high school and i found it very easy to make new friends I have kept through my whole high school career. It's a small school but that allows me to know the people in my grade and to connect with many people based on the activities and clubs i participate in.
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