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Porfirio H. Gonzales Elementary School Reviews

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The front office lady Aida is very rude and doesn't treat the students well. I believe she is very unprofessional and is very disrespectful. She has been caught arguing with a coworker in the front office in the past for gossiping. Aida is known at the school for being a nosey gossiper . Not all of the teachers are passionate about their jobs. The discipline, actually there really isn't any discipline. They think lunch detention by the front office is discipline, however the students just cause a ruckus in the hall interrupting testing and meetings. I wouldn't recommend this school what so ever.
it has always been healthy, but i have seen many people get hurt. that is mostly because they are agressive
there are sooo many options and they encourage you to step out of your comfort zone.
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this school is amazing, but i wish that most things were different. :)
I love my school. I have always been excited to go to school. The only time i felt unsafe was when i saw drugs. However, that was only once and i have never seen them again.
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