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The students have a strong commitment to the community and each other. Their participation in volunteer work supports community outreach programs.
I enjoyed that most of the teachers were very invested in the students and wanted to see them succeed. However, there was no diversity in the school and it was a very small community.
Throughout my high school years, I was consistently content. A majority of my teachers were unique in the way they taught class and were always very eager to assist students. Poquoson is known for it's exceeding academics. In response, I was greatly prepared for academics in college. I attend James Madison University, I love every second of it! Unfortunately, PHS did not prepare me for a culture change. Poquoson schools are not very diverse at all. I grew up with the same students I went to pre-school with. Our city is very small compared to others. Going to JMU allowed me to be friends with different individuals, I am so thankful for it. I wish I could have received the same experience throughout high school. I feel as if I could have learned and been much more experienced going to college. However, Poquoson has such incredible teachers, academics, college readiness, sports, and resources. I am blessed to have been able to attend PHS and JMU, I learn something new each day!
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Poquoson High School is great. Most teachers are amazing and they really care about their students. However some aren't that good and the kids can be bad but overall, it's a great learning environment.
Poquoson High School has many different classes and opportunities. However, you have to seek them out yourself. It is a great school for college prep. The teachers are on the average side but there are a few standouts. It can be very "political" with certain things but overall it is a very safe school with many educational opportunities.
The education is great for college bound students but it is not diverse. A good amount of bullying and if you are not in sports or in the “in” crowd you do not fit in.
I had great friends and great academic and learning opportunities. My favorite things are the pep rallies we have each year and the Student vs. Faculty basketball game. I also greatly enjoyed the teachers and the community involvement that I got to participate in.
Poquoson High School is a part of a community that is offset from its surroundings. It is home to a highly homogeneous population, both physically and in beliefs. The resources that the school has to use and offer are lacking in most every way, the school and its capital are outdated and run down, and there is a very small variety of AP and other high-level courses offered. However, the education system is still one of the better ones around, the administration is good, and the sports are above-par.
Poquoson High School has been an incredible experience. This school has taught me valuable lessons such as becoming organized, the importance of education, and ultimately to help others when needed.
Honestly, whether or not you get a really good teacher is kind of luck-of-the-draw, but the good teachers are spectacular. The scheduling system, however, is stuck back in the 90's and before, wherein you go to all seven classes every day.
Poquoson High School is a rural public school situated in southeast Virginia. The faculty is various in teaching methods depending on one's subject matter as STEM classes are exceptional, but elective classes and teachers are rather lethargic or the class does not place enough importance on its significance (such as marketing, economics, psychology, etc...) The administrative body is superb in handling situations and engaging with students and do all they can do for each and every one of us to make our high school experience above the norm. I am the only deaf student at PHS; in my experience, a 504 Plan only goes so far. I do not feel as if my accommodations were amicable in the sense that funding provided. Perhaps the biggest issue with Poquoson is its lack of diversity and cliche social groups where, deviating from the social standards, results in isolation to many. Overall, Poquoson tries its best and I am thankful for all it has done for me at its abilities.
The level of academic rigor is very high and I appreciated the chance to challenge myself by taking difficult courses and learning more from great teachers.
I went to Poquoson Schools for Kindergarten through 12th grade. I have known and been friends with the other students all throughout these years. Poquoson is a small town so everybody knows everybody. The one thing I loved about going to these schools was how close everybody was. When tragedy struck our tiny town, we all came together as a big family. A lot has happened in my years at Poquoson and I know that no matter what happened nobody had to go through anything alone. Poquoson has great academics and after school activities. There is always something to join. We also have amazing parent involvement, we couldn't have half the stuff we have without our PTO. Our parents and teachers volunteer to make our dances, games, and clubs exciting and memorable.
Poquoson High School is a great place to get prepared for college and the work world. Throughout these past four years I have learned what hard work and dedication really mean. My teachers and fellow classmates have been super helpful in encouraging me to do my best and reach my goals. The programs I have been involved in made me realize what hard work means. I have never had any issues attending school here. Every aspect of this school is run very smoothly which has allowed me to receive a great education. I am very thankful for the lessons I have learned at this school for the past four years.
Poquoson high school has been a challenge to keep my academics and after school activities but it has prepared me for college. I would only change the school lunch but I cannot blame the school for that it is not their decision. But I wouldn't change the school I go to I am happy I have gone there for my whole life and it has prepared me for college.
Poquoson High School is one of the top high schools in the area. I'm extremely proud to be part of such an academically advanced public school. Growing up in this small town shaped me into the person that I am today, though I had to get exposure of diversity elsewhere. Of course, like all schools, there are its faults as well as its strengths. One of the faults of Poquoson High School is its lack of diversity. Sure, there are many different kinds of people, but when dealing with race, there's few. Though, the academic ability of the students provided by the teachers is unlike any other school in the area. I'm extremely gratified to have such an amazing experience at this high school and hope to have a similar one at a college of my choice.
I had a great experience overall at Poquoson High School. I participated many sport and extracurricular activities, Poquoson was great in offering opportunities to get involved with the school community. The classes were kept interesting an involved.
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There are many great sports teams and community involved clubs that work together to make Poquoson a better place.
While there are a lot of opportunities offered at this school, some issues that still remain include slight racism and exclusion through the formation of cliques.
A majority of the teachers try their hardest to make sure that students understand and enjoy the material they are learning in class and also get involved in school clubs and organizations.
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