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My time at Poquoson was lackluster yet fulfilling. I enjoyed many clubs, activities, sports, and facets of student life for the most part. I was very prepared for college and got into my dream school in the end of it thanks to the resources and encouragement I was given. People are mostly friendly and for what little funding the division has, it makes do. Parents rave about this school for the academics with good reason.

On the negative end, students within the school are very prone to clique-like behavior. As for culture, it can be described as that of a stereotypical "conservative white suburb" for lack of a better description. Racial diversity is a big missing factor, which tends to breed both conscious and subconscious bigotry. This is the big sore thumb that landed the school on the news for racism and caused the Gay-Straight Alliance chapter to shut down.

While I enjoyed my time here, you'll definitely be ready to leave the small town mindset after a while.
PHS definitely prepared me for college and many excellent teachers work here. Many of the problems associated with PHS come from the student culture. This needs to continue to be developed especially in regards to acceptance of diversity.
I liked knowing everyone and the small City feel I'm not much of a big city person I like to know everyone and some of the teachers try their hardest to help students and are loved by the students. The school system is not the most gifted financially so of course there would be issues regarding age of the school.
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I enjoyed the small community a lot, and there is a lot of student involvement at football And volleyball games in the fall. Other sports are not as popular with students, but the volleyball and wrestling teams go to state frequently. The school itself is on the older side, so there aren’t as many modern resources or facilities which can be annoying at times. But the teachers are nice and the student body is overall supportive.
I transferred to Poquoson halfway through my junior and it was one of the hardest things I’ve had to do. For the first month or so I would sit in the common area by myself and I never thought I’d make friends. It’s a small town school and everyone had known each other since kindergarten, so I thought I was doomed. Luckily though my English teacher noticed me in the commons and told me that the theatre kids eat in her room for lunch and that’s where my amazing experience started. I got involved in theater and now have an amazing group of friends and I never really experienced problems being a new kid. I was never looked at different and then moment I walked into that room at lunch I was immediately welcomed. I truly can’t say how much of an amazing decision transferring was.
I am what many in Poquoson, Virginia consider a move-in. I moved halfway through my high school career from a big town with a high school population of over 2000 to one with a little over 500 individuals. In the beginning, I was worried that Poquoson wouldn't have the opportunities or the resources I previously had; however, to my delight, the Poquoson community and schools have surpassed my expectations. I have and am constantly met with open arms and opportunities that have been valuable to my education and personal growth overall.
I think Poquoson is a decent school but they are very lacking in the ability to handle the problems that arise.
I fairly enjoyed my years at Poquoson High School. The teachers were great and most were passionate about the subject they were teaching which made learning that much more enjoyable. However, it was a very small school and everyone knew everyone. It would have been nicer to meet new people from different middle schools but Poquoson only has one school district so I grew up with the same people.
The teacher who taught at the establishment was eager to help students and were enthusiastic about the topics they were teaching.
It completely just depends on the teacher and class. Some teachers go over and beyond to make sure you have the resources and supplies you need to succeed, others however, do not care the least bit about the succession of their students. There is a lack of punishment and discipline for students who do wrong. Overall my experience with Poquoson High School has been okay, but not the best.
Overall Poquoson High School is a good school for the size town it is in. It would be nice if there were a few more clubs, and there are not as many classes to choose from as some of the larger schools in our area.
Throughout my time at Poquoson High School, I have thoroughly enjoyed my enrollment in multi-leveled academic courses, as well as my participation in various clubs, organizations, and volunteer based programs. Personally, I have always found it easy to have good relationships with my teachers and academic advisers, as they provide great amounts of care and compassion to myself and my classmates. However, there is always room for improvement. In my opinion, Poquoson High School should consider the availability to prosper through opening up new doors regarding diversity within the student body, along with having more of an open-minded view when it comes to the students’ ideas and requests. All in all, I believe that I have gained an abundance of knowledge from my time at Poquoson and I look forward to continuing my academic career after high school.
Not as many elective opportunities as other schools. Administration says they are against bullying, but it runs rampant, as do smoking, juuling, and a culture of pandering to football players and other athletes. Teachers are pressured to change athlete grades to keep them eligible and make them attractive to colleges. Athletes have been protected from assault charges to protect the team and the school name - charges were pressed and victim was ostracised. Students aren't taught how to write well and aren't prepared to write college essays.
Poquoson High School offers an amazing education with great faculty and staff. The courses I took were rigorous to an extent and I believe it has prepared me for my future.
It is the right size so all students are taken care of completely. Teachers are open and will help anyone with questions. Will help as much as they can to get you good grades.
Poquoson high school has teachers that really care about what they teach and are here to set us up for success.
The students have a strong commitment to the community and each other. Their participation in volunteer work supports community outreach programs.
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I enjoyed that most of the teachers were very invested in the students and wanted to see them succeed. However, there was no diversity in the school and it was a very small community.
Throughout my high school years, I was consistently content. A majority of my teachers were unique in the way they taught class and were always very eager to assist students. Poquoson is known for it's exceeding academics. In response, I was greatly prepared for academics in college. I attend James Madison University, I love every second of it! Unfortunately, PHS did not prepare me for a culture change. Poquoson schools are not very diverse at all. I grew up with the same students I went to pre-school with. Our city is very small compared to others. Going to JMU allowed me to be friends with different individuals, I am so thankful for it. I wish I could have received the same experience throughout high school. I feel as if I could have learned and been much more experienced going to college. However, Poquoson has such incredible teachers, academics, college readiness, sports, and resources. I am blessed to have been able to attend PHS and JMU, I learn something new each day!
Poquoson High School is great. Most teachers are amazing and they really care about their students. However some aren't that good and the kids can be bad but overall, it's a great learning environment.
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