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Poplarville Junior/Senior High School Reviews

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I absolutely love Poplarville. I have gone to Poplarville since my seventh-grade year. I have been treated fairly. Poplarville is a close-knit community. It is kinda like a big huge family.
What I would like to change is how students treat others students. Some students don't treat each other with respect. What I like about this school is the teachers. The teachers really help when you need it. They will even do one on one time with you if you need it.
You couldn't get a scholarship because of "family" members that worked there allowing their "family" to be looked at first and foremost for them. Very unfair and too small to be straightforward and truthful and given to the most worthy persons.
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The teachers will help you in any way they can. Even if it is out of school or recommendation letter for a scholarship.
What I like about the school is the band and the teachers . I love music. I would like to see a new school built because this one is outdated a new school with hallways.
I liked how the staff of this school will go out of their way to make sure that you understand the objectives that they are teaching. They also do all that they can to make sure every student graduates and has the opportunity to either a community college or a university. Something I would like to see change in this school is the amount of dropout students. Although the staff helps in many ways, many students still do not have the motivation needed to finish their high school career.
Poplarville is a small school that opens students to many opportunities. Like any school, they have great teachers and not so great teachers. Most of the teachers at Poplarville do care about the student's future, and they are trying to prepare them for life. However, some teachers are only interested in the state test scores they receive. I think Poplaville could use a few changes but it over all prepared me for college and I loved my time here!
I honestly love the school and have never had a problem with any of the students or staff. Although I will say that if your not on the football team or a football player, your sport/activity will get no kind of recognition or any type of funding. Even if you've went to South State for 3 seasons in a row. No one really cares about your sport/activity unless it's football.
I love going to school here. The teachers and administrators are very interactive with both the students and the parents!
Overall, this is a good school. It is a small school in a small town. There is a lot of school spirit and the students take pride in their school. I so wish however that there was a bigger variety of courses and scheduling options. The school has always had a really good athletic department. They excel in every sport; however, there are some sports that do not have the proper equipment for the students to use. The students at Poplarville High School have always excelled academically as well. I myself was a graduate of this school and we have always done well for ourselves considering the limited funding and resources of a small town. Although we have always been small in number and financial resources, we have always had heart, determination, and a thirst for excellence. I am proud that my daughter will be apart of the 2016 graduating class of Poplarville High School.
My experience at Poplarville High School has been a great one. Our school is very supportive in our academics and our sporting events. One of my favorite experiences at this school are the football games, and the swelling pride throughout our student body as we cheer on fellow peers into victory! The overall attitude of this school is fantastic and I would definitely choose this school again.
I loved going to poplarville school system I went from K-12 and never had a negative experience I would love to put my kids thru this school system.
There is a good variety of extracurricular activities that students can participate in from band to a multitude of sports.
All of the food is gross. It is unhealthy because it is cooked so terribly that students drown it in ketchup or other condiments as well as bring their own salt and pepper. The cafeteria ladies are not happy that they can not cook what they want. Some kids refuse to eat lunch because it is so gross. Then they eat more at home with is way more unhealthy than just feeding students good food at the school.
Big sports, such as football, get a lot of support from the school. Smaller sports, such as tennis or track, have to raise their own funds and do not get as much from the school.
Dress code is constantly an issue. The principal picks favorites and does wrong things. Bullying occurs somewhat often, but if a teacher is informed about it, it is taken care of.
Some of the teachers are fantastic, and they really care about their students. Other teachers, however, do not teach the material well at all. These types of teachers are few and far between.
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I feel good about it.
Some policies are a little to strict. Like I couldn't were a beanie cap on a cold day(while outside) because its considered a hat. Administration sticks to the hand book pretty true.
Always had help from the teachers if I needed it. They always knew what they were talking about, how to apply it, and how to teach it.
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