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My experience is awesome. There are three resource officers and one police officer so I do feel safe.
Poplar Bluff High School offers many different programs and is right next to a career tech school. PBHS has many clubs and sports all of which, have lots of diversity and cultural awareness. Although PBHS is full of "cliques" and can be exclusive. PBHS is 1 to 1 with computers, which is a great way to integrate technology. PBHS has some disciplinary issues that have not been solved.
Poplar Bluff High School was a great experience. The teachers and staff are overall great there. The only cons I have experienced are the counselors aren't great and you don't really know what to expect from college. I came out very prepared academically, but didn't know how to talk to colleges and gain interest. The counselors did not give any valuable help as far as the next step in your education goes.
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They are really kind here, although there is favoritism sometimes. The staff and teachers do care about you and make sure you're doing alright.
From my experience attending Poplar Bluff High School, I'd say that the school is, for the most part, a great place. A number of its faculty members show passion for what they do as educators and will try their very best to help out their students when needed.
As for the school's admistration, it can sometimes come across as incompetent. I find that they often neglect to plan out procedures for events ahead of time, which often leads to mass confusion amongst both students and teachers.
Aside form this the administration often overlooks the students that attend morning and evening courses at the Poplar Bluff Technical Career Center located just up the hill from the high school.
There have been many occasions where the admistration made plans for the school with little to no consideraton for those enrolled at PBTCC and rarely communicate important information regarding these plans to the career center's admistrators.
There are many things that I would love to ramble on about, but the one major key to surviving this whole high school experience is the friendships that you make along the way. The bonds that you make with your teachers is a great thing to cherish. I may have not loved every aspect of this school, but I think that the teachers really take home the gold for how far they will go for you.
Generally poor experience, the teachers try as they might, but the students stay ignorant to a virtuous point. The administration tries to fix problems but all their 'solutions' are counter intuitive and just create more unnecessary problems.
Poplar Bluff High school is advancing it's offering to students in implementing curriculum to begin preparation for student to pursue education upon completing high school. In this pursuit, there are some aspects that need improvement, in that, what is being offered, some students are yet being to reveal that they are not prepared for tests such as the ACT and SAT, even with taking classes that are "advanced" to prepare for college level classes.
I enjoyed being on a sports team, and being able to take dual enrollment classes to prepare me for college. Most teachers were helpful, and administration as great. I would of liked to had the option of taking a class on "life outside of school" in preparation for the real world.
Poplar Bluff High School is a decent school and is not one of the worst, but definitely not one of the best. Bullying is a big issue in this school as well as fights. The classes, for the most part, are easy to do and most teachers are easy to work with, though some are pretty tough.
Poplar Bluff High School has been a good experience for me. I have liked my teachers because of their kindness, and they have recognized the good in me. My friends are also nice and often say good things about me. Despite not eating too many different kinds of food, the food that I do eat usually tastes good. I have witnessed plenty of drama, but it doesn't usually get too out of hand.
The administration does not know how to help students in discipline and overall life readiness. The counselors, some with PhDs and Master's degrees, are still terrible at college readiness and just blatantly helping students out. The academics offer multiple AP classes, however the instructors in the science AP classes are terrible. The AP exam scores reflect it yet nothing is done to try to improve scores. As a student who would rely on these scores for scholarship money and credit hours at a university, it is blatantly unacceptable. Teachers are also run down with meaningless reports and assessments which allow them less time to focus and teach the students.
I like Poplar Bluff because the teachers and other staff seem to genuinely care and are always trying to improve on every aspect of the school.
I enjoyed how the teachers taught and how caring they were. I would like to change the bullying policy.
It's ok...It's alot of discrimination in that school..Teachers/Principal..They down Black people like they will never suceed and if they ask for help on problems they just tell them to look it up...Its ashamed they have to ask another teacher to help them
I thought that going to PBHS was okay, but one thing that I would like to see change is more student feedback in classes. A lot of the teachers here aren't really that good, and frequently other students feel like their classes are moving too fast.
I am somewhat enjoying the new school building that we are in this year. I do not have the best experience with the faculty at PBHS, as there are a lot of staff whose actions show that they may think they are above the students for whatever reason. The food is decent, I can't complain seeing as I've had worse school food before. Overall, when you weed out the amount of faculty and staff that are rude, the majority of your superiors do want to see you succeed and do want to help you as much as they can.
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Poplar Bluff has a staff of teachers that are eager to help you succeed in their classes as well as several great opportunities such as dual enrollment classes and various sports and clubs. Some things I would change include their perceived value of certain sports teams over others, and the attitudes of some of the faculty and staff.
PBHS has a lot of different clubs and organizations. One of my favorites is Student Council, it gets the students very involved in what goes on here.
Some of my favorite experiences throughout my high school career would be all of the sports game, the homecoming assemblies, and the club opportunities it has offered. They have given me memories I will never forget, and friends that will last a life time. I have loved my high school experience.
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