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Pope John XXIII Regional High School Reviews

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Great sports, great academics, mostly good teachers. A lot of food options at lunch, and a good challenge for students academically.
My experience has been fantastic at Pope John! Both our daughters felt highly prepared for college after graduating from Pope John. The faculty and staff truly care about helping the students succeed in life. I cannot thank this school enough for all that it has done!
We feel that our experience at Pope John has been wonderful. We have a rising 8th and Sophomore. We have been here since pre school. We love the community and support of the families. I think the thing that stands out the most to us are the teachers. They have always gone above and beyond to make our daughters feel comfortable. It is a very competitive environment but the teachers are there for the students before school, at lunch and after school. There is always a time that the students can go and get extra help.
The teachers will always contact you if there have noticed anything going on with your student as well. The Report Card nights are so informative and they allow you to speak to the teachers every quarter. We are Pope John!
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As parents of a current sophomore, my wife and I are very happy with our son's experience at Pope John. The teachers are incredible - dedicated, supportive, responsive and knowledgable. Many of them are involved in after-school activities as coaches & moderators also. The academics are bar-none the best in the county and beyond. My son works hard, is challenged without being overwhelmed, and earns his grades. This gives us a lot of confidence as parents that he's going to be prepared for college and beyond. It's not always easy, but we feel its worth the investment and we're willing to sacrifice now to give him a better future.
I strive to become the best version of myself by admitting to my mistakes. For me, a crucial component to maintain good character is to be open to new ideas and working together with my peers. Pope John XXIII High School is more than a building— it’s an institution where one is pushed to surpass expectations. As a proud member of the Pope John Varsity Swim Team, I can be found cheering on my teammates as well as contributing to the team effort. It never fails to amaze me when students act with kindness towards others since I am reminded of the good that our generation has to offer. As a member of the National Honor Society, I am placed in an environment in which students are willing to push themselves to the limit academically and achieve their accomplishments during their high school career. Thus far, I have proven to myself, my coaches, and my teachers, that I can take responsibility in fulfilling my duties while still demonstrating high moral character.
I feel robbed about my freshman year grades for PJ was on the older harder grading scale. The older grading scale made my grades lower. I feel this hurt me while applying for college for my GPA would have been higher and I would have gotten into more competitive colleges. I asked guidance if they would change my freshman year grades to the new grading system and they said no.
I do not understand why student drivers need to be in the school at 7:10 (yes I mean in the school not in the parking lot) when the school doesn’t start until 7:55 or you will most likely get a detention. It is a struggle for someone that lives far away from the school to get their that early.
In my junior year the week coming up to taking the SAT, I was given a lot of tests and homework. I believe the teachers should loosen up the week before the SAT/ACT and not give a lot of homework.
Beware if you are not part of the cliques, they will most likely ostracize you. Overall, a very challenging school!
I was very involved in the school community taking part in a number of extracurricular activities but it was not without its flaws. Some teachers, especially those in the theology department were incredibly narrow-minded and not afraid to display racism from time to time. Tuition is too high, and keeps increasing because enrollment is going down. Everything is expensive. They said it would be an investment for our future and I guess that's true. Of all the high schools in the area I could have gone too, this was definitely the best option, but it is far from perfect.
My freshmen year of college was a breeze. I had taken most of the classes at Pope already. I had fun and the work load was never too overbearing.
The school truly prepared my children for the rigors of college life in and out of the classroom. It is by far the best school in the region for many reasons; academics, clubs, arts, athletics, and character building.
At the end of four years, the finished product is a young adult who possesses the intangibles that no other school in the region produces. My children were respective young adults who looked you in the eye, shook every hand, and felt comfortable holding a conversation with adults in any situation no matter the person before them. Hands down, the best investment a parent can make in their child's future.
It was not the best high school experience, but the academics were amazing! I learned so much and I feel like I am more than prepared for college! However, I am sad that I really do not have any fun memories to remember because this schools sucks the fun out of everything.
The teachers were incredible and truly cared about your progression as a student. The community environment that this school provided was truly a special part of my high school journey.
Pope John XXIII Regional High School is located in Sparta, NJ adjacent to the beautiful Lake Mohawk. It is an inclusive environment with small class sizes. Each teachers' focus is on the individual development of each student. Pope John is constantly advancing their ways of giving resources to the students so that they can get the most out of their education.
I was very excited to attend this school. But, as I have been there for 3 years it is like a prison. You can even wear a sweatshirt without it being taken and never given back. I am now a senior and have only ever had 3 teachers that actually cared about ensuring that their students actually know the information. It’s a disgrace to teachers everywhere.
The school as a whole is fairly good but they have a horrible time finding and keeping good teachers. Their science courses go through two or three science teachers every year. They also recently did away with most of their languages programs, which was extremely disappointing, getting rid of the languages got rid of so much culture that they cannot get back.
Pope John XXIII is very competitive academically. All of the students work hard and strive for success. As a student you are held to very high standards. I really love being at Pope John. We have amazing school spirit and wonderful teachers.
Pope John is hands down the best school in Sussex County. No other school prepares your child for college as well, from classes to college prep to college selection and scholarship applications. The sports programs are incredibly strong, Mrs. Burt's drama department is untouchable, Mrs. Elvina develops award-winning artists, the robotics program excels, the teaching talent soars, their philanthropy opportunities for students's excellence across the board. My son graduated last year, my oldest daughter is a sophomore and my youngest enters from Pope John Middle School next year.
Pope John XXIII is a loving community that will continually challenge you academically. I've loved my last four years at Pope John and know I'll be sad to graduate. If I could change something I would change the guidance department because things do get hectic at times, but they try to be understanding and helpful in anyway they can.
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Pope John is a very unique school, for some it will transform you into a mature young adult for others it serves no purpose. If you or your child is already in honor programs and you have a good public school no need to send your kid to pope John. On the other hand If you or your child needs a more strict and rigorous school system pope John is right for you.
Pope John is a great school. In the past 2 quarters my son's GPA has gone up 75 points! I wish we transferred him earlier.
Pope John XXIII High School is a great school with tough curriculum, especially for honors and AP students. This school prepares students for the college course load,while lacking basically necessities like air conditioning and locks on all the classroom doors. The rules and accepted behavior at this school is incredibly strict, sometimes it seems as though the principle doesn’t have a sense of humor at times. The only sports that excell at this school are the track and field team and the drama club, otherwise known as the Pope John Players. The last problem many attending students have with this school is the no water bottle and no sweatshirt policy. To carry around a sweatshirt or a water bottle p, a student must have a signed note from their doctor saying they have to have one. Wouldn’t students be more comfortable with a sweatshirt on in the winter and a handy water bottle for hydration?
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