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Pope John XXIII High School Reviews

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Pope John is a great school. In the past 2 quarters my son's GPA has gone up 75 points! I wish we transferred him earlier.
Pope John XXIII High School is a great school with tough curriculum, especially for honors and AP students. This school prepares students for the college course load,while lacking basically necessities like air conditioning and locks on all the classroom doors. The rules and accepted behavior at this school is incredibly strict, sometimes it seems as though the principle doesn’t have a sense of humor at times. The only sports that excell at this school are the track and field team and the drama club, otherwise known as the Pope John Players. The last problem many attending students have with this school is the no water bottle and no sweatshirt policy. To carry around a sweatshirt or a water bottle p, a student must have a signed note from their doctor saying they have to have one. Wouldn’t students be more comfortable with a sweatshirt on in the winter and a handy water bottle for hydration?
Overall, the academics do prepare you for college, if you are dedicated to working hard to complete each course. The athletic part of the school could be better. I found the coaches to be somewhat limited when it came to helping with trying to play in the college you choose. With the exception of football - which they seem to go out of their way to help, all other sports is all about the parents researching and working to possibly see if you may be able to play in college. Then the social aspect is OK. They do try to arrange social events for the students. It seems that like all schools, the personality of the child will dictate how well he or she does in this school.
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My overall experience with Pope John High School was excellent.
I really liked the structure and being surrounded by other motivated students. I l always felt safe and knew the teachers were there to help.
I will miss my high school when I leave
Pope John XXIII High School is a place where students can try and succeed. It is has well established values in both academics and faith. There is a sport or a club for most of what students want to do. Pope John changed my life with dedicated teachers and a fun environment.
Pope John XXIII Regional High School is a bitter-sweet mixture. Will they get your child into college with a decent scholarship? Yes, most likely. You want an athletic scholarship? If you're willing to put in the work, they'll get you there. However, PJHS will pretty much strip you of all your personal liberties (including not letting your children go to the bathroom all day because some graffiti shows up in a bathroom, stripping student privileges for just about anything including things students do outside of school if the school finds out, and suspending a student for smiling). They also show blatant favoritism of football players and basketball players.
This is an excellent high school where the academics are challenging. Everyone is friendly and the teaching staff is always available to help if you need extra guidance in a subject.
I attended Pope John Freshman year through Senior year. If I could I would go back and do it all over again. The best thing at PJ is the dedication the teachers have for making sure students understand the martial being taught. One thing PJ should improve is their facilities. Examples would be their bathrooms and lunch room.
At Pope John the teachers are there for more than just a paycheck. They genuinely care about their students and their success. Since there is no standardize testing, learning is geared towards getting into good colleges and not just good scores.
Most faculty really want to see each student succeed. Some teachers are even former professionals of some kind in their fields; this, as beneficial as it can be, can also hurt because some are just not teachers by trade.
I graduated from Pope John and I do not regret attending the school at all. It readily prepares you for college, and the work load pays off. Also for sports, the school is beginning to put itself in the big name schools such as DePaul and Bergen Catholic. The people at PJ can be snotty, and all Drive nice cars. I will say though that the biggest problem the school has is that Father me Hugh and the administration care too much about little small rules, and do not enforce and manages bigger things when they happen. Bullying is a joke, they don't care. They will have speakers give lectures about how not to, and when it does, they do nothing.
There are no drugs at pj as well, when I say that I mean not IN THE SCHOOL. Diversity is good and most of the students Go to very very good schools. Money seemed to be no object for people. Most of the students go to private and overpiced schools while not many students in my grade even got accepted to Ivy League
When I first went to Pope John, I was a little skeptical, but the teachers at this school truly care and really try to get to know you. I wish the administration were a little more compassionate towards the students wishes but then again, it is a Catholic School.
Pope John would be a much better high school if the administration stopped focusing on football and focused on hiring better teachers and janitors. The school is disgusting, specifically the cafeteria. Some of the teachers are amazing, but most of them are mediocre at best. Pope John has the potential to be an amazing school but right now the administration is driving it into the ground.
Pope John challenges students both academically, spiritually, and athletically. They help develop the overall person. I would highly recommend Pope John to anyone because of how over prepared I was for college.
At Pope John XXIII, I appreciated how involved the teachers were in each student's life. Every teacher and staff member proved through their actions that they wanted to see their students succeed and truly cared about each and every one.
Excellent school. Truly prepares students for college. Many students receive scholarship money for college. Sports are a big deal at the school too.
good school. really prepares you to be able to write lengthy papers which was excellent prep for college. Like any other Catholic school though they were too focused on over-enforcing trivial rules and disciplining people just because they could.
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This is a very good district for people who want to study and be good in academics and sports. This can also be good for parents to get involved in activities.
Pope John was a great experience for me; I was able to have fun and be a typical high school student, while also being challenged everyday in accademics and athletics. I really learned time management all throughout my time here, due to the immense work load. I would like to see Pope John get air condition in every room of the school because it does get really hot and muggy in the school on a May or June day.
The teachers and classes were great, but athletes are favorite-d and the students are rude. There should be more equality for those who perform better academically
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