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Pope John XXIII High School Reviews

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School offers a wide range of subjects and sport opportunities. Teachers are friendly, helpful and popular among students. Services are good.
The dormitory in this school is terrible,you can feel bugs creep around you at night, that’s horrible.Also, the supervisors of dorm is so critical,there are so many students protesting about it,the space of dorm is so small like a cell in the jail , our ceiling seems to fall off.........All in all,if you want to choose this school,that will be the biggist mistake that you have ever made!
Very good school And I feel so comfortable. Schoolwork is pretty easy and I love it! Certainly recommend it I am so thankful for coming here.
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I'm an international student at Pope John HS. The school is really good, teachers are nice. However, the dorm is kinda bad, the food is dreadful, and the wifi is horrible (they don't want to fix the wifi doesn't matter how many time you complain). Overall the school is great and I had a good experience here.
Pope John is an incredible community with dedicated teachers who truly care about the education of their students. There are many opportunities to get involved and always a friendly face in the hallways.
Pope John XXIII is a very welcoming community. It is truly like family. I have loved it there since the first day I arrived at volleyball camp the summer before my freshman year. The teachers and staff are so helpful and friendly. I have been able to challenge my self academically and feel like I am ready for college. The building is pretty old and could be a little cleaner, but it is a high school with lots of kids moving through the building all day long. I would like to see them get a couple more new vans.
The classes at Pope John were rigorous and therefore I felt prepared to enter college. Having small class sizes made it helpful to interact with teachers whenever I was having trouble in a particular area of study.
Pope John Hig is a community of learners, all are welcome, from across the street, and across the world. It is amazing you can share a classroom with students from Europe, South America or Asia. The world comes to you at Pope John, all taught in the light of the Catholic faith.
I enjoyed the close community Pope John had. The small environment made it easier to make friends. I would probably enhance the technology at Pope John.
Pope John High School is a great small school with small classes and invested teachers. The classes are taught in the light of Catholic teaching. Pope John has an outstanding math department as evedenced by its championship math team. An international and national student body bring the world of experiences to the domestic population.
I am a recent graduate of Pope John and am now in college. I enjoyed my time in Pope John immensely. The diverse community presents students with a chance to learn about many different cultures around the world. Pope John also offers many sports, clubs, and activities that allow students to express themselves and follow their interests. The faculty at Pope John is also amazing. They did a great job preparing me for college and I truly felt as though I was ready for the next step. Pope John is also a place where student can turn to for help. The faculty is always willing to help students and alums however they can. I would definitely recommend Pope John for any student looking at high schools.
Pope John High School is one of the most diverse and welcoming high schools you will ever find. From the spectacular staff to the engaging and active community, the school is like no other. Catholic values are shown thoughout the school even with the mixed faith groups at the school. Over the years, Pope John XXIII High has only gotten better with new improvements throughout the building and curriculum.
Small Catholic school, friendly school, great environment. Students from all over the world come to Pope John. Students are repeated and valued.
As a senior at Pope John, my overall experience has been a great one. If you are looking for a close nit community, diverse, and loving atmosphere. There would be no better school to attend. Although Pope John is a small school, everyone at most gets along with each other, and there is very rarely any sign of bullying or negligence. The teachers and staff not only do there job of running the school but also are great people to have as a good friend or someone to look up too. I personally feel ready for college; I think Pope John not only has challenged me but has developed me into the person I am today. If, you are nervous about attending high school, I would gladly tell you that coming to Pope John would be your best option, because if you know people or don't. There are always ways to make friends and find a club, activity or sport that you can see yourself being involved in.
Pope John XXIII High School in Everett is a good school. The teachers are committed to helping the students succeed. I especially like the online resource that allows parents to review their child's progress and grades. The school is working hard to make improvements where needed, and although a smaller school, the needs of the students are always front and center. Consider Pope John XXIII High School!
Pope John High School is a great small, diverse community with a dedicated faculty and staff that is always available. It is safe environment for learning and there is something for everyone to participate with the many different extracurricular activities. For a school it’s size the sports teams are always a competitive and exciting. Pope John promotes its Catholic mission and is open all, and continuing to grow.
PJHS is an great little school. The students go from strangers to family in their first week, and never look back. The school is so full of life, the kids truly love being there.
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Pope John is a great little high school with a dedicated, hard-working faculty and a spirited, diverse student body. The faculty is a nice mix of older, experienced educators and young, enthusiastic teachers. The atmosphere is safe and welcoming, and the students consider the school a second home.
As an employee of the school, I love the students that make up our learning community. They are kind, compassionate, and truly nice people. It is a small, diverse, Catholic school with dedicated faculty, empowered students, and an environment that allows students to be who they are without reservation. There is definitely room for improvement as with any school - updated classrooms, new technologies, strategies for the future, but PJHS is an amazing place for student growth, experiential learning, and reaching individual potential.
Great small school with a dedicated faculty. Teachers are available for extra help everyday and spend a lot of time with each student.
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