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Pope John Paul II High School Reviews

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Pope John Paul HS feels like family. The teachers and administration were always available to help academically, cheer on the sidelines at sporting events, and supporting us with the school play. I was able to study in an atmosphere that celebrated my Catholic faith and I was given lots of opportunities to be a leader. I respect the teachers who pushed me to do my best and I will always feel a part of the PJP family, even long after graduation.
Poor discipline. Hit and miss teachers. Bullying. Poor Catholic identity. Large turnover of administration. Seems like they care about their sports more than Catholic character. Heard similar stories from other professionals and parents that are not good. Save your money!
I made some good friends, but some of the teachers were terrible. I asked for on what to study and was brushed off. The Honor Society kids do the tutoring. The teachers are busy and don’t have time for the students. This is frustrating when you care about your grades and can’t even get a return e-mail.
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I liked Pope John Paul II because I had a wide variety of clubs/sports to get involved in. There is something for everyone there, and if there isn’t a club can easily be made. Student Council makes sure that all students are involved and makes school fun!
Great environment for my family member's siblings . The kid had lifetime experiences. Teacher are also family-oriented . Nice neighborhood.
Pope John Paul II High School has served as a second home for me the past four years. The resources and facilities are beyond compare and the community atmosphere has always been so welcoming. I am proud to call myself a PJP panther.
Totally love this school! I’m super involved at PJP and have fun everyday. I learn a lot and thoroughly enjoy coming to school everyday!
I really loved the school as a whole. The atmosphere was always welcoming and prepared to face any issue. I love the way the students are so connected and always supporting each other at sports events with integrity and respect. The academics provide different levels, suitable for fast learners, slow learners, and everywhere in between. A variety of different courses are offered all throughout the four years. The auditorium at Pope John Paul II High School is magnificent with wonderful plays performed every year. The only critism I would have is on the administration and the way they deal with certain issue.
It was a decent school when I went there but the administration has now changed and now is a way better school the it was. It was a fun environment and I am happy I attended the school.
I enjoyed my experience at Pope John Paul II High School! I met great people there and formed connections with most of my teachers. I thrived in the small class sizes and felt what I had to say was always important.
Great school, a lot better than it used to be. However, the administration can be difficult to work with.
I love my highschool. It is so welcoming to everyone with a strong sense of community and opportunity to learn and improve academically and spiritually. The only thing I would change is the door to the main office. It is very confusing.
Pope John Paul II is an amazing School with a great community. We are a family who share God’s love and words. Our student section is always excited and pumped up to support our sports teams. The teachers at PJP are great and love to help us learn and grow in God’s faith and teachings.
Pope John Paul II High School has good teachers and various clubs that you can attend. They also have great sports teams. One disadvantage of PJP is that the price of the foods are too expensive. They need to provide more information about various colleges so that students can be better prepared. They also needs to work better for all students in particular international students.
Caring teachers and a friendly staff. A wide range of activities for every taste combined with a rather challenging academic program.
We have two children who have graduated from PJP, and two children who are current students at PJP. We have seen the school grow and improve each year.
We have been extremely pleased with the academic rigor, extracurricular clubs and athletics, and the commitment to maintaining a culture of respect, integrity, and Christian values.
Pope John Paul II High school is a great school. The environment is one of kindness, respect, and commitment to students and education. The students are encouraged to work hard academically and be involved in school activities as well as community. The school community is really a large family.
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Lots of great things happening at PJP! We have 4 kids who attended or are attending the school and we have nothing but great things to say about it. Teachers and Administrators are very caring, great sports program with good coaches, lots of different clubs and the school musicals are awesome! Something for every type of student. Our 2 kids who graduated were accepted at their #1 college choice, so our kids definitely received an excellent education.
PJP is a good school with pretty good academics. It holds a very strong community atmosphere. I wish there would have been more academic opportunities for me and what I want to pursue in my future.
I enjoyed attending Pope John Paul II high school! It is growing into a wonderful environment for kids to express themselves in the classroom, on stage, through art and especially in their faith lives. The school still has some kinks that it needs to unravel, but it is a great school.
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