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Pope John Paul II High School Reviews

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I transferred to Pope John Paul II High School in my sophomore year. The school is very safe place, and teachers and students are very nice. There are around 25-30 students in most classes and if it is small classes there are around 15-20 students. A lot of school events, clubs, sports and academic activities are going on. Faculties try to make better place for students and always care about them. School provides a lot of academic opportunities and, as Catholic school, students get a lot of benefits from it. Students and teacher always show school spirit and love being together.
Pope John Paul II High School is where you should be!
The Pope John Paul II experience is one that both prepared me for my upcoming life and journey ahead, because of how stringent the teachers can be It transformed me into a life long advocate for personal freedoms. Pope John Paul II has embued upon me a political understanding and view that is unbiased and yet understanding of others views. Through my journey at a catholic school I found myself becoming a Buddhist because at the end of the day I realized my values and catholic values didn’t match as well. Overall highschool is life changing experience.
Pope John Paul II High School is a Catholic school with a rigorous, yet diverse curriculum. The athletic program is growing and steadily becoming more and more competitive, and the arts program is very well-known in the area. As a private institution, school uniforms are required.
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I have loved the school since the second I walked in the door as a freshman and I will be very sad to leave this year. It is a small school where almost everyone knows everyone. We are very unified! The teachers and administration are the best.

It is a newer school, only 8 years old (the result of a merger). I would like to see the football field get lights, so they can have night games, and bleachers.
Two of my children are alumni and two are current students! We love PJP! There is something for everyone at the school! State of the art technology and academics are wonderful. Great teachers and there are sports and clubs for everyone to be involved in. Love the Christianity installed in everything our kids do and the community service that is offered for our students to help out in. God is good, all the time.
Pope John Paul has been a great experience for me as a high school student. I have been a part of many clubs and activities with great friends and teachers. I feel extremely lucky to have attended this school for the past three years, a place that feels like my second home. I have made tons of friends that have also strengthened my experience immensely. The administration consists of great people who are always willing to help us and get us ready for the next level of education.
I love the school spirit at Pope John Paul. I also believe the teachers have each student's best interest in mind. I feel Pope John Paul has prepared me for college.
The school itself was decentish I suppose, but I miss the hell out of my friends. The people were absolutely incredible and I would give anything to be able to go back and relive my last year with them all
Pope John Paul HS feels like family. The teachers and administration were always available to help academically, cheer on the sidelines at sporting events, and supporting us with the school play. I was able to study in an atmosphere that celebrated my Catholic faith and I was given lots of opportunities to be a leader. I respect the teachers who pushed me to do my best and I will always feel a part of the PJP family, even long after graduation.
Poor discipline. Hit and miss teachers. Bullying. Poor Catholic identity. Large turnover of administration. Seems like they care about their sports more than Catholic character. Heard similar stories from other professionals and parents that are not good. Save your money!
I made some good friends, but some of the teachers were terrible. I asked for on what to study and was brushed off. The Honor Society kids do the tutoring. The teachers are busy and don’t have time for the students. This is frustrating when you care about your grades and can’t even get a return e-mail.
I liked Pope John Paul II because I had a wide variety of clubs/sports to get involved in. There is something for everyone there, and if there isn’t a club can easily be made. Student Council makes sure that all students are involved and makes school fun!
Great environment for my family member's siblings . The kid had lifetime experiences. Teacher are also family-oriented . Nice neighborhood.
Pope John Paul II High School has served as a second home for me the past four years. The resources and facilities are beyond compare and the community atmosphere has always been so welcoming. I am proud to call myself a PJP panther.
Totally love this school! I’m super involved at PJP and have fun everyday. I learn a lot and thoroughly enjoy coming to school everyday!
I really loved the school as a whole. The atmosphere was always welcoming and prepared to face any issue. I love the way the students are so connected and always supporting each other at sports events with integrity and respect. The academics provide different levels, suitable for fast learners, slow learners, and everywhere in between. A variety of different courses are offered all throughout the four years. The auditorium at Pope John Paul II High School is magnificent with wonderful plays performed every year. The only critism I would have is on the administration and the way they deal with certain issue.
It was a decent school when I went there but the administration has now changed and now is a way better school the it was. It was a fun environment and I am happy I attended the school.
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I enjoyed my experience at Pope John Paul II High School! I met great people there and formed connections with most of my teachers. I thrived in the small class sizes and felt what I had to say was always important.
Great school, a lot better than it used to be. However, the administration can be difficult to work with.
I love my highschool. It is so welcoming to everyone with a strong sense of community and opportunity to learn and improve academically and spiritually. The only thing I would change is the door to the main office. It is very confusing.
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