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Pope John Paul II High School Reviews

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Really want you to go to college. will pretty much force it on you. either college or military. probably for their rep, which is pretty much spotless. people are pretty nice. about 1/2 teachers are pretty chill. mostly white people, maybe 1 colored person and 1 naive american, but a whole lot of chinese exchange students, mostly in class of 2019, as of 2018, middle school has more diversity tho. is a catholic school but some jews, protestants, and atheists sprinkled in the mix. everyone has to take religion classes tho, and do community service which looks good for colleges.
Pope John Paul II is a community of tight knit people. My overall experience was very good, I felt that I was being prepared for college and was cared about. With such a small school the teachers and guidance counselors are really able to know you and help with questions that you have.
This school is very restrictive of the students and they are fierce followers of their faith. Religion is a main focus of the school and we have an all school mass once a month which disrupts classes. The guidance department is very strong and works with students to keep up with their studies. It is a small school with only 200 or so students so it is hard for anyone to get lost in the shuffle. Most sports teams travel for their home games because our campus does not have enough fields.
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I experienced nothing but the utmost respect from all the teachers and staff at this institution. They formed me to the gentleman I am today. Without the care and love I received from Saint John Paul II High School, I would be nowhere near the individual I am today. Roar Lions!
I enjoyed that it was a caring environment the teachers were always very helpful and their for you if you needed extra help. Its a wonderful place to send your kids if your looking for a quality catholic education.
I like the community and family aspect and the willingness of teachers and coaches to work with the students and always be there to help out.
My experience at Pope John Paul II High School has been very good. The teachers are dedicated to the education of their students. Athletics are very good, as are the arts. I have enjoyed my time here and I feel as though I am prepared for college.
I love PJP. I Have gone to the school for almost four years now and it was the best decision I made for high school. The opportunities that have been given to me have impacted me greatly, allowing me to do the things that I love. As for things I would change, would be nothing. The work environment is challenging enough and the guidance program really prepares us for the college process. There are of course some teacher problems I like to see change but that is up to the teachers.
My experience at JPII has been characterized by challenging academics, supportive teachers, faith-focused community, and a family-like atmosphere. I have enjoyed attended JPII because I feel at home in the hallways and know that there are people that genuinely care about my well being and success in life. My only change would be the offering of a wider variety of classes.
The Catholic education is great. You are really able to indulge in your faith. The atmosphere is very friendly, I feel comfortable going up to literally anybody in the school and asking for help about anything. The sports program is wonderful, I never even thought about playing football until the football coach (also a health teacher) offered to give me the opportunity to play. The sports teams have a really welcoming atmosphere regardless of skill. The academics are great, every teacher is willing to meet before or after school, and honestly cares about each of their students.
Let me just start off with one word about pjp-awful! I attended 4 years at this low educated institution were the students knew more than the teachers and the l administration picked favorites.The teachers are inexperienced or are old and dumb.Ihad a Spanish class were the teacher would use google translate to write a sentence on the board! Those students who have written excellent reviews about this school were probably the less than smart students since the school was very easy and does not prepare you for college what so ever. My first year of college was when I realized I was very behind from my peers and that my four years at pjp were worth less. This school is built on a pile of lies the guidance counselor Mrs Hufnagle prides herself on saying she went to college at HARVARD but what she forgets to mention is that she went to the the extentional program which is not Harvard what so ever and anyone can get into.
The worst High school ever I don't recommend this High school to any one. If you want to throw your money out of the window go to this school. Mr winkler the so called history teacher does not know anything about history and makes it up as he goes. One piece of advise that I can give to anyone is to not go here get home schooled go to sturgis or stay in public school because students know more than the teachers and the guidance counselors know nothing about getting into college.
Now changed to St. John Paul II High School, the school has been a wonderful experience. At times the work can be tedious, as it is for every student, however it is also manageable if you can manage your time. I am a senior, and I do feel prepared for college. I participated in extracurricular activities like concert choir and the musicals and plays. I also took advantage of all that was offered like the AP classes and other electives. I have met many long lasting friends and created a lot of happy memories. To be honest, I disliked the school at first, but I then decided to participate in what was offered. I had an exponentially happier time since then.
My son transferred to and gradapted from pjp2 after attending a public high school his first two years. The decision was the best of his life as the school helped mold him into a moreconfident, respectful young man.
I enjoyed being able to continue my Catholic School education into high school. I also really love how involved in the community this school is and how we are able to help people and be such a tight-knit group. There is a sense of connection that I feel not a lot of other schools have to offer.
Great education and instills values!
The teachers are amazing for the most part. They use their knowledge to teach us in fun and interesting ways. I feel like the teachers are a big part of why the school is great. I would say their grading is consistent and their communication skills are good.
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The building is very pretty and the classrooms are very nice. The heating and air conditioning needs help because it is either really hot or really cold. I am part of the NHS and we tutor pretty much everyday during x-block. Students use public transportation and I have gone on it a few times and it is not too bad. We bring our own laptops but they have laptops to borrow if needed.
I feel very safe at my school because the doors are locked and you have to buzz in if you try to get in after the first bell. I don't go to the nurses very often but if I ever need anything they are there to help. Of course there is going to be bullies in high school but I think there is a lot less at our school then at a public school. Bullies are not tolerated and will receive consequences.
The dress code is strict because we have a uniform. The men have to shave facial hair which I find it weird when a teacher tells a student he has to shave. They are pretty tough on us about our uniforms but I like it. The principal and our guidance counselors are kind about everything unless a student don't listen then thats when they get mad. They do not allow any form of bullying. They are understanding about attendance unless you are late multiple times or absent all the time. If a student is going to be absent then their parents or guardian has to call and then the next day that they come in they have to bring in a note.
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