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Pope John Paul II High School Reviews

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After being in college for almost a semester, I now truly understand why my parents chose to send me to such a rigorous high school. The academics have done nothing but prepare me for college academics. 10/10 recommend.
Both my son and daughter attended JP2 and both played sports. It is a very academic school with high standards that I believe help prepare for college. Their sports team were competitive with a true team environment and great teamwork. Both my children received almost full rides to respected colleges for their sports and academics, and I know they would not have accomplished this if they attended public school!
I love how the teachers care about the students’ learning and help them in any way possible to succeed
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Pope was more than just a school. It was a community that encouraged challenging yourself both in the classroom and through extracurriculars. It gave me life long friends and prepared me for a better future in college.
The teachers at Pope John Paul II are the best part of my entire high school experience. Each one cares greatly for each individual student and tries to make sure every kid succeeds.
I liked the commitment to college readiness and quality of education. A lack of procrastination is definitely needed, homework is plentiful.
I like how the teachers take the time, and he with the students. They make sure that the student is understanding the material
Pope john Paul II was a very good school because it allowed me to become very involved with the activities that helped me become more prepared for college .
I transferred here in my junior year from a much larger school. Even though I was used to the larger atmosphere, the size of the school was very beneficial and made the school feel more like a family.
JPII was a great school and prepares for college well. The rules are a tad strict, especially with the new headmaster, but it will prepare your child for college or university.
While I attended the school the teachers were always involved with the students and helped nurture their education.
The teachers are phenomenal - well trained, competent inspiring and invested in the students' success
I love this school because of the focus they have on Academics. They have a great family atmosphere and my daughter loves it especially playing sports with her friends.
JPII is a good school acedemically. But unless you fit into a certain mold, it's difficult to break into groups of students that have attended school together since they were in Kindergarten.
Great school through-and-through, (morals, academics, sport, clubs, food, transportation, teachers, staff, financial aid, school nurse,etc.) no complaints whatsoever - even price:worth every penny! Very thoughtful and accommodating for families who live far from school.
Students are given the environment to make independent choices, with a safety net of available tutoring, advisors, and a strong community to help them when and if challenges arise with academics or socially. Teachers are committed to their students and to their academic subject matter; classes are dynamic and interesting. Parents are involved as well, and the online communication system allows parents to know the schedules, the progress, and the challenges. Teacher report cards go beyond "your child has a grade." Rather, teachers take the time to write about their students' strengths, how they participate in class, how they are leaders, how they can improve, etc.
Lastly, the administration partners with the students and the parents.
I highly recommend this high school; the tuition dollars that you will invest are truly an investment in your child's present and future.
Over the course of 4 years at Pope John Paul II High School I have enjoyed my experience thoroughly. Going to school there really helped me prepare for college.
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It's a lot of studying and honestly your social life will become one with your homework but the teachers are amazing and everyone knows everyone and if you ever needed to talk to anyone, everyone one is there for you. Also the hockey team is amazing
I truly believe that JP2 over-prepares their students to the point that once they get to college, it is a breeze. The teachers are truly unique and the community is one I don't think is necessarily common, but I believe it is a blessing. All the teachers want their students to succeed and they are willing to invest their time, resources and energy into their students. I will never regret going to JP2.
I transferred in my Sophomore year from the rival high school. I did not know a single person and I was terrified. Within the first week, I felt as if I was already a part of the JP2 community. The environment is very welcoming and students do not hesitate to reach out. The faculty is always willing to help students grow academically. Thanks to the new "Innov8"program I had the opportunity to intern with a Cardiothoracic Surgeon. The academics are challenging and time consuming, but it prepares you for your future.
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