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Pope John Paul II Catholic High School Reviews

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Great place! It really does do it's best to put Christ at the center, oftentimes in a culture that doesn't value him. The teachers there care and are there because they want to be there, not just because of a paycheck. It is a great place to send your child.
I have been at Pope John Paul II High School since 8th grade and am now a Senior. It has been a great experience with excellent teachers and staff. There are a lot of opportunities to get involved in extracurricular activities. I enjoyed the small school atmosphere because you know mostly everyone and the teachers are always available for students.
Teachers at Pope obviously favor the children, bullying goes on ALL OF THE TIME and the administration does not care. The administration targets people that they don't like and get detentions for the most odd reasons. The teachers do not teach at all and it is easy to get involved with drugs here.
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Pope John Paul II Catholic High has provided me with academic excellence, a Christ-centered educational environment, and leadership skills. Although I am not Catholic, this school has helped me pursue a positive life by teaching personal morality, family life, and social morality. Our yearly, mandatory church and community service hours has positively improved my character development and outlook on life. Volunteering in my community and church has advanced my cooperation and communications skills. This school has given me an excellent education that will help with college preparedness. It offers honors, AP, and dual enrollment classes which I have benefited from. Our history, alma mater, fight song, and culture is what I love most about Pope John Paul II. A change I would like to see is more cultural diversity. I have matured spiritually, emotionally, and academically through these 3 years at this school.
needs a solid Administration. Administration has been constantly changing. Teachers need to be more observed before they are hired
it's a total sausage party and everyone likes to flaunt around their Daddy's money. The education is a complete joke and I learned nothing at all. The teachers know even less than me at this point. But hey, at least we have iPads
I love the small size and friendly environment. I know everyone, which makes school sanctioned activities enjoyable.
I like the opportunities there are for academics and clubs. For such a small school we have lots of clubs to join and be part of. I would like to see some of the dress code policies change.
Love pope and everything about it!! Doug Triche is amazing!! If you wanna come to pope than you definelety need to come. I love this school with all my heart!!
I am currently at Pope and it’s amaizng! Love it so much and so do my friends. The only bad thing is that the teachers are constantly changing and it hurts me and others.
We have really enjoyed our time at PJP and feel that our daughter has expanded her study skills since starting here.
Good experience , just need to let yourself have fun and not let the large amount of work stress you out.
Pope is composed of drugs, unqualified teachers, and uncontrollable students. My friends and I had to drop out and the experience has left me with serious anxiety and depression.
Overalll I loved pope. The small environment was a huge plus and it makes the school like a family. The teachers for the most part are super helpful and amazing.
Great school with older facilities. Up to date learning tools. Great college prep school and Catholic fellowship.
As a student, one of the things I really struggled with was feeling like what I was saying was valid and was being heard by my teachers. PJP while boasting of having this sense of open communication never did that for me. A large amount of the school's funding went to places other than where the people donating wanted it to go. All I ever wanted was to learn and some of the people in charge of the school were good at helping me get to that point and some of them were not. The ones that were good were absolutely brilliant though.
I enjoy the small class sizes and the personal relationships developed. Everyone knows each other. I would like it to be less political and more academic based.
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Absolutely sad!! Favoritism is CLEARLY shown to those who donate high amounts of money. And not to mention that students are asked for money EVERY week. It felt like a cult.
My high school experience was not bad by any means, but in many ways they failed to prepare me and my friends for college. AP and duel enrollment classes were not offered until my senior year, which put my year and others before it at a severe disadvantage. Now, they continue to lack but at least they are putting forth an effort. Their arts programs, in any capacity, are lackluster at best. Art, theatre, band, choir- all across the board. If your student is to make any significant progress they will have to take additional classes somewhere else. The faculty is eternally shifting, which seems to have caused problems in recent years. That all being said, those teachers that do stick around create a wonderful atmosphere for any student willing to fight for great opportunities. They are caring and seem to truly take an interest in their students. The resident priest is also a great guy, if Catholicism is up your alley.
Went there for a full 4 years because no other Catholic school was close and I hated all 4 years. The teachers were the worst part because most were only there for a paycheck and didn't value what the student learned.

Clear favortism for students who's parents donated the most.
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