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Pope John Paul II Catholic High School Reviews

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We have really enjoyed our time at PJP and feel that our daughter has expanded her study skills since starting here.
Good experience , just need to let yourself have fun and not let the large amount of work stress you out.
Pope is composed of drugs, unqualified teachers, and uncontrollable students. My friends and I had to drop out and the experience has left me with serious anxiety and depression.
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Overalll I loved pope. The small environment was a huge plus and it makes the school like a family. The teachers for the most part are super helpful and amazing.
Great school with older facilities. Up to date learning tools. Great college prep school and Catholic fellowship.
As a student, one of the things I really struggled with was feeling like what I was saying was valid and was being heard by my teachers. PJP while boasting of having this sense of open communication never did that for me. A large amount of the school's funding went to places other than where the people donating wanted it to go. All I ever wanted was to learn and some of the people in charge of the school were good at helping me get to that point and some of them were not. The ones that were good were absolutely brilliant though.
I enjoy the small class sizes and the personal relationships developed. Everyone knows each other. I would like it to be less political and more academic based.
Absolutely sad!! Favoritism is CLEARLY shown to those who donate high amounts of money. And not to mention that students are asked for money EVERY week. It felt like a cult.
My high school experience was not bad by any means, but in many ways they failed to prepare me and my friends for college. AP and duel enrollment classes were not offered until my senior year, which put my year and others before it at a severe disadvantage. Now, they continue to lack but at least they are putting forth an effort. Their arts programs, in any capacity, are lackluster at best. Art, theatre, band, choir- all across the board. If your student is to make any significant progress they will have to take additional classes somewhere else. The faculty is eternally shifting, which seems to have caused problems in recent years. That all being said, those teachers that do stick around create a wonderful atmosphere for any student willing to fight for great opportunities. They are caring and seem to truly take an interest in their students. The resident priest is also a great guy, if Catholicism is up your alley.
Went there for a full 4 years because no other Catholic school was close and I hated all 4 years. The teachers were the worst part because most were only there for a paycheck and didn't value what the student learned.

Clear favortism for students who's parents donated the most.
I went from public school prior to high school and at first hated the smaller school, but it could not have prepared me more for college. I was not nearly as worried about impressing friends I had class with every day and my teachers really made efforts to see that I succeeded and walked me through everything I needed to move onto college.
Pope John Paul II is a small school with great teachers, especially in the English department. The school is accepting of all, but not very diverse. The tuition is a little pricey, but it is well worth the price. Overall, the school could not have prepared me better for college.
PJP has a very close, supportive community. Its small size allows for individualized instruction to improve the skills of students.
The teachers care about all the students. They try to help you to the best of their abilities. The school has multiple festivities that make the school year fun. It is a very safe and family oriented school. I would like to see lunch times change because there is not enough time for some students to eat.
Teachers are always available to help students with classwork and homework. They attempt to describe lessons differently to each student, depending on how the student thinks. Each teacher engages the students and works with them during class in order to provide a better sense of the lesson being taught. The teachers care about all the students at the school.
Two guidance counselors are avaiable any time during or after school for students to converse with, whether that would be with help or complaints. The office is open during and after school for students and parents to express their concerns with the school. Bullying is forbidden at this school. Students must be dressed in a school uniform, otherwise they receive a detention, or if it continues, a suspension. Students are only allowed to miss a set number of days during the year, or they receive detentions. The teachers and administration attempt to work with students to provide the most positive educational environment they are able to.
Students are generally healthy at this school. The janitors clean the buildings every day, so the school stays clean. Students who are sick do not go to school so they do not spread the disease. Bullying is not a factor at this school and the school takes every precaution in safety.
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Students are encouraged to join sports teams and develop their character through the sports at this school. There are no tryouts, so students can be on any team they wish to perform on. Though the teams are a little below average in most sports, fans still support the teams almost every game.
The services are occassionally slow, but they are efficient. The food is decent in healthiness and the school offers breakfast for any students who get to school early. Chicken is served every day as an alternative from the normal lunch schedule.
This school is a welcoming community with friendly students as well as friendly teachers. Transfering from a giants high school, being in a more compact community has benefitted me as a person. I have been able to grow as a person as well as my knowledge about different subjects
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