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What I liked about Pope High School is that the community is very involved especially with sports. If you would like to join any club or sport there very open with new coming people. Even old and new teachers are very helpful and nice. If you ever needed help or your grade was struggling , the teachers will go and above beyond to make sure there students achieve there goals and do well in the class. There always eager to come early or late in the afternoon to help tutor students
Pope is not a very easy environment to transition into as a new student because it has a somewhat closed-off culture, but it's a decent school overall. Some teachers are great, some teachers not so much, just like at any other school.
I liked the amount of school spirit Pope students had. Most of the teachers were nice but there were the occasional really sucky ones. I did not like how not diverse it was.
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Pope has an excellent reputation in an area where there are many high achieving schools. It has less of the negative competition there from the staff.
The rigor is there but less pressure.
Great spirit days and options for clubs.
Pope is the greatest family I've ever had. I know that's a bold claim, and some may call it corny, but only those who have known what it means to be a Greyhound can truly understand the power within our unity. In the battles we fought, my school was strong; whether it was facing a Monday, conquering our athletic rivals, or lifting up students whose families were fighting for their lives---Pope consisted of real people, who were ready and willing to lend a hand. I had the time of my life supporting my peers in whichever of the many outlets they chose. I've built lasting relationships with the faculty--some as mentors and advisors, others as friends. Those were truly great years and I am eager to return the favor someday so that the students that follow can continue to flourish The Greyhound Way.
Pope high school has a very involved community and great school spirit. The main school building needs updating though.
Pope highschool is challenging but amazing teachers and staff. There is always a good bond between students and staff. My only concern is that you have to excel at a sport in order to join leaving trying new things behind
Student-centered, community-minded, good academic options, good team and club options, does well communicating with parents and students
Pope High School is a great school that is very lively, and with lots of diversity. The students there are very nice, and very focused on their education. The teachers are also amazing, and you can count on them. If you need help, they will come over to you, and offer you help. One thing I wish about Pope High School, though, is that they would offer more classes. Sometimes, you want to take an honors class, but the only classes available are on level and AP. I wish there were also some honors classes.
Overall okay, not all teachers are the best, but education is fine. I don't know if I would recommend average students to go here, but it's very easy to succeed if you're in the top 10%. The top 10% isn't that hard to achieve here anyway.
Everyone at Pope was very accepting of each other’s interests and backgrounds. There was all types of kids and everyone got along like a family
Pope cares more about their athletics (especially their failing football team) than they do students or academics. Most of the faculty and staff are controlling and don't take students' best interests to heart. Working students, and those in college programs are put on the back burner when compared to student athletes. The Pope student body has a reputation for being obnoxiously boisterous and rude, and that is a true reputation. There are a few shining stars in the Administration and a few teachers that make it bearable, but overall, Pope was made to be a jail and it lives up to that expectation.
Love to see more fundraisers allowed by administration as well as more opportunities for student activism
Regardless of what the average "bored out of my mind" teenager would say about their high school, Pope has done more than teach me. Our teachers are the ones who inspire us, our coaches, push us to what they know we can take, and we all treat each other with respect. We work together as a team, and that's hard to find in the everyday high school these days. I have a lot of pride in Pope.
Pope High School is a very competitive, and engaging learning establishment. The teachers come here to teach and have your best interests at heart. Even though they can be extremely annoying sometimes, at the end of the day they want you to pass. Many teachers are willing to work with students who show care and show effort when it comes to schoolwork. For the past 4 years, I have not had many negative memories at Pope. Attending this school, has prepared for college because some of the classes here are harder, if not on the same level as many college courses.
Pope is a very good school and the teachers here are very nice and very supportive and this is one of Cobb county most high ranking schools. Students actually care about their education and that most and more than a half of students at Pope want to go to a good college, and they work hard to achieve that goal, and thats what makes Pope a well ranked school
Pope High School is a wonderful school! It has a large offering of AP classes. The teachers are very passionate about their subjects. The school is very safe and it has a wonderful atmosphere. Students are very prepared for college and 99 percent go to university.
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Pope has very good academic opportunities for its students, however the facilities generally leave something to be desired. Bathrooms and lunches are usually average, and teachers are the same. There are many opportunities for teacher help during AO (academic opportunity) on Tuesdays and Thursday’s and during X-block on Wednesday, but many teachers are stingy over when they will come in early or make time for their students. The football games and school pride are above and beyond, with spirit days each Friday during football season.
Pope was a great high school to go to, teachers are friendly and are always available to help you with anything. The people there are wonderful i have met some of my best friends through this school. I will say the amount of diversity is lacking a little but besides that i would not have wanted to go anywhere else for my high school experience!
The teachers are very knowledgeable about their subject. However, they don't connect with their students very well.
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