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A bus system for students who live in Connecticut. The uniforms are not really catholic, the skirt are way too short and it's uncomfortable for girls who dress more modest or are religious. The athletic fields and the new labs are nice and top notch.
This is a school of broken promises. After finally getting settles into the new campus, it became apparent I made mistake staying in this school. 3 years of terrible food and lack of communication or cohesion form the administration has really taken it's toll. The new principal only seems to come out for press events. Academics is hit or miss, with my math education being horrible, and the history program really lacking options. The food is ungodly and there is no excuse for it. I have gotten sick form school lunches and now only bring a lunch. Overall, until this school gets it's act together, do not send your child here, whatever the positive messages the local press streams out
Pope Francis is a good high school that prepared me for college. I️ believe though, that they could have done much more as far as helping us through the college application process. The school administrators did not inspire creative spirits but instead made us feel like we were being controlled. There are some good teachers but many that do not help their students truly understand concepts.
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The academics that can be received at Pope Francis are the best part of the school as they are challenging and allow for college readiness. The facilities and food are below average and can be improved upon. It is an average school.
Administrators envision Pope Francis High School as a school of great excellence and advancement in technology. Making students pay a $375 technology fee to fund for a Microsoft Pro. The technology fee, along with many other, soon adds up to a tuition that is not work the "high quality" education from a small private school. The school simply does not care about the students and will implements whatever they want. Many current students already purchase devices and does not need another when they already have invested so much in what they have. I understand that the administrator are striving to make the school better and yes a "techy" school would be great. Listen for once and they will hear the students saying "We do not want it." A simple solution would be to make the technology fee available but optional.
A handful of teachers are truly incredible, but others are not competent at all and a few honestly seem as if they are not mentally all there. Many of the kids are socially awkward and some do not know how to read, but having the ability to take Honors, AP, and IB classes allows you to *mostly* stay clear of them. Administration is an actual joke, seeing as they care more about uniforms and senior quotes than hiring experienced teachers and actually listening to the students. The school may become better at the new location, but this does not seem like "Prep school material" to me.
This school has shown that paying $10,000 is to much for the education that they provide. While the teachers are for the most part good people, some of them come short on a good learning experience. It does have the advantage of the new school next year so maybe something will change. I do know that the schools food will be better next year so that will be a plus. Also at the new school it will be state of the art tech. Until then it gets two stars.
Holyoke Catholic was one of the best decisions I made. The teachers were very engaged. Once getting to college, I realized how much more prepared and knowledgeable I was compared to other students. I had so many more skills that I took for granted and then noticed other students never learned. I made great friends and the small class sizes really bonded everyone.
The admininistration is a joke. Nobody has seen the principal since the beginning of the year. The administrators believe they are better than everyone else. If I could rate the admin zero I would. Some teachers are too good for that school. I hope they get out now. You’d think that in a private school there are no teachers’ unions, but it seems there is an unofficial one. Teachers who’ve been there longer, even if they are bad, have immunity. The facilities aren’t bad, as long as you don’t mind no A/C, no heat, and fragile plumbing. The parking lot is 3/4 miles away. Rain or snow you can bet you won’t get away with parking closer to the school in public parking. Even though the school doesn’t have jurisdiction of the public parking they well threaten to tow your car and call the police. I wish I could say nicer things about this school. The students have a unique friendship you won’t find at other schools. It is primarily because we have united against a common evil.
Scheiße, geh nicht hier hin. unhöfliches Mittagessen Lynnehan, rassistisch. Fahre einen kurzen Bus.
Schicke keine Kinder, wenn du ihre Existenz nicht hasst. Ich könnte Ihnen viele Geschichten von Problemen mit Ratten und Lehrern erzählen. Das Badezimmer ist eine Oase für Raucher. Hockeyteam läuft Schule. Lynnehan beschwert sich, wenn das Kleinste falsch ist.
Overall the school is not so bad; however, there are instances where I wish I did not have to come to school. Some teachers teach very well and are very compromising and understanding, while others teach terribly, and are unreasonable and overly dramatic. As a senior student in 2018, I can not say anything about the new school's facilities. However, let me talk about the administration of the school. You can tell what a school is like by their administration, and, quite frankly, the administration of this school does not know what they are doing. They are very disorganized and can not answer some simple questions that I have asked multiple times. One of the questions I asked was "what is the quarter grade that seniors need in their AP classes to be exempt from the finals?" and I only got vague answers and a "I'll ask the office" and then never hear from them again. Though the school itself is not terrible, how the school runs needs to be significantly worked on.
Don't do it. Don't send your kids here. If they turn out to be like the kids from Cathedral, you'll have to disown them out of shame and embarrassment.
The teachers are nice and all; but, they do not consider the outside lives of the students. The food is not the best, but at least it is edible. I have made many new friends and lasting relationships that I will have for years to come.
I am sorry to report but do not send your child here. It's already ruined my life. Save the kids from this terrible school. When it was Cathedral it was great it was A+, but then Holyoke Catholic came and they had a different culture of being soft and snitches. If you want your kid to be normal take them to a real school like Malden Catholic. The teachers are awful and administrations walks around assuming Cathedral kids are doing illegal things. They should of majored in criminal justice and got a decent education. #SaveCathedral #PopeFrancisWho? #Savethekids #LetsplayHockey
Where do I begin with this school, lets start with adminsitation, if I could give 0 stars I would. They practically don't care about what the students think. They are pulling privileges that seniors had away from them one by one. Facilities, what facilities, the school lacks even a gym or anything for students to stay active. Food is god awful lunch ladies could honestly care less about their jobs. sports, even with the lack of facilities are very competitive and tend to do well and the student body is great. But safety is none existent here
While this school attempts to be an upper level academic institution, the current setup is very poor.
Except for a few teachers, the majority of them are rejects from society that got seemingly hired out of pity. They value teachers with no masters degree over teachers that have a masters degree. Half the male teachers appear to be pedophiles, which explains the small percentage of students feeling safe at the school. The heat in the building does not work at all, and students get their jackets confiscated when they're just trying to stay warm. The handful of teachers that actually had some level of intelligence were fired, so much for that. The parking lot situation is incredible. Students get yelled at for parking at a site that is a 5 min walk from school that is public parking and instead have to park at a school parking lot (which we have to pay $100) that is a 10 min walk from the school. And don't even get me started on Mrs. Geiger. I'd get the building inspector and some cops in here so the students are safe from pedophiles and freezing temperatures.
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For the students who want to be in a college prep school with catholic environment, this is a great school to be considered
Being a part of Pope Francis High is a great experience. The students and teachers are very friendly and ready to help you out anytime. Although, the food in the cafeteria during lunch is not so great or at least it was my taste. There are many programs that you can choose which can help you not only to prepare for college but also improve many skills.
The school is currently in a transition position and will hopefully be better with the new school. The first year definitely had some bumps and many people are still very loyal to their legacy school but the year could have went a lot worse.
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