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During my years at Poolville I have experienced many things but the best was when I realized they have some the best teachers you could ever imagine. These teachers become your family and help to prepare you for the real world.
Poolville High School is small, and I like the fact that it was easy to get to know the people around me. However, I wish more opportunities were given outside of the field of athletics.
Moved to Poolesville for the high school. My kids education is very impressive. My husband went to Potomac (private). The education at Poolesville is better. We have saved money at college between the AP classes and they have tested out.
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The school doesn't stress safety that much. They do have security cameras and they lock their outside doors but for the most part they are very lenient. If a student is sick they will give them medicine and usually send them home.
There is a substantial amount of extracurricular activities at this school. The two major ones are the sports program and the FFA program. These two are very dominate and have a lot of students that participate in these two.
I really liked going to the school. Parents and teachers would show up to any sports events even if they did not have children that were playing. They always supported fundraisers and I really liked the kids that went to this school.
There were many extracurricular activities at Poolville High School. Sports were the most popular. On game days everyone in the community would go and support whatever sporting event was being held. Also FFA and Rodeo was highly valued at Poolville High School. All year long FFA and Rodeo members would practice and prep for livestock shows and competitions. At the end of the year, not only did everyone from Poolville show up at the final show, but the whole country would show up to support the students and their exhibits.
The 2015 graduating senior class at Poolville High School was about 40 students. The words "famous in a small town" are very true in Poolville, Texas. Everyone in town would come and support every athletic event, club event, livestock show, etc. The whole town supported the students of Poolville High School and it was a very close knit community.
I personally enjoyed attending Poolville High School. Being a small school, there were few students that have the drive and ambition that I did to be a leader in the multiple clubs and organizations. Though there wasn't much competition, I was still able to challenge myself and work towards making that certain club the best it could be. My teachers' were very supportive of my ideas and goals for the clubs and organizations and thought me all I needed to know to succeed.
I would definitely go back to Poolville High School. I had a great experience there because of the small, confined environment. It was easier for the teachers to have one on one discussions with the students if we needed any help.
Poolville High School had a very good staff. I always felt comfortable enough to ask for help with assignments and personal issues. The teacher's interests in the students was strong. I always felt like they wanted us to learn and understand the material instead of just passing the class.
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