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I love this school so much! The magnet programs there are amazing. The town is very friendly and the kids are well behaved. This school has a wonderful community of learning and everyone is so focused on academics.
This is a great school with a lot of diversity. But, the school building could be improved because it is very old.
I loved how dedicated the teachers are to seeing us succeed. The school itself though has been trying to be rebuilt for a very long time as it is literally starting to fall apart.
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Poolesville's H.S. academics and programs are a very good experience. I chose to do the Independent Study program to allow myself to take different classes to see what really interested me for my future career. The school has excellent classes and teachers to allow us to expand our horizon.

One particular item with the school is, it is out dated. More updated learning devices could be provided and the appearance is lacking. However, where it's lacking the education experience makes up for that.
Teachers care about the students.
Even though the building is kind of old and the atmosphere (especially the A.C.) could use some improvement, I DEFINITELY have a lot more opportunities here than I would get at any other school, academically and socially. (The open lunch is an added bonus too.)
Overall, Poolesville is a decent school. The teachers and courses are very interesting. Most people are pretty friendly, but there are definitely some exceptions. However, the building, especially the main building is old and falling apart. There are gaps in the ceilings and ominous stains. Also, asbestos.
What makes Poolesvile High School great is its teaching staff and administration. Academically, teachers are extremely well prepared and knowledgable to prepare students for college and activities beyond in life. They also pose as an amazing group to talk with about personal problems and bad situations. There are a lot of great things about the school, but it has its fair share of issues. Its clubs and activities are not as diverse due to the minimal resources outside of the classroom setting. While being competitive in some sports, sports are not an emphasis and are put in the back seat to academics. The worst part of it is probably the food, which is a similar issue in many high schools in MCPS; therefore, it is not much of a knock on Poolesville High School itself. The school is great for all types of people, especially for academically challenging and rigorous course seeking individuals.
Poolesville is a magnet school like no other. There are more great teachers than bad ones, many are willing to give up their time to further help students academically and personally. The community is really friendly and welcoming, physical/verbal bullying and violence is rare. The long drive there is absolutely beautiful in the mornings and the town is safe. It feels like a second home. It's great to be surrounded by people who motivate you. PEP Rally weeks are plentiful throughout the year and a great way to de-stress together.
However. It's not perfect. Being in a school filled with overachievers can take a toll on your mental health. Especially in the SMCS house, the academic competition and raking can drive one mad and constantly make one feel inadequate. Hispanic and Black kids are also a rare find here, it's mostly Asian and white so it's easy for minorities (especially low income) to feel unwanted and out of place. The building is in dire need of renovation. Pros>Cons
10/10 I enjoyed the food, best food ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Great magnet programs, both the test in and ISP. As a top school they are able to attract the best teachers. They have a wide variety of sports and club offerings. Since many of the kids from outside of Poolesville attend the magnet programs, and are often too busy for sports, the more physical teams like football and lacrosse have trouble competing against similar size schools.
Poolesville High School is a tight-knit community that brings in students from all over the county. The opportunity to meet students from various backgrounds was amazing. I got the opportunity to grow as a student and a person. The teachers care for me and want to see me succeed. I was able to join many clubs and extracurriculars because of the various opportunities Poolesville presents. I would like to see Poolesville became a bigger school in the future , so even more students can come. If you have the opportunity to come to Poolesville, do not hesitate!
Great small town atmosphere where you grow up together as a class, your teachers know you. GESP program fabulous
I have enjoyed my experience at Poolesville High School and have found the Global Ecology and Project Lead the way programs to be a great help in preparing me for college. I have had the opportunity to go on many great field trips as a part of the Global Ecology program which has helped me understand the material we learn in class better. The Project Lead the way program has led to understand that I would like to pursue a career in engineering.
Poolesville students are highly focused on their academics. The teachers are generally the best in the county.
I am currently a senior at Poolesville High School and it has been the best 4 years of my life. Although Poolesville isn't itself diverse, PHS has people coming from all over the county and we have people of all different backgrounds. It is challenging but it is rewarding also, with all the opportunities available to us. There's a reason we are the #1 school in the state!
I like the many classes and the teachers. They are always ready to help students and spend time to review things with them. One thing to improve is the lunch.
I'm currently a junior at Poolesville and I can say that I've mostly enjoyed my time here. I feel that we have a very special community in terms of how easy it is to find a group you can belong in. There are numerous clubs to participate in and you can always create your own. The town itself is pretty safe, but the building is in need of revival and there are many in the community advocating for it in local government. The academics are advanced, but I feel that the teachers are aware of how many extracurriculars and other workloads their students have and try to work with them. There is a high level of stress here though. Almost everyone is college-bound and you can very easily feel like you're a failure as the student body is so skewed towards higher test scores (my senior friends got into schools like MIT and Cornell). It's a special experience and you come out with some very close friends.
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The school has good academics and teachers, however the facilities, food, and location are subpar. Good magnet school for those who are extremely focused on academics and research.
Though the school building itself is in pretty bad shape, the school provide excellent resources, teachers, and overall academics.
Poolesvillle High School is one of the best schools in the State of Maryland, going there opens a lot of doors for your students future, especially for college. The perks of having the magnet programs are endless they make you a better person and a more enriched learner. The academics at the school out compete all the other area schools. Having graduated in 2017 I can attest to the fact that because of Poolesville I was awarded more money from many of the schools I applied to go to college to. While the academics are amazing the school isn't perfect. The majority of the teachers at Poolesville were really amazing and super engaging .The biggest problem with the school is the building itself. It is old very very old, and slightly rundown. The school consists of two buildings one is very new and is beautiful its the main building that is lacking in beauty and practicality. The environment at the school is amazing I loved going to school there.
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