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I had a great 4 years attending this school. I would recommend this school to anyone considering moving to Pontotoc. The teachers are great and the town is also a good place to grow up in.
I have loved my for years at PHS. I was in the band which meant I was involved in a lot of team building and people skills from the start. Of all the things at Pontotoc, I love our library most! The doors are open to everyone and the librarian Mrs. Rogers has been the most positive influence in the school.
I have had a great experience. I have learned many things and have had wonderful experience with sports. I enjoyed the PHS production high tech video the most.
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Pontotoc High School has a variety of extracurricular activities to offer. These activities are extremely beneficial in building social skills as well as hard work and life skills. Without my personal involvement in these types of activities going to college would have been a daily struggle.
Parents help make the extra circular activities possible by supporting and encouraging the students. Without the work of every individual, excellence would not be an option.
My high school was very helpful in my educational journey. Pontotoc High School established a strong foundation for me to build upon over the years. The school offers many ways for students to be involved, as well as pushes the students to be the best students an learners.
There is almost no diversity.

The majority of the school is Caucasian (I would say a little more than half of the student body), then African American, then Hispanic/Latino. There are maybe a handful of people outside of those races. As far as I know, there has never been an issue with racism, excluding the few knuckle heads every school gets from time to time. This being said, there is also almost no ethnic diversity.

There are actually quite a few LGBT+ students. Not a lot, but a little more than you would expect from this area. None of them can really afford to be open about it. There was once an incident where a girl couple were just holding hands at a football game, and a group of kids were throwing rocks at them.There have also been other incidents of extreme intolerance that include physically assaulting students and bullying. Almost all of the LGBT+ students have to stay on the quiet side about who they are in order to stay safe.

Most students are the stereotypical southerner-- country, very southern belle, Christian, likes hunting and fishing. If you are like that, you will fit in perfectly and will find a lot of people to be friends with. There is also a party and drug scene that students try to keep on the down low. If you like that, you will also fit in. However, if you are not into those sorts of things, you will find it a little harder to fit in, but most of the time, you are never alone. There is always at least one person who is like you.

Most students aren't very accepting of different things, but most are not intolerant either. We all just keep separate of each other, I think.

The majority of students are respectful of others, but it also depends on your graduating class. Most students aren't disrespectful without reason, and are generally kind people.
Overall, the education isn't the worst as a higher student. If you are not an AP student, your education in classes will probably suck. There is no challenge in those classes (depending on how much you care).

There are only a few AP courses available to upperclassmen; however, there are also a few dual credit classes. Most of the higher learning classes are for Juniors and Seniors.

There is mix of good and bad teachers. Coaches don't teach anything a lot of the time, unfortunately. Some other teachers don't know what's going on half the time. Then there are a few AMAZING teachers that will really challenge you but still make the class enjoyable.

There is hardly ever an issue with scheduling, and if there is, it is possible to take the class online.

There is never a hard workload unless you are an upperclassman in higher courses, but even then it is manageable.

There is also a Votech building that is off campus, so students must take a bus ride over. I have never taken a class there, but I've never heard a complaint.

The most popular class is probably Junior Theater and Senior Theater. It's one of the school's pride and joy, and the plays are almost always outstanding.
Thankfully, nothing terrible has happened that I'm aware of, however there is a very huge possibility of it happening. Really anyone can just walk up to the school if they wanted to. There is only one police officer, sometimes doors are not locked, and the campus has several different buildings scattered relatively widely. Despite this, however, I have never felt unsafe. Pontotoc as a city has never been extremely dangerous.

There is also only one nurse, and she also works at the other Pontotoc schools as well, so she is sometimes not in her office. She is incredibly kind and a good nurse, but just one nurse who is often times not on campus just does not cut it in a 4A school.

The only health program is the health class.
There is not much of a variety of clubs and organizations. Most are related to higher-level students (such as BETA), sports, or band. But from my experience, despite the lack of diversity of them, the organizations have been very good and enjoyable.
Pontotoc High School is actually a pretty good school in comparison to the state. However, the state's requirements may not meet someone's personal requirements.

If you want to excel in school and get the absolute best education, I wouldn't say Pontotoc is the best pick in this area, but it surely isn't the worse.

We have beyond amazing sports and band programs. I would say that is the best thing about this school.

Most students here are pretty nice if you are nice to them. There is a level of immaturity that is prevalent and does become hindering on students' education-- even those who are not involved.

I personally would not attend this school again due to the fact that I want the best education I can get, and at this very moment I feel like Pontotoc High School cannot provide that for me. HOWEVER, Pontotoc is very clearly working hard on making the school better, new things are added all the time. So maybe if you are reading this a few years after I write this, the school will be even better.

Do not let my review stop you from attending, Pontotoc High School has a lot of good things going for it as well.
You either get a really good teacher or a horrible teacher at this school. There is never an in-between.

There is a good amount of coaches who teach who couldn't care less about actually educating their students. Which is unfortunate because there are a lot of things that my peers and I need to be educated on, but we are not.

There are also several teachers who seem to just have no clue on what they are doing and are not consistent in their teaching.

However, there are also some teachers who are AMAZING both as teachers and as people. I have learned so much thanks to them.

In short, its a mix of good and bad, and you just have to take the word of the upperclassmen on which is which.
We only have one security guard at our school. I think we need one for each building.
It's very hard to get teachers to sponsor clubs. The sports and band programs here are top notch though.
It's a great school overall, but there are some ridiculous rules. Money is also not always spent where it needs to be. We never have enough text books, but we have a nice computer lab.
The only teachers I don't like are typically coaches. They signed up for the job just so they could coach, so they usually just give us busy work.
Coaches go above and beyond!
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Very supportive to the student!
I love this school! Great atmosphere for learning. The teachers are wonderful and very supportive!
Our school is very involved with extracurricular actives. We would get very into it, making them serious and putting a lot of work into them. I am very impressed with my school when it came to this.
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