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my experience at Pontiac high school has been okay i have been at better schools before but, when you know lots of people at the school it makes the school day easier in some ways. The academics here are not as good as schools like oxford or Clarkson but they can only go off of what the students know.
My experience within the Pontiac School District was an average one in which I was lucky enough to obtain AP courses in calculus and literature along and early college programs. The lack of resources in the community, however, has effected its students. Sometimes the building is too cold or too hot during the wrong seasons for students to function. There are no science equipment available for a strong chemistry school year. I hope to improvement with hiring teachers because for one entire semester I had only sub substitutes.
In Pontiac High School I observed an extreme diversity of talent and charismatic students. The fact that everyone works very hard to remain pushing the school further to success proofs that we indeed in the mist of bad experiences we have great classmates and teachers. If there was something I could have changed is the staff and let students have more freedom instead of making their ideas feel imprisoned. The school could push further down the road if we let everyone's thoughts be heard, to again do a reunion with the higher power and let students fight along each other and show ways to improve along teachers who grew tired of a system that no longer works for us and we need something to reinforce the educational, creative learning of students. A way to bring back the imagination of students and let them be able to learn something new. Where each one has its way to learn and accommodate to their pace and needs. Furthermore, the school advances when there is more doors open ahead.
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Well, there is this school program that is called International Technology Academy which I go. They taught how to collaborate with other students.
with only 11% of the kids being able to comprehend basic reading and 3% basic math, and a 17 to 1 ratio, how can anyone say this is a good school district?
I would like to see some of their rules change. Like the rule of no hugging. Hugging is a kind thing that releases a feel good chemical.
I would like to see the kids be able to pick what they want to do in PE.And have the teachers pay more attention to what the kids do.
My school which is international technology academy. Connected to Pontiac highschool. We are a project based learning school. With all the teachers connected to students. We offer many clubs such as the robotics team I'm on
I liked that teachers would reach out to students who were struggling or misbehaving. I would like to see more extra curricular activities besides a small choice of sports and robotics. More class opportunities would be nice.
This school is separate and challenges students pre assessments and assessments also there is a good diversity and a good understanding of others here.
Very diverse in all areas!
There are a variety of security and police guards as well as metal detectors to ensure safety!
There is national honor society, student council, newspaper and year book committee. There are the most basic sports but as for any other activity, we don't really have the funding for it or student motivation.
I feel as if the parents don't try as much and are the reason so many children turn out to be bad. This is why our school has a bad reputation because of peers and lack of parenting.
Teachers at this school really care and have an impact on their students. They have greatly influenced me, and I am glad I got to have them as my mentors.
Great after school tutoring program
The parents are great here. They really help out and volunteer for school functions.
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Really nice. Has an amazing JROTC program but the lack of funding for said program is low.
It's all over good here!
It's pretty much okay .
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