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At Pontiac High School I really enjoyed how welcoming and helpful the teachers are. They take time to tutor kids that need it and they offer retakes for almost everything. One thing I would like to see change is giving the students more freedom.
More proactive solutions to issues regarding students. Counselors can make it seem like they do not care what your future looks like and can be quite negligent(unless of course you have a 4.0). However, many of the teachers are extremely kind, and many would do anything to help a student and encourage them to do their best.
The teachers are very helpful and only want you to succeed. There is always help if you need it. The school environment is friendly and safe, and there are many things you can do to be involved, like sports, service activities, and so on.
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My experience at Pontiac High School has been good. I have made many new friends and have had many opportunities to expand my knowledge. One thing that I would change would be having more class space to take the classes that I want to take.
I would like to see the school board put in more effort to help kids prepare for the future instead of having students figure it out themselves.
Over all the school was helpful in many ways. The only thing that needs improvement is if students don't understand a subject they are left behind. Some teachers aren't very helpful when you ask them to catch you up.
Teachers are not held accountable for their actions so often times they are unfair toward students. Although, there are also very good teachers who genuinely care about their students. The LACC program & AP classes offered through the high school is really beneficial for college and experience after high school.
My experience at Pontiac Township High School was great. I mad a lot of friends, my teachers were great instructors, and being a part of athletics i still have contact with some of my coaches. I was a collegiate athlete and though out my three years, one of my basketball coaches stayed in contract with me and came to a few games. That just speaks on how great the high school community is.
I liked how my teachers that I had actually cared about me. They showed actual interest in what I wanted to do in the future. I would have one on one conversations with several of my teachers just so I could tell them about my plans. They all seemed to be intrigued by the rigorous audition process that a Musical Theatre degree offered. Being one of the student leaders in my school, I was asked to be on a principal's advisory board. We meet every month to talk to our principal about what we liked at our school and things that we believed needed to be fixed. I think that this really set our school apart from others because our principal created a gateway to receive direct feedback from a reliable group of students about the needs of the school.
I attended pontiac township high school and graduated in 2013. Our teachers were very generous about devoting extra time after class. The teachers especially were generous to students who struggled with homework. Tutors were always available during study hall. We as a small community loved to see others achieve goals. Sports were a big part of our school as well. Our teachers, staff, and parents were very supportive. Our academics had to be above a B average in every class to be able to play sports. Our school cafeteria had plenty of options to choose from. If i could have the choice to choose another high school I wouldn't pick anywhere else.
I would like to see counselors spend more time making sure students have all courses in line for college demands for their field of study. Also would like to see a little more aggressive help on finding what all is available for scholarships. I also believe honor role should include physical education class and honor role should be scored according to the degree of course difficulty instead of all courses scored the same.
As a senior at PTHS, I love the staff. They are very friendly and I have had many amazing teachers who have pushed me to be better. The school is an average size. It is a very nice environment most of the time. Very great administration. The principal and vice principal are very friendly and they put a lot into the safety, comfort, and success of their students.
The Administration at Pontiac High School are always more than helpful and are amazing at interacting with students. Our Principal, Eric Bohm, even gave us his phone number at an assembly at the beginning of the year. The Administration and Teachers are very good at preventing bullying as much as they can, and we even have a program called Spread the Word to End the Word, which promotes students to end the use of the "R" word. Since then, bullying has came almost to a complete halt. Teachers are also very personal and understand that students have other things going on outside of school. Overall, Pontiac High School is a very safe and as fun of an environment as a school can be.
I am a student at Pontiac Township High School. My experience through High School has been a very positive experience. The faculty there has always been very helpful. If I could choose one thing that could be improved upon I would say it would be the girls sports programs. However, my overall experience at this high school has been great.
My experience at Pontiac Township High School has been wonderful, the staff/administration i've never had a problem with. The principal, Mr. Bohm is a great principal, i am currently a senior, and i have seen him change and become a more involved in the community each year. I can confidently say he knows every single of his students my name. If i ever needed anything, i know he would be one of the people i could count on.
I would say our policies are great. They could use some help, but I always felt safe when at the school whether class was in session or if I was at after school activities.
There is so much to do and it's amazing. I would say it is the best in the area with different opportunities and options.
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The school has been great. I loved all the clubs I was able to get involved in and I had the best High school experience here.
Most of the teachers are very helpful and really care for the students.
The school was able to work with me on medical emergency that came up, but when I had to stay home for medical reasons I could not go to work even though I had clearance from my team of doctors at the time. The school said that if I can go to work I can come to school when I could go to work because it would have only been a couple hours a week while going to school would have been to much for me to Handel after being only 2 months post transplant.
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