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Pontiac Academy for Excellence - High School Reviews

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I really like that the people with good grades have the opportunity go to OSTC. I don't like that they put the middle schoolers in the same building as the High schoolers.
What I like are some of the staff members are decent. I would like to see the environment change and more support towards the students.
As the name says Pontiac Academy for Excellence is an excellent school, the teachers are great, responsable. I learned a lot with them.
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The only thing I really like was how close I was to my classmates. We tried to push each other through the remainder of our 12th grade year.
It has some good teachers, and the food got better. We have better staff that give us good school day schedules. They have an amazing Robotics team with good leaders in it for high school students. We get cultural events (Cinco de Mayo). They give you a chance to go to OTEC if you have good attendance, good grades, and good behavior. We are able to do experiments every Wednesday in Biology or Chemistry Class with are teacher based on the lesson. There are even more dress down privileges. This school is stepping up it's game. I believe that it has improved tremendously.
pontiac academy for excellence is a good school. you learn what you learn you just have to pay attention and you good
well I have been going to this school since the 5th grade and now im going to graduate from here its been a long time but its been fun
This is a very good school for students to go to. They have really academic programs. They security level is high. We treat each other with respect. We have great teacher here they are respectful.
My experience at Pontiac Academy For Excellence is not too bad i enjoy myself at that school. what i like about PAE is that the teachers explain about the work so you can understand. and the thing i wanna change is the uniform we should wear regular clothes
There needs to better administration and teachers to support and provide help to the students always.
What I liked about PAE is that I learned a lot of new things through all my 4 years in high school and even in middle school and I will miss the memories that I’ve had in all my years at PAE.
Pontiac Academy for Excellence was a good school when it came to how strict it was but at the same time it was a little to strict. The teachers taught right but the principal had rules that I felt shouldn't had applied. Above all the school was just simply good, it was average.
Never have I ever been more disappointed in a school. My school may just have the bare minimum in pretty much everything, from books to computers to teachers. The only thing it doesn't seem to run out of are students. To make it worse, our school is small, like very small. If you were to walk around at our school, inside and out, it would take about 15 minutes. It strives for change, but it seems to be comfortable in the slum that it is. If you have children and you love them, do not enroll them in this school!
Pontiac Academy for Excellence, "PAE", is one of the high schools that is trying to be something big. We are almost there, we just have to push and strive for success. Yeah, some of the students and teachers may get on my nerves, but for the most part, PAE is a great school. Would I recommend this school to someone? Yes. if they were in Pontiac I would most definitely tell them about PAE.
I am very experienced i am a very skilled student . the things i like are that i learn new things and also get to change my mistakes . i dont have anything i would like to change .
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As a student at Pontiac academy for excellence, which I've been attending for approximately 6 years now, I feel like it's been somewhat a great experience. Though, it could've been better academic wise. I feel as though, the only reason it's been good here is because of some of the staff/teachers and the students.
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Pontiac Academy for Excellence is a good school. The students and teachers are friendly and nice. It's also a small school, so the class sizes are pretty good. This meaning the teachers have time to work with the students in a calm manner. They're few bad things. For example the class selection is very limited.
I am a senior at Pontiac Academy For Excellence. I've been there for eight years. My experience with Pontiac Academy was generally good. But, I do believe there are more cons, then pros of attending the school. In my opinion, they care more about your dress code, rather than you education. They'd rather put you in In School Suspension, or out of school suspension, not learning anything, rather than to keep you in class. I do understand that there should be consequences when you break the rules. But cutting a students learning, and class time is not a suitable punishment, because it's really hurting them academically, in the long run. On the other hand, I can say some of the staff at Pontiac Academy is very compassionate, and care about their students. Staying long hours after school to help and tutor us, if needed. Providing students with supplies if they do not have them, among other things.
Overall my High School years here were okay. There weren't many activities or extra curricular activities for the students to join, so after school students would be anywhere which could end them in trouble. If there were more activities for students to do after school or during he summer less students would drop out of school and graduation rates will go up. Students need something to keep them interested in school or they will not go.
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