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Pontiac Academy for Excellence - High School Reviews

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Pontiac academy for excellence average poor school it academics is average teachers is average diversity is average school culture is average.
Pontiac Academy For excellence is and average school, it has so problem students and some good student. This school is really small my senior class is only about 60. what I like about this school is some of the teacher not all of them. I also like that it small so their less student in PAE.
I enjoy myself at the school but it lacks opportunity. They dont offer a lot of after school programs. The programs they do offer are some sports and robotics.The teachers are dropping like flies. The lunch is fairly good.
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During my past years at Pontiac Academy for Excellence I have had some good experiences. I have been prepared for college and my teachers have gave me the best tips and best advice for my future. My favorite thing at Pontiac Academy for Excellence is the different types of clubs that they have to offer. I have participated in their debate team and I have really gained a lot of experience from it.
really unorganized with activities, there is not many actual teachers here that will tech. out of 7 classes i learn in 4 classes.
it has been good i have grown and learned there.i started school there in the ninth grade . from there i have made a lot of new friends.
I would like to see many changes. There should be better teachers , lunches, and the way they handle things. I like when some teachers actually try to help students out at times but mostly the teachers start to slack in their teaching.
I liked my experience at my high school the teachers were always willing to help. The work i got was always challenging.
What i like about this school is that it is easy and i feel safe. what i would like to change is some of the teachers and the food.
I have attended Pontiac Academy for Excellence since the 6th grade, since 9th grade i have been in honors classes, i took two math classes in the 10th grade (algebra 2 and geometry) so i could be able to take pre-cal in 11th and calculus in 12 grade. but aside from the learning the school is very unorganized.
My overall experience at PAE was average. I would like for in the future to have more resources, clean environment and more assistance from adults. When I am in need of help there isn't an adult that can be able to help. Something I really like at PAE is the diversity of students and being able to take Calculus my senior year.
My high school was experience at PAE was different. Teachers were leaving left and right, but the ones that stayed actually taught. The school wasn't as clean as it been. The resource were helpful could been even more helpful. Our schools fund were limited. The extracurricular activities were great though. Our robotics team was great and we won a district event.
what i like about pontiac academy for excellence this is the only school i been to and they take eduction seriosly and what ever you need they will help with it no mtter what it is
Ever since I started high school its it been a good experience. I struggled like every other kid would while in high school, but i had great teachers who helped me rise up. Attending the school showed me how much I liked sports and how to make a good circle of friends, that motivate me.
Pontiac Academy for Excellence was a great school in the beginning of the school year, which was my freshman year. The teachers were great, the food was good and the afterschool clubs were good. However over the years things started to depleate. The best teachers this place had left, the administration was changing every year and the clubs started to not be as good as they were. The overall academics of the place have been good for years and the teachers who stuck around are doing their best to teach us! The school overall is slowly doing down and its not ok. The school has some reallly good students that attend and their no one to teach us anything. The administration is doing their best to get us help, funding, and opporunities to do things in school but the students are performing well enough and their behaviour is affecting the school in a negative way. The school itself needs an overall makeover in a major way and it needs it right away!
I like the school in the beginning but now everything is going down hill. The teachers is leaving we have subs in 66% of our classes so there’s not really grades going in. We not having a homecoming the senior year is basically trash . We trying our hardest as seniors to make it better but they shut us down every time the school is getting no where. They say by next year the school won’t even be open.
What I liked about my school is how diverse it is. What I would like to see change is the staff because even though we have some good staff, most of them are very disrespectful and are only there to get a pay check.
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I've been a Student of Pontiac Academy for Excellence for 11 years. The school is not the best but they alway find and way to help you. P.A.E will do what they can to get you in college and because our school is an a very urben society we try our best to make anywhere after high school. Thank you.
I really like that the people with good grades have the opportunity go to OSTC. I don't like that they put the middle schoolers in the same building as the High schoolers.
What I like are some of the staff members are decent. I would like to see the environment change and more support towards the students.
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