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Ponte Vedra High School Reviews

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I like Ponte Vedra High because there are great teachers, classes, sports, and clubs. There are great resources and community here.
One thing I would like to see change is the competitiveness. It is very cutthroat and everyone here takes tons of AP classes. Sports are also very competitive, but fun to be a part of.
Great school, but very unique.
Sucks. The kids bully eachother and every one is all drama. The teachers are nasty and couldn’t care less about the students.
I truly enjoyed my experience at PVHS! I am sure that having attended PVHS definitely increased my standing when it came to college admissions! I continue to return as an alumnus as a volunteer. The campus is beautiful and the staff and faculty are great! PVHS offers a very large selection of AP courses and target driven curriculum. Outside of academics, PVHS offers a multitude of extracurricular options for students varying from sports to theater.
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Teachers won't do the work. Grades not posted, assignments not graded, etc. As a result, hard to get a fix on where the student is progressing or struggling. As a parent, I found the situation very frustrating and surprising. Seems there is little to no accountability for actions of the teachers.
I had a great experience at Ponte Vedra, however it is worth noting that I know many people who did not. In many cases the teacher you get determines whether you will succeed or fail in that class, and you don't have a say on which teacher you get. Also, do NOT rely on the counselors for ANYTHING, many of them do little to help, which isn't their fault as they have so many kids to "counsel". Overall this school is FANTASTIC and these are the only real flaws that I encountered in my four years!
A lot of intolerance between students. But an amazing drama department. Academics are great, and there are so many clubs and chances for involvement.
Ponte Vedra high school is a very good and safe school. Curriculum is very strong and nice and teachers are very helpful!!
I enjoyed going to Ponte Vedra, it truly made college feel like a breeze with the preparation they give to their students. The only thing I wish would change, is that is a dominantly known as a "sport" school. And I feel like they spend more of their time and money into our sports facilities rather that the other academic needs for students and teachers.
This school was a vital part in my educational success. I learned so much from the staff and still to this day as an alum stay in contact with my teachers who have turned into mentors.
Overall a pretty great school, but if you're looking to be top 10% you're out of luck. The top 60 or so students in each grade could be valedictorian in most any other school. There are tons of sports but the arts are sorely lacking, they don't get a dollar of funding and the boosters are stretched as thin as can be. Teachers are really hit or miss and the guidance councilors are so useless even the staff actively avoids having to interact with them. The school is really clean and doesn't have the prison aesthetic so many public schools seem to love.
Ponte Vedra High School got me ready for the true college experience, I felt 100% prepared with communicating skills to academic skills.
Great school, fantastic teachers, and really prepares students for college similar to the level of a private or prep school
Ponte Vedra High School possibly has the most qualified teachers I could have ever asked for. Almost every AP class I have taken has had a teacher with a passing rate for the AP exam well above the national average. For the most part the administration listen to the opinions of students on policy and genuinely try to make the rules as fair as possible in order to improve the experience of students. Reports of bullying or abuse have always been taken seriously and thus the campus has always seemed safe.
Ponte Vedra High School has provided me, as well as my fellow classmates, with the tools necessary to make a smooth transition to college.
The teachers are amazing and truly care about the student's education. The only thing lacking is the guidance counselor support system on things other than academics.
Ponte Vedra High School is a wonderful school that nurtures your older student, preparing him/her academically, socially, and mentally for college preparedness. The school, administrators, faculty, and staff work each day with your child as their focus. The school embraces diversity, culture, and unique individuality modeling how our world works together, with the ultimate goal of making each of us and our world a better place. The school is a family and supports each student through the good and bad times. Building a foundation for each child's future is what Ponte Vedra High School is all about. Any student that attends this high school will be well-prepared for his/her years ahead. Thank you.
I am currently a student here at Ponte Vedra High School. I enjoy this school because many of the teachers I have really care about the growth and success of all of their students. It is nice to know that someone in this environment cares and is willing to push their students to their best ability.
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Ponte Vedra High School overall was a very good experience. Most teachers were high quality and willing to help.
I liked at Ponte Vedra High School was that the teachers and faculty wanted to see you succeed and reach your goals. The teachers would try to help you in any way to improve your grade and overall just do well in the class. The sports teams are very good and competitive and it is very fun to go watch sporting events such as football and basketball. There are a lot of different clubs that you can be in that stretch over a wide range of academics or hobbies, such as sports, certain school subjects, or anything you enjoy doing such as drama clubs, community service clubs, and film clubs. Overall my experience at Ponte Vedra was very good and I'm glad to say that my school helped me get to where I am today
Ponte Vedra High School was a fairly new high school built in 2008. The operations of the school were still being worked out, such as how school did orientations, dances, and sporting events. The school was already at capacity after eight years. The school should have been built bigger to accommodate the growing population in the area.
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