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Variety of classes to explore. Great teachers, nice kids, and variety of extracurricular activities to participate in.
Entering high school can be a very stressful time for many freshmen. The Ponderosa staff makes it a point to include all students and make sure everyone feels welcome. The teachers here are invested in our education and care about all of their students. There is a wide variety of classes and courses to choose from to accommodate all students and learning types. Although there can be an overwhelming amount of homework, the teachers are very understanding and work with you to figure out scheduling and school related problems. College readiness is a priority for Ponderosa staff. Teachers prepare students for college applications, job interviews, scholarships, and more. In addition to this, the school regularly has representatives from universities and colleges visit and give advice on how to succeed after high school. The atmosphere at Ponderosa enthusiastic. Our student leadership program hosts regular rallies, dances, and special events to keep students excited about school.
Overall, my experience attending Ponderosa High School was positive. During my sophomore year, a fellow group of students and I petitioned the school to start a Guide Dogs for the Blind puppy raising group through the FFA. We were granted permission and we able to continue work with that club through our senior year. I give Ponderosa High School a lot of credit for allowing its students to engage in such endeavors. I think the largest issue Ponderosa High School faces relate to issues of acceptance of diversity. Ponderosa consists of predominately white students. This is not bad per se, but it does sacrifice exposure to different cultures, religions, races, and orientations. I think that exposure to these differences in the world would be beneficial, especially in the classroom. I also believe that the school could increase awareness and resources for the minority students on campus, as they do tend to lack representation.
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Ponderosa was a great high school to attend. The academic program is very diversified, with a lot of great and wonderful teachers. Motivated students will be able to achieve to the best of their ability here. The school is not particularly diverse, which can lead for a somewhat grating experience for those in minorities.
My daughter has enjoyed her time at Ponderosa. Safety has been good except for a few issues. Counselors are for troubled kids so if your child is looking for guidance for colleges or courses good luck. None what's so ever. Teachers are good but they could interact with the students more it would really help.
I like that I am able to take challenging classes to help ready myself for college. There are a good amount of AP and Advanced classes available to take in different subjects. There are also some Career technical classes that are available through the district (ex. ROP Cosmotology and ROP Animal Health)
I really like how clean the school is. There's a lot about Ponderosa that truly brings students together for a great high school experience. I would change that sometimes the staff get away with more than they should when it comes to treating students fairly.
I am currently a junior attending Ponderosa High School. It has been a great experience so far and it will be hard to leave this amazing school with amazing staff and students. The staff here are wonderful and are always there to help. We have a lot of clubs and different events we can attend and it is really easy to get involved at Ponderosa
There are a lot of wonderful and diverse teachers at Ponderosa High School. I find it to be very academically competitive within the advanced and AP classes and I have enjoyed my time at this school.
PHS has a terrific environment with a number of very supportive teachers. I would only wish they had better sport coaches.
Ponderosa High School has provided a unique experience that has guided me through the tough years of high school. The teachers are great and the class selection is great for each student. Overall, it is a great school.
I'm currently enrolled in my third year at Ponderosa High School.
Most of the teachers are extremely supportive and encourage me to work towards a college education. Ponderosa has also worked well with me to care for my medical needs. If I could change anything, I would give the PHS AVID program a fresh start because it currently is used as a study hall/social hour rather than a college preparation class - this was/is a huge frustration of mine.
What I enjoy about Ponderosa High School, are the endless opportunities to get involved and take charge of your education. The teachers are great resources to help elevate your education, but the structure of some of the classes do not fit all types of students who may learn differently. I'd also love to change the school audience, the school usually focuses on sports and those who are part of a club or love school, but excludes the other percentage of students that don't fit in those categories.
I’ve had a good time at Ponderosa. I like the normal schedule instead of a 4x4 block. I wish there were different AP classes offered, but it is what it is.
For all schools: if a student tells a staff member or teacher about somebody bullying them, that will only increase the bullying. But besides the bullying and the rumors, Highschool was pretty decent
Ponderosa High School is a special place to attend. There are many different things that make Ponderosa special. One would be the people. There are tons of different types of stereotypes there. You have the Cowboys, skateboarders, band and choir people, drama kids, etc.
Ponderosa High School is unique in a multitude of ways. Not only are the students genuine and down to earth, but the teachers prioritize and manage their time very efficiently in making sure that students understand what they are learning and how they can apply what they've learned to the real world. I've also never heard of a school where so many students have befriended campus monitors. Overall my experience at Ponderosa High School was eye-opening in the fact, and I wouldn't trade this experience for any other.
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I’ve had amazing teachers. The music program is absolutely incredible however does not get the funding needed oftentimes. Also, it’s been more difficult my junior and senior year being a person of color on campus since the election. The atmosphere has changed and is starting to get better again.
I liked Pondo because of the friends I had there. They really made the experience great. I liked the amount of classes available and the teachers as well.
What I like best about Pondo is the academics. Although my advanced courses have been challenging, I've always felt like I can ask for help- whether from a teacher or a classmate. I can't vouch for sports, but there's a club for everyone at Pondo. All in all, I've enjoyed my experience so far!
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