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Ponderosa High School has provided a unique experience that has guided me through the tough years of high school. The teachers are great and the class selection is great for each student. Overall, it is a great school.
I'm currently enrolled in my third year at Ponderosa High School.
Most of the teachers are extremely supportive and encourage me to work towards a college education. Ponderosa has also worked well with me to care for my medical needs. If I could change anything, I would give the PHS AVID program a fresh start because it currently is used as a study hall/social hour rather than a college preparation class - this was/is a huge frustration of mine.
What I enjoy about Ponderosa High School, are the endless opportunities to get involved and take charge of your education. The teachers are great resources to help elevate your education, but the structure of some of the classes do not fit all types of students who may learn differently. I'd also love to change the school audience, the school usually focuses on sports and those who are part of a club or love school, but excludes the other percentage of students that don't fit in those categories.
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I’ve had a good time at Ponderosa. I like the normal schedule instead of a 4x4 block. I wish there were different AP classes offered, but it is what it is.
For all schools: if a student tells a staff member or teacher about somebody bullying them, that will only increase the bullying. But besides the bullying and the rumors, Highschool was pretty decent
Ponderosa High School is a special place to attend. There are many different things that make Ponderosa special. One would be the people. There are tons of different types of stereotypes there. You have the Cowboys, skateboarders, band and choir people, drama kids, etc.
Ponderosa High School is unique in a multitude of ways. Not only are the students genuine and down to earth, but the teachers prioritize and manage their time very efficiently in making sure that students understand what they are learning and how they can apply what they've learned to the real world. I've also never heard of a school where so many students have befriended campus monitors. Overall my experience at Ponderosa High School was eye-opening in the fact, and I wouldn't trade this experience for any other.
I’ve had amazing teachers. The music program is absolutely incredible however does not get the funding needed oftentimes. Also, it’s been more difficult my junior and senior year being a person of color on campus since the election. The atmosphere has changed and is starting to get better again.
I liked Pondo because of the friends I had there. They really made the experience great. I liked the amount of classes available and the teachers as well.
What I like best about Pondo is the academics. Although my advanced courses have been challenging, I've always felt like I can ask for help- whether from a teacher or a classmate. I can't vouch for sports, but there's a club for everyone at Pondo. All in all, I've enjoyed my experience so far!
My experience with attending Ponderosa High School for four years is that it is a good basic public school for learning, yet there are some things I would like to see get better. These improvements include the teachers, as some are very hard to work, and learn with. I was able to take concurrent enrollment courses to give me a running start into college which was very nice and there are multiple AP classes that could take take which was a very good option. But at times the teachers teaching those courses were at times not even concerned with teaching us correctly and helping when needed.
Ponderosa high school is better than most schools, the teachers are decent and some genuinely care about their job. However, students who attend are rude and teachers often make fun of students. This made me too shy to go up to certain teachers, mostly in fear of being ridiculed.
Ponderosa is an outdoor school with many great people. Teachers doors are always open if and when you need any help. There are many places to go and students are very involved. I would change student ways of parking and getting around. I would start to add more electives as classes.
I Love my school and he teachers are always willing to help you when you need it , but I would like to see more support from and for our fellow students.
I loved attending ponderosa high school! I transferred to ponderosa from Los Angeles and I absolutely love it. The people are great, the teachers are very involved with their students, and the whole experience was great!
The teachers were generally very kind to the students and cared about their success, which creates a great learning environment.
Ponderosa High School is a great place. I have made many friends, a family in the band program, and am involved in 6 clubs. This school is very involved and wants the best for its students. I am in French Club, CSF, Key Club, Physics Club, App Making Club, and Photography Club. These are just a few of the many clubs offered at Ponderosa. We are on slight budget cuts, so the band program isn’t easily funded, however we are currently working towards fixing it. Althogether, Ponderosa is a beautiful place and I hope to finish my high school career there.
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I'm a senior at Ponderosa High School, and I have made many friends throughout my years. I enjoy the teachers, I just would wish for a less conservative pressure from the kids, teachers, etc. I feel very pressured to not share my beliefs in politics and religion.
It's a decent school, has its ups and downs with students and staff as well as the education provided. Not top of the line must go to but if you're looking to go to a high school and get a diploma it's as good as any.
Ponderosa is a great school. The students are very outgoing and driven to success. Students are hardworking and goal setting.
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