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This school provides no sex ed at all and treats students like prisoners. I graduated from this school in 2016 and I now realized how corrupted and terrible this school is.
The people at Ponderosa are different from other surrounding schools. There's always a crowd of students you can fit in with due to the wide range of people. The school staff is very good at making students aware that they are cared for and we are a priority. Most teachers are great and always make an effort to make their classrooms enjoyable and something to look forward to. Some teachers are young, which make them more relatable, which make the students more involved and relaxed, in my opinion.
This school is truly like a family. I transferred from a much bigger school and the dynamic is totally different here. All the teachers want to help, and the students are all nice even to underclassman. Administration always help when they can and counselors are great.
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The thing I love about Ponderosa is the fact that it is a small high school compared to the other schools in Douglas County. It allows for the students to feel safe and feel like they have a home with their peers, where as compared to other schools it is hard for the underclassmen to adjust to the crowded hallways and classrooms. Ponderosa does a very good job of getting to know their students whether its through clubs, sports, or achievements.
Ponderosa is a smaller school which has a more family feel to it. I came from a bigger school and Ponderosa has a much better feel to it and all teachers and staff work together.
Great school,teachers could get more involved with students who struggle in a class, could offer study groups .
While the students differ in beliefs, attitudes, goals, and aspirations, there are events that really bring the whole school together. There are some okay teachers and some excellent ones but there aren't really any bad ones.
I liked Ponderosa High School because it is a small school and everyone knows who everyone is. A lot of nice kids attend Ponderosa. I also like the teachers because they care about the students.
I had the opportunity to choose between the IB program at Douglas County High School and the more traditional high school experience with AP classes at Ponderosa, and I'm thrilled that I chose the latter. Ponderosa is truly a family, where each student has a personal relationship with the teachers and the community. The smaller student population means more one-on-one time and a small town feel (although we still compete with the other larger schools in the district and consistently score better in academics and athletics). It's truly a great school that I would recommend to anyone in Douglas County.
Deeply rooted in tradition and the pursuit of academic success, Ponderosa is a high school that encourages community and hard work.
I enjoyed my time at Ponderosa in hindsight. At the time though, I had difficulties with the way things were run. Certain students got special treatment just for being annoying about classwork, and their grades were rarely based on skill. I saw bribing, and even teachers giving special treatment to kids on the football team. No one really cares about the well-being or inclusiveness at the school except for a couple young teachers. The facilities are pretty bad, and its pitiful that they are because this school is in the 3rd richest district in the nation. The school district has terrible teacher turnover, and many financial problems.
I attended Ponderosa all four years of my high school career. I enjoyed it. I felt as though I obtained a good education and the staff was great. Too bad many had to leave.
During my time at Ponderosa High School, I feel I was prepared for college and my future. The courses and clubs I was eligible to take not only helped guide me into deciding what I may want to do in the future, but it also helped me prepare myself. I feel as though the teachers genuinely care about making their student's future promising.
Going to Ponderosa Highschool in Parker has been an amazing experience. A lot of the teachers are awesome. They connect with the students quickly and those relationships will last a very long time. The students can trust the adults around 'pondo' (its nickname) therefore giving the students more of a responsibility. Overall it has been a great experience and I will miss it.
I absolutely loved the atmosphere of Ponderosa High School. The faculty was always willing to help students and I created so many friendships with teachers after I graduated. The school felt like family!
The school is very lacking in diversity, and is very sports-centric. Student athletes, and kids who don't wish to be involved in the main social circles will thrive here. However, if you are a normal social student who wants to be somewhat involved, theres a chance your experience here will be less than wonderful. There is not too much bullying here, however the bullying that does occur is not intervened. It seems like they don't really care much about the students unless you are on the football team. Racism is not prevalent, but somehow feels implied here.
I recently graduated Ponderosa High School as a part of the Class of 2017 and I could not have asked for a better high school experience. Being a part of a smaller school allowed me to have more leadership opportunities and to feel as though I was able to make my mark. The teachers at Ponderosa are incredible, they truly care about the development of their students' academic abilities as well as helping them become better, more well-rounded individuals. Students have many opportunities to succeed. The school offers over 20 AP classes, a large variety of clubs and activities, and many competitive sports teams. Although from a socioeconomic and racial point of view, Ponderosa does not have much diversity, there is a lot of diversity in ideas and among the people in the school. Everyone has a different passion. I would recommend Ponderosa to anyone looking for a smaller school with many opportunities and great academics.
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the school was really good and i made friend there. the one thing that i would change is that they need to make healther food than what they where servings when i went there
Ponderosa High School has a great student base and a great teacher base. Teachers want to help their students succeed not only through high school, but throughout the rest of their lives. However, that being said, Ponderosa could get better at the management of after school activities. Specifically the Preforming Arts. The Preforming Arts has lacked the necessary funding to make the Auditorium same once again. Students often find themselves getting hurt or finding other hurts.
As a recent student I can say the teachers care about you and will work with you to help you learn. It is a safe environment and has relatively small class sizes.
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