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Ponderosa was a great school to graduate from. Overall, I enjoyed my high school experience. Throughout my four years at Ponderosa, I had several extremely good teachers, who were always willing to help their students to ensure academic success. I felt as though I was effectively prepared for college classes, especially with the skills I learned from the English courses I took my junior and senior year.
During my four years of Ponderosa high school, I had experienced an overall environment that conveys family. The school is welcoming and enshrined with safety and comfort.
Not really the best high school in my overall opinion, but there were many things I did enjoy about it. There's plenty of people to meet and become friends with, and the teachers are very helpful/understanding. Some of the departments do need improvement though, because either it goes too fast, or something we learned isn't on an exam.
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Ponderosa is a good school. The teachers are passionate about what they teach, which makes student want to learn. Students have a strong support system provided by the school. Most students participate in an activity or sport, and student involvement is encouraged by school staff. The building itself is quite run down, but the administration and district's plan for renovation seems strong.
I love the family feel that both Ponderosa students, and faculty members share. It is very obvious that teachers truly care about the subjects that they teach and that they want every student to succeed. The teachers all take their jobs seriously while still making the subjects as fun and interesting as possible for each and every student.

This is my fourth year at Ponderosa and I have enjoyed being a part of the mustang community. Participation in sporting events is a big part of the mustang experience, and there is always a large crowd of parents, siblings, staff members, and students present. Ponderosa is very spirited and has managed to find a way to include students through a large variety of clubs. They even let students create their own clubs if the students feel they don't have a place to fit in.

Go Mustangs!
Ponderosa does a great job of preparing students for college, especially in the english department. All teachers are highly trained and professional and really care about their students success.
My experience with Ponderosa High School was very good overall. Although there were some little things that I would like to see change, such as the choices that administration made, most of my four years at the school were very good. The education you receive is excellent and most of the teachers strive to help you succeed. This is one of the best schools in Douglas County.
I love the school and the fact that we get block days! A block day means that we only go to half of our classes in a day and the classes are each and hour and 30 min instead of 8, 45 minute classes. So if it's a "odd day" you only go to periods 1, 3, 5, 7 and vice versa. I love this system because we aren't packed with so much homework and we have more time to get into the work flow and get things done. But I've heard that we might be getting rid of that system and if they do decide to do that, then I am going to transfer to another school that also has the block day system in place.
I like the variety of classes, however the stress levels have been very high. The teachers are nice and understanding but they assign lots of work.
My favorite thing about Ponderosa High School is how close everyone in the school is. We are one of the smaller schools in the district so everyone knows everyone and it feels like more of a family than a school.
Ponderosa High School has been an incredible school. The Staff and Faculty are caring and kind. Many teachers have been there for several years, and the fact that they return with no desire to leave shows a commitment to the school and its students.
This school provides no sex ed at all and treats students like prisoners. I graduated from this school in 2016 and I now realized how corrupted and terrible this school is.
The people at Ponderosa are different from other surrounding schools. There's always a crowd of students you can fit in with due to the wide range of people. The school staff is very good at making students aware that they are cared for and we are a priority. Most teachers are great and always make an effort to make their classrooms enjoyable and something to look forward to. Some teachers are young, which make them more relatable, which make the students more involved and relaxed, in my opinion.
This school is truly like a family. I transferred from a much bigger school and the dynamic is totally different here. All the teachers want to help, and the students are all nice even to underclassman. Administration always help when they can and counselors are great.
The thing I love about Ponderosa is the fact that it is a small high school compared to the other schools in Douglas County. It allows for the students to feel safe and feel like they have a home with their peers, where as compared to other schools it is hard for the underclassmen to adjust to the crowded hallways and classrooms. Ponderosa does a very good job of getting to know their students whether its through clubs, sports, or achievements.
Ponderosa is a smaller school which has a more family feel to it. I came from a bigger school and Ponderosa has a much better feel to it and all teachers and staff work together.
Great school,teachers could get more involved with students who struggle in a class, could offer study groups .
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While the students differ in beliefs, attitudes, goals, and aspirations, there are events that really bring the whole school together. There are some okay teachers and some excellent ones but there aren't really any bad ones.
I liked Ponderosa High School because it is a small school and everyone knows who everyone is. A lot of nice kids attend Ponderosa. I also like the teachers because they care about the students.
I had the opportunity to choose between the IB program at Douglas County High School and the more traditional high school experience with AP classes at Ponderosa, and I'm thrilled that I chose the latter. Ponderosa is truly a family, where each student has a personal relationship with the teachers and the community. The smaller student population means more one-on-one time and a small town feel (although we still compete with the other larger schools in the district and consistently score better in academics and athletics). It's truly a great school that I would recommend to anyone in Douglas County.
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