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During My four years, I have had a lot of fun at this school. They put you in a good place to get better as long as you do the work. They have good teachers, and great coaches. Athletic events are always fun to go to.
Ponder High has been a great experience for me going there for the past 14 years! I have learned so much from many great teachers. I have grown an interest in science and math due to the teachers and my interest in learning. The dress code ensures that everyone is dressed properly and looks like a more sophisticated school. I have also enjoyed attending Ponder, because of the great students that go there. Most of my class has made me who I am today. They all have very similar goals as mine, a successful career. Most of all, I have enjoyed Ponder High School most through participation in the sports of Ponder High School. My coaches and teammates have made me love this school so much, and I know I am going to miss it once my softball season is over.
I left right before a change in principals, but I had gone to Ponder from 1st grade through my sophomore year in high school. I didn't really participate in sports until 7th grade because of a mistake in scheduling and I quit my last sport after 9th grade. All the teams were basically picked well before school started and there was no chance for me to make a team because I hadn't been there in 6th grade. There was a limited number of electives and the majority were agriculture based. For some reason, all coaches were required to teach but barely any knew how to and there were many "free periods" because of this where people played on their phones or computers because it was a useless class. Of course, there were a few amazing teachers, some of them coaches. For a kid interested in math and science or furthering their academics as much as possible, this isn't a great fit; the highest class until dual credit was Pre-AP.
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I liked how the teachers would take time out to help the students who are falling behind and I love there athletic program.
Ponder is a small school, but the community there is really great. They have an awesome basketball program that has won state many times! Go Ponder!
Ive been at Ponder High School ever since Pre-k. The school has great teachers and really cares about there school, but better food and more student involvement would be nice.
Overall, I believe the thing that stood out the most to me in Ponder is the kindness of teachers. No matter who you are, I promise you that there is a teacher who will help you in your time of need. Furthermore there are many opportunities available at Ponder despite the fact that it's a very small school. I just wish som classes weren't so STARR test focused.
Ponder High School has a good education system in a small town. Personally, I like the feeling of knowing everybody and having good relations with your teachers. The administration in a little stricter than other schools, and Ponder doesn't offer as many sports as other schools do, but that's because it's a small school. Overall as a student, Ponder isn't a bad school to get an education.
The dress code is stupid. The kids are rude. It's too small of a school. All they do is teach to the STAAR test. The teachers turn a blind eye when it comes to bullying.
Ponder High School is an absolutely wonderful school. I am so grateful and blessed that I have been given such an amazing chance at a quality education.
I like the small feel of my high school. All the students and teachers know each other. I would like to see a stronger science program.
As a graduate from Ponder High School, I can say that I truly believe this is an amazing school. Academics is very important and the teachers really want to see you succeed. I enjoyed the culture of the school for the most part and felt that it is one of the safest schools around. I do wish that Ponder had more clubs and ways to make students feel more prepared for college.
This was a small school with a very homey feel to it. This is exactly what I was looking for in my high school experience. I made a lot of close friendships while being involved with FFA, national honors society, and the volleyball and track teams. The teachers really seemed to care about my well being and my academic experience. This was an overall great experience for me as a growing young adult. It helped me on my path to begin to break away from under my parent's wings and become my own person. I was able to find out who I really am as an individual. I would not have wanted to go to high school anywhere else.
The school is pretty safe.
Parent involvement is usually very good especially for sports.
They really care about the success of the students.
I am currently in the PAL organization here at Ponder High School and it is wonderful. I only know of Ponder having this mentor program around this area and it is a great way for me to engage with attention seeking students. The Student Council is also great, we have weekly meetings about various topic regarding the school. The Agriculture programs are one of a kind at Ponder. UIL and TMSCA are a great way for academically advanced students to be competitive.
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It is a small school in a small town. I like how the classes only average about 18 students and there is more 1-1 talk with the teachers. I also enjoy how the school has strict policies on clothes and piercings and tattoos, etc. for it makes the school look more mature and a lot more formal.
There are a couple of teachers at Ponder High School that are the best teachers I have ever had. Then there are some who I can tell just do it for the money, which isn't very good anyways. Most of the teachers have planned lessons and good quality lessons but don't really give the time to other students in need. Most of them seem to know what they're doing. The couple of teachers that are my favorite, they are that way because of their dedication and commitment to the understanding of the students.
The school is a little old and could use some updates. We don't have a metal detector or pad-locks on the doors or security guards. The town police station is right around the corner. Our elementary has automatic locks on all the out door locks.
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