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Pond Creek-Hunter High School Reviews

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My experience with Pond Creek - Hunter was pretty well. I thought it helped with Pond Creek being a more one on one type of teaching school. It immensely helped a lot when I got more one on one tie with my teachers and faculty. I personally think they should think about a different time schedule. It is sort of difficult to stay in tune with classes when you are on a block schedule.
Having the small classes, students can learn on a one-one basis, and really learn from the teachers. The most popular classes are hands-on and are very well supervised. There is not too much work to do, but enough to keep students busy and learning.
The students challenge each other as leaders, athletes, academics, and integrity. As a whole, the classes make each other better as students, and as people.
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The clubs are diverse and the teachers leading and presiding do a great job. They keep everyone active and outgoing. The clubs seek to represent the school in the best ways they can.
The small school life isn't for everyone, however, you get to know everyone in your class, and the classes above and below you. You create friendships with the seniors as a freshman, and will continue to be friends throughout your high school career, and their college life. Knowing all the kids from your school is a reassuring knowledge because you can be held accountable towards your friends, and vice-versa.
All of the teachers engage the students and help them learn through tough lessons, they are always available before and after school, in between classes. Most of the teachers also coach some sport and are always there for motivation. Being in the classroom with any of the teachers is amazing because of the small class sizes, one can really connect with the teacher. You aren't, "a number among the masses" the teachers know who you are and how you learn.
The workload is extremely easy to handle. The teachers are really nice, but you just aren't prepared enough for college when graduating. They have block scheduling.
Football is very popular. There are other typical sports like basketball and softball. Other activities are limited such as band, student council, and FCCLA.
The small school setting can be either a very good or very bad thing for someone. I personally didn't mind it. If I could do it again I would choose a school that at least puts a little effort into other activities besides sports. The arts and other activities, such as a science club, are virtually nonexistent here. Most of the teachers are nice, but overall the academics do not do a good job of preparing you for college. You will not get exposed to very many different types of people and will be very inexperienced in dealing with people unlike those from here.
Most of the teachers have you learn, but they don't teach everything that a student should know when they enter college. Too many coaches of sports teams do not teach their subjects effectively. Most of the teachers who are not coaches give a good amount of effort and really try to help students.
There are only three clubs outside of athletics so if you are not interested in athletics for one of the clubs you are pushed to the wayside.
Since the overall size of the school is relatively small, everyone becomes a family. This is great because then no one is left out.
All the teachers are very knowledgeable in their subject. Plus with small class sizes, it is easy to communicate with the teacher if help is needed.
It is fairly good, I just wish it didn't care more about sports than other things such as Vocal or Band.
A handful of the teachers at my school actually go the extra mile to make sure devoted students understand. However, some only do as much as they have to or turn us loose on something so that they could work on something more important to them.
So far, this school is great. I do not fall behind in any classes and the pace that the teachers go by is great for me, but not for those who are slow. If you don't keep up, a teacher will leave you behind so full attention is needed. Nearly all of the students are accepting to some degree, however, being "known" is important in my school. All things aside, the educational system is great, in my opinion.
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