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Ponchatoula Junior High School Reviews

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I love Ponchatoula junior High. I love how they not only teach you to be more responsible but it also help you realize that you are growing up as a human being and getting ready to step in the pre-adult life. Its wonderful!
The staff and teachers are amazing and their dedication to the student is beyond what is expected. My children transferred mid-year and their transition was so smooth. The principal has a great memory of who his students are. It makes you feel important to be acknowledged.
The teachers themselves are nice, but their teaching styles are a bit outdated and repetitive. I like that the teachers in general are excellent at what they do, however, and prepare students well, but they also don't take student ideas seriously. To get Algebra I available to band students (because it was either band or the high school credit, which was unfair considering we had to take P.E.) I had to go to my school representative to get it changed. Now they not only let you be in the band as well as get high school credit for Algebra I, but they also offer more high school credit courses! It's sad that I had to go to the school board member because the teachers and the principal did not think anything of the issue.
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My 8th grade year at this school was extremely exciting. The staff made sure we had the right amount of discipline and fun. We knew what we had to do in order to have events, like pep rallies and fund raisers. It was overall and amazing experience. I'd love to go back and visit.
The teachers always knew when a topic was hard to evaluate, so they'd teach us very slowly. They always had time to talk to us after class about any help we needed. They valued their job.
The school needs improvement in student discipline.
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