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At Ponchatoula High School, it felt like home. I was always super close to my teachers. Most of them helped me grow not only as a student, but also a person. I have learned a lot about myself & my teachers as well. I don’t feel like there needs to be any change at the school.
My experience with Ponchatoula High so far was very enjoyable. I was able to receive the best education I possibly can for each subject, as well as, compete in the sports I was interested in. Ponchatoula provides everyone with the opportunities of succeeding after high school, whether it is going to college or not. Over the past 4 years, I've accomplished so much thanks to the help and support from teachers and administrators. They guided me down the right path to where I'll be confident to pursue my future. Overall, my experience with my high school is one I wont forget because they helped define who I want to be when I'm an adult.
It was alright nothing to special. I wish i had a best yet experience but no. I prolly won’t send me kids there.
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In my opinion, Ponchatoula High School was overall very good. They have wonderful teachers and try their best to meet your goals. The only thing that could be changed is how they issue pep rallies or other fun student activities.
Did not have the normal experinece like most. My class group was by far the worst due to social groups that interrupted my education. Could not stand to even go to school because of that reason. Ended up doing online classes through the school that dropped my overall GPA. Would not go back even if someone paid me.
I loved my friends and teachers at school. I know they are adding a lot of cool new courses next year. I would change the school by making it bigger.
I love Ponchatoula High. There is so much school spirit and pride. There are so many opportunities to get involved and the student section for games is so much fun. The Duel Enrollment classes really prepare students for college style learning. I’d like to change home game pep rally’s and make them big for every home game to really pump the students and players up!
Good teachers. Food was pretty bad. Arts departments were wonderful. A lot of honors teachers care about their students.
Ponchatoula High School is a very good school they focus more on grades then the students but overall it's really good school.
Ponchatoula high is a pretty decent school. I feel like there is plenty of room for improvement but overall a good school to attend. It's very safe and the teachers are very kind. I wish that our music and arts programs along with our sports had more funding, because there are some very talented kids at our school who could use the extra recourses.
I am going to be a sophomore in the fall of 2020-2021, I've had some really good experiences with the school, the teachers have helped me with a lot of thing associating with my school work as well as my counselor helping me with everyday life and college life.
Ponchatoula High School does a fine job at preparing students for the real world. There is a sense of community, and the support of most teachers and administration is above and beyond expectations.
Best high school around. My only few complaints are the IBCA teachers they think their entitled but it's only one year of that class you will get through it. Second this one lady in administration isn't the best. The food is school food but that's the parish and has nothing to do with the school. Other than that great school.
At Ponchatoula High, the teachers tried very hard to help students learn and understand all topics, but PHS definitely needs more college prep courses.
Ponchatoula High School is a really good school. The teachers here are probably some of the best in the parish, and you can go to any of them for anything at all. The only thing I would change is some of the safety we lack on campus... like leaving the gate unlocked and unattended by the student parking lot. Other than that I love my school!
One aspect of Ponchatoula that I like is the amount of Dual Enrollment classes. The classes have allowed me to somewhat have experience with college and to also earn college credit.
This school was very over baring. Gave off the kind of toxic helicopter mom vibes. A select few of the teachers were good humans and actually cared about the wellbeing of their students. The rest were in it for the scheduled drug test.
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Honors, AP, and Dual Enrollment classes are well taught; however, neither I or my peers feel safe. There have been over ten physical altercations between students and faculty over the span of the past year, and only the honors classes are taken seriously.
I love how they have all these amazing reviews yet they don’t even have the right grades listed. Ponchatoula is a 9-12 grade school, not 8-12.
Ponchatoula High School is a fairly well education environment. This high school provides a support system for all students. Majority of the faculty truly seem to care about the students attending. A large percent of teachers teach with passion and interact with their students instead of treating the lesson as their miserable day job. The students themselves are decently behaved, as they are transforming from kids to young adults. Students are also prepared fro life outside of high school as well.
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