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Ponchatoula High School Reviews

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I loved the atmosphere and quality. I wish they could add more elective classes. I really hate the dress code and the way they handle kids for certain things. For example, hair color and type of shirts and shirt color.
Ponchatoula is a very big and nice school. All the teachers want to see you succeed, not fail ! That’s what i like, they are willing to help you, but only if you are willing to help yourselves.
Ponchatoula High is a wonderful school with helpful teachers, strict administration, and a diverse student body.
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This school is really not the best school in Tangipahoa Parish to strick and the teachers are not helpful
My overall experience at Ponchatoula was very good. There are many clubs and organizations to join and it was really fun to be involved. Ive made a lot of friends and met a lot of great people at this school.
Ponchatoula High School was a great school but some of the staff were harsh on particular students.
It is an okay school. It's not amazing. The teachers could be a little better. The food could also be better. Would i recommend going there? Possibly. If you want absolutely amazing education then you might want to try a different school. The students aren't that nice. There is some bullying. There are some fights occasionally.
I love the friendships and connections I have made at Ponchatoula. I also love their theatre program. I would like the school to focus more on getting kids ready for college and fixing their facilities.
Ponchatoula High is really great school overall. We are really good athletically also. Although it may be fun, you cannot go there thinking grades are going to just be handed out because they're not; they are EARNED.
It was an easy time & good learning environment. The only thing i can say about ponchatoula is the disciplinarians very favoritism to females so if you are a boy and go to the disciplinary office, good policy.
Being at Ponchatoula High School was good for the most part. However, because it is such a large school, you're treated just like a simple student and not an individual person. Also, the school environment leaves much to be desired.
Attending Ponchatoula High School has been an awesome experience. I was able to make great friends and memories. The faculty is awesome, and the teacher student relationship are great. It has been a pleasure to be part of such a great school.
I came to Ponchatoula High from a Catholic K-8th school. I was really nervous about coming to such a large public high school, but from the first day at PHS, I felt comfortable and safe. After 4 years of being at PHS, I know I made the best decision. I feel that I am ready for college based on the rigorous curriculum and class options given to me. I was able to participate in many clubs while playing competitive sports. I would definitely recommend Ponchatoula High over the other alternative schools in the area. The administration continues to strive to improve the school on a daily basis.
I like how diverse the student body of Ponchatoula High School is. Not only is the student body so diverse, but no one is outcasted at our school. There is always an opportunity to make great friends. Aside from the students, the teachers at Ponchatoula High do everything in their power to help their students achieve greatness while “Preparing Honorably for Success.”
I moved my freshman year. Ponchatoula high made me feel welcome. The school is not too big, the faculty know me by name, not a number.
I truly love the teachers, and coaches. Very knowledgeable. With my years of attending, I've become very close to many friends and faculty. The teachers challenge me, and I truly love to see so many parents involved with the school activities
It's a great school education wise, but there's a lot of people who like to start drama. I prefer to stay to myself and associate with few.
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They need to offer more AP courses and have more qualified teachers teaching them.

The teachers also get away with a lot of things here. They also need to address the teacher-student bullying because it is, unfortunately, a very common issue.

The NHS club here? A lot of students are rejected for very petty reasons. The club also does not have an appeal process

It is quite strict here compared to other high schools. If the school would be a bit more lax on relatively trivial things, the students would have more school spirit.

It's very great when it comes to academics, but they are very "SPS" score focused- which is good in some ways, but not so good in others.

Sports are supported here a hundred times more than any other extracurricular activity, and this is a major problem. However, if you love sports, the sports at this school are excellent.
I love the teachers of this school. They help the students to grow as people. The friends I have made will stick with me forever. I have learned so many life lessons from the people of Ponchatoula. They have really helped me achieve my goals in life. I hope that when I get older and have children of my own, they will go to a school like Ponchatoula High and have the same experiences that I had.
School is great there. There are a variety of activities and clubs for students to join. Classes are wonderful and really helps you prepare for the next year. Many Dual Enrollment classes so you wont feel behind or lost in college. Many opportunities to gain college credit.
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