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They want you to think that it's a sweet,small town school filled with these amazing close friends,and you will have the best education of your life. Fact: Nearly 2,000 students is not small. Social politics is everything to both students and teachers. Academics:Common core/or whatever name they change it and choose to call it--it is still the same curriculum used that doesn't teach common sense and more socialist type method originated from China--Good luck if your child needs special attention in any subject.It can be a fun place, but only if you were born and raised there,and your parents were born and raised there--very provincial and not welcoming.You can get somewhat of an education here,but only if you take control 100% of your own education. This is the last place to expect that they will take the lead in your education--this school is not equipped to do that. These negatives are just mirroring what the city is like as a whole.
I personally had a great high school experience. I was on the dance team which was a great way to meet friends. Also, the teachers were always there to help us as students. Some of the best years of my life were spent in high school and I am thankful that I got to spend them at Ponchatoula High School.
I am a senior at Ponchatoula High School and I know I will miss this place. I have so many good memories here. I made some strong bonds with friends and teachers. The discipline was perfect here because it was enough to keep the kids in line but was not overbearing. I believe that I have learned a lot from each class I have taken at Ponchatoula even though some classes were much harder than others. The atmosphere of Ponchatoula is very uplifting.
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My experience at ponchatoula high has been extravagant. I have a lot of close friends from sports and other activities. It helps me make good grades because I’m trying to get scholarships and the teachers are well educated to get us there. It is overall a great school.
What I like about Ponchatoula High School is that the teachers and staff work very hard each and every single day to make sure every student is getting the education they deserve. Ponchatoula High School not only puts their students first, but their students' well-being also. The High School is filled with great staff and administration who all believe in making each day a wonderful day to learn. The school's motto is "Preparing Honorably for Success" and I can vouch that everyday that is what we do.
My school has a very engaging environment. The students learn everything they need to know before they graduate. I would like to see more student participation.
I’ve been attending Ponchatoula High for 4 year now. It’s a great school, and it prepares you well for college!
I absolutely love Ponchatoula High School! The teachers are excellent and so are their methods for teaching. I'm doing such a great job and I'm so appreciative of that. I wouldn't want to brag that it's easy but it pretty much is for me. This is a great school I'm glad I've gotten the chance to attend it for 4 years.
I loved the atmosphere and quality. I wish they could add more elective classes. I really hate the dress code and the way they handle kids for certain things. For example, hair color and type of shirts and shirt color.
Ponchatoula is a very big and nice school. All the teachers want to see you succeed, not fail ! That’s what i like, they are willing to help you, but only if you are willing to help yourselves.
Ponchatoula High is a wonderful school with helpful teachers, strict administration, and a diverse student body.
This school is really not the best school in Tangipahoa Parish to strick and the teachers are not helpful
My overall experience at Ponchatoula was very good. There are many clubs and organizations to join and it was really fun to be involved. Ive made a lot of friends and met a lot of great people at this school.
Ponchatoula High School was a great school but some of the staff were harsh on particular students.
It is an okay school. It's not amazing. The teachers could be a little better. The food could also be better. Would i recommend going there? Possibly. If you want absolutely amazing education then you might want to try a different school. The students aren't that nice. There is some bullying. There are some fights occasionally.
I love the friendships and connections I have made at Ponchatoula. I also love their theatre program. I would like the school to focus more on getting kids ready for college and fixing their facilities.
Ponchatoula High is really great school overall. We are really good athletically also. Although it may be fun, you cannot go there thinking grades are going to just be handed out because they're not; they are EARNED.
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It was an easy time & good learning environment. The only thing i can say about ponchatoula is the disciplinarians very favoritism to females so if you are a boy and go to the disciplinary office, good policy.
Being at Ponchatoula High School was good for the most part. However, because it is such a large school, you're treated just like a simple student and not an individual person. Also, the school environment leaves much to be desired.
Attending Ponchatoula High School has been an awesome experience. I was able to make great friends and memories. The faculty is awesome, and the teacher student relationship are great. It has been a pleasure to be part of such a great school.
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