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My experience in Ponce High School was great. I was in the Marketing Education Program and I love it. I love the different clubs that offers the student an opportunity to grow professionally and personally. It's a big school, but is very good in the academic area, responsible and dynamic teachers. Also I can tell that the vocational programs are excellent and gave me the overall education I needed to achieve my first job with success. I recommend the
The different clubs and organizations help the development of each student in the area that they aspire to, whether it's becoming a leader for others with National Honor Society, have a hunch for music auditioning for the choir, Buisiness Administrations (Deca), etc. As a public school, it provides even more than other special or private institutions, therefore it has advances for all, resulting in noticeable alums like Pedro Albizu.
Very good experience, good teachers they teach very well and the school is well prepared, there are a lot of diversity and good student clubs
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The school how i previously mentioned is great, yet the surroundings are not what you would call good. Therefore if the security would increase that would make the students feel safe with peace of mind.
I'm having fun while I learn. Is not just about notes. Is awesome.
Generally is okay the food. Instead there is not a variety that we can enjoy.
The Admisnistration generally is not designed to give to the students best opportunities, they are just working
There is nothing about sports in this school of music.
Most teachers are excellent profesors. Some of the are not but they are the minory.
There is no students organizations to get involved. Extracurricular activities are concerts of the symphony orchestra out of the properties.
Some profesors are interested on show us how i the real world, that they experience. Another just teach us what curriculum says. A lot of students don't do what they have to do while they are in college.
In the basketball sport the school was very good at that and also in volleyball.
Not a very goof health and safety policies at my school. No one cared if something happened to a student.
I had so much experiences in my school. I became a better person by participating or going to activities to help needed people. These things made me happy everytime I did it. If I had the opportunity to go back to school, I would go again. Because those experiences would remain in my heart for my entire life.
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