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Ponce de Leon High School Reviews

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It is a very accepting school, the teachers are willing to work with you no matter what. Some sports are above average in this area. The girls basketball has a history of being a force to deal with at district and state levels.
When I went to PDL middle/high school I came home crying because school was a waste of time, no homework or anything challenging. For the 9th grade their spelling words were the days of the week and the names of the months. There was no art or music programs available at all. The ONLY sport available was basketball. Now that we reside in the area I have found out through my children that the curriculum is a bit more challenging, but still no arts or sports or creative outlets. The staff also seems to recognize family ties & privileges. A few great teachers, the rest are just there to collect a paycheck& won't help your children learn.
I have enjoyed my years at Ponce de Leon. I like that it is a small school and you can get to know your fellow classmates and teachers.
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Ponce de Leon is a great school. There are many oppurtunities for students, like baseball, and the play. We have loving devoted teachers, who truly care about their students. However, if there was one thing I could change about PDL, it would be the lack of honors classes available. Honors classes are a great oppurtunity to get ahead, and Ponce de Leon has very few.
Ponce de Leon High school gave me something not many schools can give a student. I have many great memories there, with a very close nit class, and I loved every minute I spent there. I learned a great deal from there. The only thing I would change is some of the academic classes and how they are taught. They should be a little more challenging for students in order to prepare them for college, but overall I wouldn't change anything about my journey through Ponce de Leon High School.
I liked the teachers and staff, everyone is kind, and also the teachers really want students to succeed so they work hard with students to help them further their knowledge and graduate to go to college.
We are kind of limited on clubs, but our basic clubs are FBLA, FCCLA, FFA and the drama department. Our FBLA and FCCLA state presidents both came out of our school.
Great if you're a christian, straight, and white. If not, expect some dislike from other students. Most of the teachers are too laid back to care about your conduct in school, though some are genuinely interested in the courses and it shows in their classes. Drugs are a problem, and you should avoid some people altogether unless you want a rap sheet.
The cafeteria was always clean and sanitary, and the food was cheap. But everyone was served the same lunch, and it rarely strayed away from chicken and pizza as the main course. Vegetables and fruits were lacking, and snacks were non-existent.
Most students get peer pressured into many bad choices here. I am class president and can say for a fact, students are not very involved here unless it will benefit them.
Things that are available to students at my school include computers, tutoring, a guidance counselor, busing, and books. Although, our computers are old, and our guidnace counselor is always busy.
Ponce de Leon High School is a relatively safe environment.
The food is not good on a normal basis. There is no variety either.
There is way too much bullying at this school. Dress code is not enforced as much as it should be. Too many students wear very inappropriate clothes. Attendance is not taken seriously by students here, many miss so many days they end up dropping out completely.
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