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Over all my experience at Ponca Public School was good, but administration showed favoritism to students who's parents were on the school board or community leaders. If I could change anything it would be to even the playing field so that all students were offered the same opportunities.
Ponca High School is a wonderful school with many opportunities that prepare students for their futures. Some of those opportunities would be the Junior Interview Unit, the Sophomore Career Unit, and the Senior Scholarship Unit. In the Junior Interview Unit, students are taught how to fill out a resume and a cover letter for a job application. After those forms are completed, five local professionals come to the school to interview the students. This unit is great because it prepares the students for their future job or scholarship interviews and applications. The Sophomore Career Unit is awesome because it allows the students to research different careers to see what they are interested in. It helps the students find their path for their futures. The Senior Scholarship Unit is another great unit because it truly helps the seniors prepare their scholarship answers. These units are just a few of the many great educational units that Ponca High School has to offer!
High school so far has been an amazing experience for me. I have made so many friends and made so many wonderful memories. The teachers are more than willing to help you and they love to see you succeed. I wouldn't trade my high school experience for anything.
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I go to a small school where everybody knows everybody. I feel very safe at school and I know nobody would want to hurt anyone. We learn about different situations that could happen at our school in case something crazy were to happen. Those lessons help us feel more at ease knowing we have a plan if something like that were to happen.
The cooks at my school do a great job at planning a great menu while also giving us a variety meal filled with delicious and healthy foods. The cafeteria is always clean and is very sanitary.
The administration at my school stay very firm to the rules they have for the students at my school. Our principal, guidance counselor, and office staff work above and beyond what they should.
Our school recently got a new sports complex, a new gymnasium, and a new weight room. All of those facilities are state of the art and extremely nice.
The teachers at my school really do care about every single one of the students and are always willing to help a student who is struggling or has different learning abilities than other kids. All of the teachers are very kind and helpful people.
For a little school, the students at my school get so many opportunities. In the surrounding areas, our school definitely has the most opportunities. All the staff members are extremely supportive of all of the activities too.
Ponca High School in order to play one of the main sports you have to have a "big" last name otherwise you will never get a chance to be on varsity. With wrestling, choir, and band people that join those sports/extracurricular activities you get laughed at because they aren't very big and do not have a good support system.
The teachers are enthusiastic and mix up the way the teach so classes never get boring. We have a great guidance counselor who puts a lot of work into benefitting the students. Overall the teaching is great.
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