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It was very good I didn't like the certain people but overall it's a great school. The teacher that I had certain year that aren't there are one a my favorites like ms.cain and ms. Lyons were two of my favorite and coach tag he's a principal he's was an amazing teacher. If I were to recommend it to someone I probably would.
What I liked about Ponca city high school is the people there and the education I got. The teachers were nice and taught very good, I could ask for help and they would help me. Made a lot of friends and a lot of memories that I won't forget, the school is a great school and some of the things I would like to see change is maybe getting more supplies and different resources that would help the students and getting students prepared for college and the real world.
The thing I enjoyed about Ponca City High School were the teachers that actually cared about the students, the ones who took time to get to know you and help you out when you needed it. The theater production class was my absolute favorite, but unfortunately it lacked good funding due to the fact that a majority of the school funding when to the sports team. I did not feel like that was fair, not everyone is a sports player or fan and majority of the students found interest in other extracurricular activities such as theater, band and art. I feel like they should change the way spend the funding, try and focus on all the different types of extracurriculars rather than just sports. Other than the amazing teacher, the rest of the schools staff did not really seem to care about the students. The counselor never listened to the students problems, but rather tried to shuffle them off as quickly as possible.
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Most of my teachers are very invested in me, and I have had countless opportunities in my high school years to improve myself. For example, I have had the honor of being the class accompanist for the Women's Chorus, and am currently the alto section leader in the auditioned Chorale.
I am a Junior at Ponca City High School Currently. I like a lot of things but i also think some things could change. Bullying could always improve, but that's with every school. The staff are all mostly friendly. As a FOR club Representative, we are always trying to improve the atmosphere of our school and make things better and I hope this continues through future generations.
Ponca City Senior High school has given me a very mixed experience. There are some teachers there that I love and know just want the best from us, and push us as hard as we can to be ready for college. But other teachers seem like they don't care, and just get away with teaching as little as possible. The school isn't very clean, meaning we have mice and roach problem. I don't always feel safe there, because other students have made threats there before. The school does have great clubs and organizations you can join to be involved in your community though, and the student body always gathers together on big game days to celebrate. The Administration always makes sure to look out for the students, and they are all very friendly. Overall, the school is not the best, but it's not the worst either.
I had a very positive time throughout my four years attending Ponca City High School mainly because I was involved in many extracurricular activities. I played Varsity Tennis three years, was Treasurer for Key Club two years, and many others. Overall most teachers employed there strive their hardest to make a change in their students' lives. They try their best to get the students' excited about learning and do everything in their power to help in every way possible.
As a member of DECA I am thankful for the opportunity I have received to compete in Anaheim, CA in April for the Nationals event in Hostpitality and Tourism Operations Research Event. I am also thankful for the honor of making the PoHi Drill Team the past 3 years of my highschool career, this has taught me more about being a teammate, involving myself in activities, leadership skills, and had given me many friends while I've attended the highschool. Our coach is amazing, and is always there to help us when we need help and has taught us so much about being a team and being a great dancer. I am also thankful for the teachers who have taught me what I have learned and who have helped me grow as a person and as a student. While helping me achieve my goals of graduating with both cords around my neck at graduation next spring. I am very thankful for the FULL highschool experience at PoHi.
I learned more in one year at my Texas high school than I did in the three years at Ponca City High School. They do not prepare you for college at all. They focus on getting you to barely pass the class and do fairly well on the EOI's and that is if the teacher applies his/herself to actually teaching. It was so bad that in my sophomore year I, who was merely average in Texas, was one of the best students, with the highest grades in the whole school including the higher grades. This fact disturbs me and disgusts me to this day. It made me lazy and unprepared for college because for the three years prior to graduation I didn't have to study or work hard to ace any of my classes.
While some students at this school are accepting of others there are very few who actually care to befriend anyone outside of their "groups." Bullying is a constant problem for anyone who is not a part of the bigger groups.Students mostly don't care about learning or bettering themselves. The main focus of the students seems to be sports, dating, partying, and gossip.
The only activity that this school really cares about is sports, mainly football. It is willing to cut other activities add clubs in order to accommodate the needs and wants of the sports teams. Such as cutting the drama club in order to have the budget to afford new turf for the football field, even though they had just replaced it a year or so before.
I originally lived in Texas where, in schools, education was taken very seriously and all other activities, while important, came after the actual learning. For example, if you were a football player and you were failing even one class, your coach required you to bring your grade up or at least start getting help from a teacher in order to play. In Ponca City High School however, the story was very different. Coaches didn't expect the players to get good grades. If they were failing, the coaches talked to the teachers and would get the players "extra credit" in order to bump their grades up. The rest of the students did not get these "extra credit" opportunities. The whole school experience was so sports focused that they cut the drama club, the one organization that I would have cared to be a member of, in order to have the budget to buy new turf for the football field. They had already replaced the field a year or so before that. Every principle that school had had was previously a football coach, not an academic educator, not a counselor, or someone who cared if the students were failing their classes. I had never seen so many failing grades, so many kids skipping class to smoke or drink, so many teachers not caring about education before in my life. This school was and likely still is a disgrace to the educational system.
Out of all the teachers that I have had throughout my school years, these teachers were the worst. With the exception of a select few who actually cared about their students and wanted to provide an education for us, most of the teachers were only concerned with not having kids fail their classes. They focused on the students who were struggling and got them caught up while neglecting the rest of the class. While I understand the need to help those students, I do not believe it was fair or right of them to completely stop teaching new material for weeks at a time simply because one or two students did not understand. There are better ways to go about helping those who are struggling, but that would take more effort on the teachers part and that was not acceptable to them. Besides when the students were struggling, the teachers had no regard for the students behavior during class. Students were disruptive and unwilling to let those of us who actually wanted to learn focus on the class. The teachers did absolutely nothing to maintain order in the classroom and did not command any sort of respect from the students. There was no discipline of any sort and those who were in "athletics" were given more attention and leverage than those of us who actually participated in the classes and cared to get an education.
The school has police officials that are well-known by the students so they are comfortable with the officers and they are a normal part of the day.
There is a large variety of clubs and organizations that anyone can join and they are mostly led by the student body themselves.
The student body at the school was really friendly and high school cliches didn't affect the other students that much. The athletes had the highest grades and the band was praised for winning awards at contests. Attending other organizations concerts was a favorite past time as I was in the symphonic orchestra. I would attend this school again given the chance as my experience there shaped who I am to this day.
The teachers knew when the students were struggling with the curriculum and found adequate ways to give the students a better understanding of the lesson. They taught fun and interactive lessons that can be thought back on for years and can be useful in the future.
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This school needs a lot of improvement in the area of safety concerning bullying..the majority is being caused by the wrestlers, football players and unfortunately the coaches look the other way..
They could be more diligent on safety issues and drugs
This school started out as a great school but as time when on, more and more kids turned to drugs and brought them around kids at school. Overall, if you could stand up to peer pressure, it was beneficial. The classes challenged me, most teachers were very helpful, and I made many memories through cheering and studying with friends to take with me throughout adulthood.
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