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I came here as an out of district student for Computer Science and now I am following the Journalism path instead. This place helped me realize my true passion and besides the culture and all the nice people here, I absolutely LOVE this school
I transferred to Ponaganset High School as a Sophomore. Their engineering program caught my attention and helped me prepare for college. Ponaganset has a very friendly and accepting environment.
Ponaganset High School is a great school. It has several different pathways that students can use to explore their passions and discover what major they may want to pursuit in college. Their are many pathways to choose from such as music technology, criminal justice, and biomedical science, just to name a few. They also offer a variety of advanced placement classes that allow students to earn college credit while still in high school. It is also very inclusive and is heavily involved in unified sports programs, making sutdents of all abilities feel welcome and included. The only thing that was not positive about it was the use of technology in the school. The use of phones is not heaily discouraged and also intferes with the learning that is supposed to be taking place.
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Ponaganset High School is an inclusive and unified school filled with pure pride. The administration and staff are all so beyond caring and kind, you are certain to find a smiling face regardless of who you go to. From the teachers to the janitors everyone serves a purpose and involves themselves with the students, whether that means checking up on them and having conversations if a student is stressed, or attending sporting events to support the school itself all of the staff lives and breathes green and white. The student life is so fun, between all of the athletics offered and the groups within school, each student has the chance to join their own academic pathway readying them for their potential college major. The school is a place of pure joy, and truly provides students with the best academic and overall life experience
At Ponaganset High School the teachers do actually care about the students and strive to provide the best learning experience for their students. I got the chance to go through a few different career pathway systems and found them very helpful. My biomedical class explored different health oriented careers and helped to inform students about careers that may may not have gotten the chance to hear about and could have missed out on. The advanced placement course teachers ensure that students are supported and prepared for their AP exams. If I were to change anything I would expand the guidance department and get students in touch with their counselors regarding college readiness sooner. A greater focus on scholarships would also help a lot of students. Overall, Ponaganset High does a good job preparing students to go out into the world and start working towards their preferred career goals.
They have many excellent opportunities for students but many students struggle with mental health and not a lot is done to help solve this pressing issue. The administration cares about us and our future.
Ponaganset offers more opportunities than any other public school I have heard of. We have most of the AP classes offered by the college board. We have a very strong STEM department and a very good connection with PLTW. We have one of the best Unified programs in the nation; we are a National Unified School, one of 4 in the nation. This school strives for an environment of inclusion and acceptance, and they have done a great job carrying out the mission. Although a variety of foods for breakfast (optional) and lunch , the food could improve, but I believe that is out of their control. Ponaganset also has a very strong CTE program due to our many intellectually challenging pathways. I do wish the administration could improve their communication skills, and I wish I could learn how to do my taxes and balance a check book. Otherwise, a great school.
Ponaganset high school is a very prideful inclusive environment. The Ponaganset goal is to bring everyone together not only in their school but around the world. Ponaganset pledges to Accept, Respect, and Include people of ALL abilities, including my peers with special needs and disabilities. Inclusion starts with ME!
Ponaganset High School is an excellent school from basic classes to the pathways they have here. I completed the Biomedical Pathway and this taught me many different resources for wanting to become an NP. Ponaganset High School also has an excellent music program and art program. Everyone is included in our school. We go back "Choose To Include". I would recommend Ponaganset High School to any family that wants the best for the child or even if the child wants to go to a different school.
Until this year it was great. They have changed over to block scheduling. More involved classes have way too much info to absorb for this too work!
Ponaganset High School is very different that other schools in Rhode Island. The school preaches "chose to include" and the school makes sure that everyone feels accepted, safe, and happy. Ponaganset teachers care about their students and push them to be better versions of themselves.
They have a great inclusive nature, the staff are all extremely friendly, welcoming and smart and the students are kind hard workers.
I love that my school has many pathways for students to learn about the career that they might be interested in.
I like Ponaganset for the range of activites and the overall quality of the facilities, teachers, and food. I wish administration themselves would care more about the students, but other than that it is a good school. I would recommend it over any other town school.
I love my high school. This school probably has one of the most inclusive climates I have ever seen. Everyone is friends with everyone and there is usually never a bad word said about anyone. The spirit of inclusion is a big one at Ponaganset and I'm glad I'm involved with such a great community!
Ponganset has a lot of good pathway programs to help kids get a head start on the careers they're interested in. There is not many kids which makes it a better place to get more individual learning, and there are always times to stay after. If I had to change anything about ponganset it would be how many restrictions there are on things.
You get a good education at Ponaganset, but teachers and administration play favorites and if you are not one of those favorites, good luck.
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Ponaganset High School was a great place to start my freshmen and sophomore year but as time went by the entire school changed to become sort of like a kindergarden. We werent prepared for college and there werent any resources to help us along with college prior to my senior year.
I love coming here for their unique pathways that you cannot find at any other school. Every single staff member has been nothing but nice to me and the students here are very welcoming. The facilities are also in great condition as they continue to improve them.
Ponaganset is a pretty good school academically. We have lots of choices for what classes you want to take. You basically have the final say on what classes you sign up for, the only factor after that is scheduling.
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