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Ponganset has a lot of good pathway programs to help kids get a head start on the careers they're interested in. There is not many kids which makes it a better place to get more individual learning, and there are always times to stay after. If I had to change anything about ponganset it would be how many restrictions there are on things.
You get a good education at Ponaganset, but teachers and administration play favorites and if you are not one of those favorites, good luck.
Ponaganset High School was a great place to start my freshmen and sophomore year but as time went by the entire school changed to become sort of like a kindergarden. We werent prepared for college and there werent any resources to help us along with college prior to my senior year.
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I love coming here for their unique pathways that you cannot find at any other school. Every single staff member has been nothing but nice to me and the students here are very welcoming. The facilities are also in great condition as they continue to improve them.
Ponaganset is a pretty good school academically. We have lots of choices for what classes you want to take. You basically have the final say on what classes you sign up for, the only factor after that is scheduling.
Ponaganset high school has lost sight on a lot. Sports, food, and resources are the only decent thing about the school. Students have lost interest in coming because most teachers do not bother to actually look at their students work and find real errors or show them what they did wrong, if the student approaches them about it they scurry and try to make up excuses. A+ students are now B students because the teachers have given up. Once you get over the fact that teachers have stopped caring you move onto the fact you can’t go pee without getting searched and administrators let bullying and misbehavior go unpunished because they care move about someone who is 5 minutes tardie more than 3 times and punishing them. If you are considering coming here for a pathway then consider it hard, there is only a handful of teachers who actually care.
Lots of opportunities given and there were a variety of classes to take. Offering Virtual High School is very beneficial to the students. I would change the way lots of the classes are run. A lot of classes are not real classes and you learn nothing. The English department is by far the worse part of the school, but the math department is the best.
My expierence so far at Ponaganset High School has been outstanding. Ponaganset is a National Unified Champion School and the inclusion that we won that award for really shows every day in class. No one ever gets left out of anything. If someone is eating their lunch alone, at least one person will get up and invite that person to their table. Ponaganset is a welcoming school and for the 3 years that I have been at Ponaganset High School, I have felt at home.
Ponanganset is a very good public highschool. It is in a very .. Nice area and has very nice teachers. Administration is a little wacky but besides that overall good school
Lucky to have been very involved during my time at Ponaganset, definitely were some of the best years of my life so far.
Ponaganset High School is all about pathways. Anyone interested in a certain field can take a series of classes to help prepare them. These pathways are very helpful to anyone involved. However, there are in district students not involved in pathways that are not prioritized.
Ponaganset High School was influential in such a positive way during my formative years. I believe I received a quality education at this school and I would have gone to school here again if given the choice.
Ponaganset High School has been a great experience. The teachers are very good and very personal, they really try to prepare us for the real world.
Overall ponanganset is a good school, but it does have its problems. There are many teachers who seem to not care about teaching us anything and some who don't even put effort into give us grades. This quarter alone I had three classes with 2 or less grades. Also some teachers seem to spend more time talking about themselves then the subject they're teaching even in Ap classes. Also some teachers seem to not always respect administration and their decisions because admin changes so often.
Ponaganset High School has a variety of courses and pathways to suite anyone's interest. The teachers are very helpful and will always make sure that you understand the topic. Ponaganset is truly an amazing school to be attending.
My experience at Ponganset High School seems to have been a lot different from what the school is now. I feel like I received an average education which I am grateful for. However, the school now offers several career pathways that I feel would have benefitted many more students had it come about earlier.
I have overall had a good experience at this school, the student body and most teachers are very helpful towards one another and I have had many opportunities as a result of the school.
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I enjoyed Ponaganset, the school includes all, we have won the National Unified school award on behalf of our unified sports programs. The athletic facility are top of the line and the school is like new. Every student is given a laptop to make sure they can submit assignments and the teachers are very helpful when you feel as though you could be falling behind. I loved my experience at Ponaganset and would defiantly recommend it to anyone thinking about attending.
Ponaganset was a beautiful campus, tons of programs to help students discover what they’re passionate about, and I wouldn’t want to go any where else. Through this school I’ve met amazing friends, participated in many extracurriculars and celebrations; including Wreaths Across America and the school’s receiving of the Unified Champion School award.
My favorite part of Ponaganset High School was the band program. I was a member of the school's band, and the majority of my fond memories of the school come from my time in the band. The band director, Daniel Coyne, is tough but probably one of the best. He was a large part of what made the band great. It is tough to say what I'd like to see change about the school. I've heard that they have added a ton of new programs recently, and students have been flooding in from other districts to go there. If I were to say anything to an incoming student, it would be to get involved soon. I was always interested in the mock trial club, but I didn't join until my senior year. I wish I had joined earlier because it was a great experience. Debating a fictional trial case in a real courtroom as part of the program really is unforgettable.
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