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Pompton Lakes High School Reviews

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Pompton Lakes High School was great for a variety of different reasons. First of all: OPEN LUNCH! What’s more exciting then that! You get to walk out to town and get lunch, or drive home rather then eat in a stuffy cafeteria. Second the school is very personable, meaning all of the teachers, staff, and even the principal and vice principal knew everyone by name ! It made each student feel like they were important and an individual not just a number. Sports were a big thing for PLHS and our bird cage was always cheering at every sporting event. The thing that makes PLHS really special though is that you won’t find many schools like it, you feel at home and like you’re part of this big family.
PLHS is a very close and family-like community. You will not find one teacher or staff member that does not care for you as if you are one of their own. Everyone would like to see you strive and be the best that you could be. Everyone is rooting for you. You will always have a family and a support team at PLHS.
This high school is all about pride and tradition, making it feel like a home right from the start. The teachers and faculty are caring and inspirational role models.
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Pompton Lakes High School is a great school where students can connect with teachers and administration and have meaningful relationships with them. It is one of the safest schools and the culture there is amazing.
I like how involved the teachers and principle is. They are many opportunities to be involved and excel at Pompton. However, it is not the most diverse place, so when going to college it is a bit of a shock being introduced to a whole new setting.
This is my last year at the High School and the time flew by. Looking back, I have many found memories from the 12 years I have been in this school district. It has certainty left a lasting impression on how I will live my life. I would not choose anywhere else to grow up then in Pompton lakes.
I would change nothing about this high school. Though it took much adjustment, PLHS has made me push boundaries and really challenge myself to search for my limits. It gives every student a second home may I say. I would change the amount of clubs PLHS consists of; maybe an LGBT club or a glee club. All of these possibilities would attract more people to the school and really make kids feel more at home.
I really enjoy niche. While I'm slimming my college choices down, niche is assisting me in that process with all the amazing options where I can view certain things on each college. I really like what this website offers and how it is legitimate information on each college.
I'm very happy in this school, and it is definitely a great place to go to high school. With the help of teachers, I have grown into the person I am today. The atmosphere here is great, and our school is full of tradition and pride. The teachers are friendly, and I always look forward to school.
For its size, there are quite a few AP classes to choose from as well as clubs, reputable athletic programs, and other opportunities to get involved. The worst part by far would be the guidance department. They push you towards local schools even if you're grades and activities are well above average. They really don't worth with you all that well and If what you want isn't offered, forget about having them help you figure it out; you're better off taking a class online on your own time. However, the guidance dept. is only a small part of the school. The teachers, staff, and administrators are, for the most part, absolutely amazing. If you need help with your work, a personal problem, or even if you just need someone to complain about the guidance department to, you will find a teacher that will listen and probably be able to help.
There are many clubs and sports available at PLHS
The majority of the teachers treat the students with respect and are truly interested in listening to their needs and concerns. They will go above and beyond for the students if asked by either student or parent and follow through. I am very happy with our family oriented high school
I attended this school as well as my husband. I never had issues as a student 30 + years ago, but I have noticed the administration has no tolerance policy and all students are acceptive of students individual choices
The community works together closely. Like any town there will be differences, but as a tight community we work together with the school system to create a positive environment. I feel the students at Pompton Lakes are given every opportunity to achieve their goals with guidance from both home and educators.
I feel safe in this school, we have lock down drills often to make sure this school stays secure.
There are always kids in the music/art rooms after school. Kids will stay at school for as long as the teacher in the room does and it is a great way to make friends.
I love how my school has traditions of having assembly's during special times of the school year. Students get to start the school year together, and end it together in assemblies. Our principal also started the tradition of having a Halloween assembly, and a Christmas/new year assembly. My school is also unique because it is one of the few schools in New Jersey that allows all students to leave the building for lunch. I would choose to start back at freshmen year if I could, because of all the freedom you're allowed in this school
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The teachers at this school are amazing!! Each teacher has their different personality, and it is very effective in achieving the grades that I currently am. They are extremely friendly, and if you put the effort in, they love taking the time to get to know you!
I have attended multiple parent / teacher events where the staff stresses the importance of having a variety of options and ensuring that each and every child joins something to be involved. They slightly push involvement which is great. There are options for athletes and science kids - variety for all.
I do think the majority of teachers do invest their time and effort into the kids and they do want them to succeed. My daughter was injured this last year at a team sporting event, and the athletic director and coaches all reached out multiple times and truly helped her in and out of school while she healed up. I do think the school sends a family vibe of caring about the kids and their education. I think our front office is clueless and definitely needs to be more informed and operate as a professional office - speaking to the high school kids as young adults. You cannot expect the kids to address adults respectfully, unless you speak to them in the same fashion and show by example. The office should be kept aware of teacher policies and more aware of details in my opinion.
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