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Pomperaug Regional High School Reviews

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Good public school with mostly qualified teachers. Campus is in need of modernization. Administration and counselors provide little assistance to students going through the college admissions process.
My experience at Pomperaug is fair. The education I have received thus far has only helped me in the real world at my part time job, on the court and in conversation. The downside to Pomperaug are the restrictions put in place by the administration on the students that are not fair for the students who don't cause trouble.
Pomperaug has gone above and beyond to help prepare us for the future. The teachers really do care about helping you succeed. By the time you get to your senior year you will be more than prepared for the academic aspects of college.
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I've had a very good experience these four years at pomperaug. I've been able to create great relationships with my teachers as well as my peers. The students are more than willing to reach out to others and everyone is friends with one another. Pomp also prepares you for college better than other high schools as proven by surveys as well as comments made my former students.
My experience attending Pomperaug High School was great. The teachers go above and beyond their expectations by putting in extra time with students and putting on events to make the school an even better community.
The school itself gets me very prepared for real life education. Going to college, I found myself in classes reviewing stuff everyone had to go over junior year that some students in college couldn't get their heads around. I personally had issues with some of the teachers, some of them just talking about how they themselves are better than the students and showing no respect to anyone in the school, and some that were just very harsh in the classroom. But overall I think it prepared me for all the kinds of people I'd end up dealing with in college and one day when I'm in the workforce.
The school teaches well, and has good classes to learn in; there are just a lot of meaningless rules that have to be enforced just in case which is very annoying.
Pomp is really smart but not diverse at all and the administration's "Diversity Day" is skip day for the kids because we don't have any diversity. It's super safe cause we have a cop at all times and stuff. Sports are really good and every team goes to states except football.
I felt that Pomperaug regional high school prepared me well for the workload that is required in college. The environment was friendly and the teachers always ready to help. What the school lacks in facility, it gains in spirit.
Pomperaug High School has a good variety of AP classes available with an eager and accomplished set of teachers teaching them. However, some departments, like the world language department and the theater department, are not always heavily supported financially by the school board.
Awesome teachers, administrators and facilities serving two beautiful communities. Newsweek's 2016 assessment of high schools placed Pomperaug High School in the national top 2% of all public schools. The kids are challenged and the honors and AP classes are taught like college courses.
Teachers are just okay like I've said, and curriculum helps you get ready for college.
It is hard to be accepted in some groups, and sometimes people joke about some sexual orientations. Otherwise, racial tension is low and people are not hostile toward each other.
At Pomperaug, there are many clubs and organizations that you can join and be a part of after school. There are also many sports to choose from year-round and plenty of events to attend for that.
Pomperaug life is very interesting. While not much happens in the small towns of Southbury and Middlebury, there is plenty to do around school.
At Pomperaug, you get a mixed bag of teachers. Some can be great and engaging, and some can be unfavorable and hard to learn from.
Challenging academics. Many AP and Honors classes available.
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Pomperaug offers a wide variety of electives and classes and the work load isn't too crazy. We offer online courses, I haven't taken any but I hear they're good. Some classes are harder to get into because of their popularity like culinary and drawing/painting.
I'd say for the most part people are very accepting and aren't too pressuring. It's like any other high school when it comes to social life. The racial diversity is slim based on where the school is located.
We haven't had a problem yet with our security to my knowledge, but there isn't any prevention against weapons besides random searches. The security guards seem to be more like hall monitors than anything, and the only time I've seen them in action is against kids making trouble. There's no real prevention against bullying--most teachers will ignore it or, if you tell them, not bother passing it on. You'd have to know how to file an actual report (because they don't cover it) against it. They literally just tell us to inform our teachers, which does nothing because again, they rarely follow up on it. There are a few pretty big rules against drugs, but they don't prevent things very well. The multiple seminars and guest talks about anti-drug use obviously don't have an impact, but they continue to interrupt our school day to give them. The health issues can be summed up like this: it's basically up to the student to go home or come to school if they're feeling sick. I have seen many visibly ill students in school, and they cause school-wide waves of sickness, from colds to stomach bugs to fevers. Anyone with a weak immune system will find themselves home sick multiple times a year, and could even fail their classes due to attendance issues because of it.
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