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My son is coming to the completion of eighth grade. We were the first class to start in the new Information Technology magnet program. He will be leaving PBMS with five high school credits. He and MOST of his magnet classmates were lucky enough to get accepted at Pompano Beach High School which we are very relieved about. The school has had its highs and lows over the years but we are glad to see Pompano Middle as a strong choice for neighborhood residents to send their children to.
Thrilled my daughter's Information Technology Magnet snagged her a seat at Pompano Beach High School. The magnet program is good and she will leave Pompano Middle with six high school credits. I was skeptical to start but the school has improved a great deal.
I am the mother of an 8th grader in the Information Technology magnet at PBMS. We just found out this week she was accepted into Pompano Beach High School and we are thrilled to say the least. The new IT magnet program is the track you want to take if you would like to avoid the lottery into Pompano High. Shoutout to Ms. Braziel our Principal.
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My child is an 8th grader at Pompano Beach Middle. He has enjoyed the Information Technology Magnet and has just been accepted into Pompano Beach High School (#1 high school in Broward County) to continue his education and magnet theme. It is refreshing to have a neighborhood school that is 5 minutes from my home offering such an exceptional program finally. We have many good memories from Pompano Beach Middle School.
FALSE ADVERTISING for the MAGNET PROGRAM. I give one star because our school used the Information Technology program as a lure to get students from everywhere to come here so they could go to Pompano Beach High School. Next year we will have FOUR separate magnet programs since PBMS can no longer tell everyone they are in INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY because clearly PBHS isn't going to take HALF our school into their magnet program with only a little over 300 seats total in their entire 9th grade.
I think Pompano Middle is an average middle school in Broward County. Test scores are not great. There are some nice teachers and our Principal has been there for over twenty years. The magnet program is the main attraction to the school. If your child is in the magnet program they will get the better teachers.
I think Pompano Beach Middle School is improving. Mrs. Braziel, our Principal is working to change our image and we are getting many new students from all over for our new programs.
My son hates going to school at Pompano Beach Middle School. He is in the seventh grade. We are unhappy with the quality of the teaching staff as well as the Information Technology Magnet. There is no schedule of what classes must be taken for completion of this program. In sixth grade you do not pick your "elective" classes and can end up in PE, Spanish or Research, for example, without wanting that. 6th grade students sit in classes with 8th grade students. Fights occur often. Big mistake going here.
This school has kept property values down for the past 25 years for everyone who is zoned for it. My youngest child is going through this school now. Looks like Mrs. Hurley our former magnet coordinator had to come to the rescue to say how great this school is and write a review despite our current magnet coordinator sending her son to the other middle school in Pompano Beach even while working here. Our Principal has started hiring more white teachers hoping to attract more non minority students to our school. We see it. Give me a break. This is a minority school and you need to pay attention to our kids.
My daughter attends PBMS. She participates in the Information Technology Magnet. Her friends all joke that the environment of the school is "ghetto". As a minority parent this troubles me. Because we are a majority African-American school we can't get a decent education? FSA scores are TERRIBLE. This can not be ignored. The school needs some of that bond money spent to update the buildings. Some teachers care but others don't. For the reviewer that worked here 35 years what has been done to improve this school since the 70's? The 80's? The 90's? Or since the new millennium. Start focusing on the minority community you serve and stop chasing after the out of towner's that have expressed interest in our new magnet program. Shame on you PBMS.
I am a parent of a seventh grade student in the Information Technology and Computer Engineering magnet program at PBMS. We enrolled at this school ONLY so my child could get a seat at Pompano Beach High School because of our new program. It doesn't surprise me to read the magnet coordinator sent her child to another middle school magnet program despite working at PBMS. Pompano Beach Middle School has had a bad reputation for years and years. Fights still happen here and many teachers are new. I wish we had gone to another school also.
I worked at Pompano Beach Middle School (PBMS) for 35 years. It is a dynamic school with many opportunities, including enough high school credits to complete the ninth grade before entering high school.

Students from PBMS have become doctors, lawyers and military officers. The school is not perfect, no school is. Picture throwing a daily 7 hour party for 1,000 children ages 10 to 13.

During my tenure, I learned some reviews have untruthful motives. Some might originate from a student with a bad report card, getting caught in mischief with consequences, parents not believing administration and staff from other schools (even sometimes unsuccessful applicants) that have no correlation to the daily school functions.

Pompano Beach Middle School has an "Open Door" policy. You may visit the school at any time of the day. I strongly suggest you take a tour to get first hand knowledge of the school.
My son is a student at Pompano Middle. He did well on his FSA testing in elementary school but terrible at Pompano Middle. There are too many new teachers. Why doesn't anybody stay? Our magnet coordinator, Jannette Thompson Irwin who has worked here forever, chose to send her own son to Crystal Lake Middle School. That says it all.
Horrible learning environment. Started here for the new IT & CE magnet program. Sixth graders are not allowed to pick their 2 electives and she got stuck with classes that had nothing to do with the new program. Since we are "in zone" we were told NOT to apply to the magnet program & that we would automatically be placed in it. We were, however, I spoke with the district and my child is technically NOT in a magnet program. What happens when we apply to the High School with the same program. Do we get our guaranteed seat or not???? No one at PBMS will answer this.
Pompano is a great school. The teachers really do care for you and are always willing to help you with anything. The student body is really awesome too. If you go to Pompano Beach Middle you will leave there with a great group of friends. I still talk to almost all of the kids who attended PBMS with me.
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