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pompano really Is a top school not only in broward county but also nationwide it is #1 in broward which Is a big accomplishment. I'm a student at the school and it is very rigorous.
My experience at Pompano Beach High school has been outstanding. I wouldn't have wanted to spend all 4 years of my high school experience anywhere else. The teachers are very dedicated for your success. They are very understanding about test scores, homework, etc. Also, the front office and administration staff is always there to support and guide you through your schooling experience. The only thing I would change is the quality and overall appearance of the school. We always host huge international summits and other events so we should have a better looking school. This will also attract many more successful students. Overall, Pompano breeds successful and determined students, that is represented by our 98% graduation rate. If you attend Pompano Beach High school you are destined for a bigger and brighter future.
The academics are incredible! All the classes function well, and everyone is very smart. People understand what’s going on, and the teachers explain and go over material to an extent where it makes sense. Most of the classes are advanced and AP classes, too. Many opportunities are made available to students, and they are very big opportunities as well.
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I appreciate the way we are able to get college ready. They help us get oppurtunities we wouldnt get easily at another broward county school. I like how we are academically strong and we have teachers that actually care about us.
I like it because it prepares students academically for college. I would like to change school spirit among faculty and some students and would like faculty to be more creative in order to capture the attention of this new generation.
Pompano is a really great school, with a really rigorous program. Pompano is an all magnet school, that draws from a lottery. It is extremely competitive, but ultimately worth it due to the great staff, and well rounded education it provides. Also the technology, as well as international connections that this school provides are without compare the best.
Pompano has been very tough, but I already know it is helping me prepare for college and the real world. The teachers are very helpful and want to see the students succeed. The school holds lots of opportunities in order for the students to better prepare and learn in their classes. All around I have been very fond and happy to have attended Pompano Beach High School for my high school years.
Love the atmosphere and the teachers! Would highly recommend to anyone who can keep up with the hard work and the early hours.
Love my high school! Awesome teachers that encourage you to come to them for help and counselors that will go the whole 9 yards to get you into your dream college.
Pompano beach high school has teachers and staff that are devoted in making sure that students have the resources they need by making themselves available as often as possible. They offer multiple AP courses as well as a large quantity of dual enrollment courses to help prepare the student for college.
The teachers and staff are excellent and as they make themselves available as often as possible to answer any questions one might have. They provide a substantial amount of AP courses and a large quantity of dual enrollment options for college readiness. No school on Friday serves as a way to volunteer, allow more time to take more difficult courses, and ensure that GPA and class ranking does not drop. The sports culture is great although some sports are prioritized over others and receive greater amounts of funding.
Honestly, the best part is Fridays off. Pompano is definitely more an academic school. While Pompano may offer, I think more than twenty-five clubs/organization, it's a small school therefore the membership is small and a lot of the same students are in the same clubs/organizations. Since Pompano switched to block schedule the workload has been a lot easier to manage and it's better for those who are heavily involved with the school in clubs/organizations like: Film & Technical Association, PTVI-News, JROTC, Theater, Band, Orchestra, Sports, SGA, NHS, etc.
They offer many rigorous academic class, which made me feel like I was really pushing myself to become better. The teachers here are all extremely amicable, and every day at this school was one i enjoyed. Not having school on Fridays were nice but quite honestly I liked school so much that I wish there was school on Fridays.
The honors classes really helped prepare me for college, fridays off were great although they were for homework, sports here arent the best unless its baseball or volleyball. Teachers gave great advice and were very friendly. Guidance counselors were amazing as well as the brace advisor. Had great memories
This school has prepared me so much for real life experiences. The only complaint is some of the teachers as some do not care enough and are not really qualified. Besides that, this school offers so much through clubs and classes and opportunities and has been so rewarding.
I am a student alumni of Pompano Beach High school and I am currently a student at Florida Atlantic University. I really enjoyed the last two years of my high school experience. This is when I had classes with some of the best teachers I have ever had, and I began to come out of my shell a bit more (I joined a couple of clubs, became a TA, etc.) I am so grateful for the teachers that I had and for the classes that I took. I learned a lot and feel that it prepared me for college.
Pompano Beach High is a school that is very much centered around academics. They only offer honors and AP credit courses. Due to the fact that they have an international business and technology magnet program, if students study hard enough, they can earn a certification of some sort upon graduating. For example, i chose the accounting path and then I became Quickbooks certified. Everyone also enjoyed the perk of not attending school on Friday's because the school is rated number one in the county and allowed us to only have a four day week, with longer hours of course. The only problems I came to face while attending this school would be social and cultural issues. There were also issues of racism tied into cyber-bullying.
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I love Pompano because of the technology resources available to all. Students are able to use computers and printers when needed. There are also several technology classes that develop our critical thinking and creativity. The media center is really nice and the teachers are always there for us. If students ask for help, they even stay after school to tutor. But some things should change: the football field and parking lot. The football field is not as nice as other schools’ and the parking lot is so far away from the building.
What I liked about Pompano was that most, if not all of the students were very motivated in their studies. It helps to have peers who are serious about there schoolwork because it only further motivates yourself. The faculty is also very caring for there students and only want the best. They have plenty of different clubs that you can join based on your interests. It seriously is amazing at the large variety of clubs there are!
I love how the faculty wants to see you go to college. They help you a lot. I want the School Culture to change. Be a little more diverse and have more pride.
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