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Pomona High Schools isn't a bad environment, but students make it unsafe for others. Students are smoking in the restrooms, there's constantly fights, and the restroom are not sanitary. Many students are dedicating into drinking and smoking that it's causing danger in the campus. I can't enjoy going to the restroom when there's always students in there ditching or smoking. The security is always on their phone and never paying attending unless they see an assistant principal.
There are always fights, people carry weapons to school, there are drugs coming in and out of our campus and our administrative staff does little to nothing about it, they hardly ever find out. The food is terrible our school is not very diverse. We have good sports teams, but no school spirit. Most teachers do not care about their students, but the teachers get a high rating because in my experience as an AP student, my teachers have been nothing except helpful. we are in no way a white school. Not many clubs college readiness is not determined by a school, it is determined by the effort a student puts Pomona High is not a good school.
The teachers and students are really what makes Pomona High, Pomona High. Teachers here actually care if your understanding the concept of their class and you'll always find students you are able to relate too. There are a little cons to coming here. You won't be provided the best option of classes like in other schools, but in other schools, you won't be able to join awesome classes such as AVID. Honestly, it matters on what you make of it. If I was even an opportunity to do high school over but in a different school, I wouldn't hesitate to turn it down.
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Loved that Pomona High acted as a huge family! It was a small school so everyone knew each other, & the teachers were great!
My time at Pomona high was a good one. There was a lot of good times. Like during freshman year when the football team won the CIF title. The school hasn't changed in my 4 years.
The teachers at Pomona High School are phenomenal. They help In any way they can and dedicate their free time to help you through difficult times. Many of the teachers are caring and kind they do the most just to help the students out in any way possible. There is much to learn in the world and Pomona High is where I learned it all from. The way the teachers teach the students is very eye catching and interesting, there was never a time where I was not satisfied with what I was learning. What I'd like to see change is the school spirit, the school spirit already is amazing but the Pomona Students could be more involved in school activities and sports. Cheering on your peers is the best team work you can throw out their. Pomona High gave me a very memorable experience throughout High School. Go Red Devils!
Pomona High has some great classes and teacher to offer. On the other hand, the students aren't as great and have quite a reputation.
Pomona High School is very diverse and welcoming to all new students. The teachers, counselors, and administrators are all keen on helping the students graduate. Here you can express yourself in whichever manner you’d like whether it be art, clothing, or music.
I think my high school experience isn't all that memorable. I do want to say that some of the staff really does care, Mr. Muhammed, Ms Hinton is exceptional, and Mr. Molina, are the ones I can think of off the top of my head. There isn't much school spirit, personally its kind of dead, except for the class year battles during the rallys
I actually enjoyed my four years here at Pomona High school. I had joined A.V.I.D which gave me much information about colleges, helped me apply to college, and scholarships. There are many opportunities with the resources they have available to you such as Bright Prospects, Upward Bound, Key Club.
My high school experience was a good one and really enjoyed it. the teachers were very involved with their students and the choices they were making for their future.
It's a place where it feels like most of the teachers are interested in the students success. Some teachers provide after school tutoring when they could be using that time to do something else. Other teachers inform students about important events happening in Pomona. It just seems like a very welcoming and interactive place.
High school was a growing experience for me. It showed me different cultures and interact with others. The teachers at Pomona High were awesome. They were responsible, respectful and at the same time cool.
Some of the teachers are absolutely amazing, and have changed my life. If you get the chance to get taught by Mrs.Hinton, then you have struck a gold mine. She is the sweetest, and truly cares for every one of her students. The school is primarily latino/a, but is a very close community. However, there is a very high favoritism towards AVID students. The counselors are amazing, especially Mrs. Brooks. She has been my saving grace several times throughout the college application process.
Pomona High School is known as the best high schools in 2015. Many people get excited when it comes to football and different types of sports. Even though the restrooms don't have soap or toilet paper, the classes are amazing, just not the students. Most of the students aren't really trying their best. I'm in math 2 class, which is supposed to be for sophomores, but my class is filled with juniors or seniors. The school involvement could be so much better if there wasn't students criticizing about others. Someone always has to make fun of me because of how I look, my size. The most important thing about Pomona High school is that we could really get hyped with great events, hopefully by the years going by, people have a good change of heart.
Pomona High School is accelerating in making changes for the better of student life. Students are more united rather than discriminating others. The violent rate dropped down massively, thanks to the program: Peer Resources and The Wellness Center. The athletics program is also developing and we receive great athletics for each sport. Pomona has progressed every year and has changed their bad reputation into a better growing reputation.
My experience with Pomona High School has been fascinating the teachers are welcome friendly and supportive. However the change that I would like to see are the academics for example there should be more than one teacher that teaches a certain course. Also there should be more motivation for students like the events that will encourage them to do better. Another thing is the school lunch should really change because the same food is given constantly and yes, students should eat healthy but at least once in a while give something that is satisfying.
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The school definitely needs better teachers and students lack motivation but this doesn't apply to the school AS A WHOLE. There are amazing teachers that the AP students get and the amount of clubs is amazing. They have great resources like Upward Bound and Bright Prospects. I don't regret attending this school.
My experience at this high school would have been better if there was a more welcoming environment.
I've had maybe four teachers who went above and beyond for me. Those who did always made sure I was okay, and that all students understood something before moving on.
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