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There is a great feeling of support with all the school spirit and opportunities to support others in their activities. The administration strives to make school effective and prepare the students. The teachers care a lot about their students, and I'm lucky enough to have such great teachers. There are a lot of different options for activities or to just be a part of the community, and they are always expanding. I have done theatre and band all for years and I even want to pursue theatre because we have such a good theatre company.
Pomona has been like a second home for me for four years. It has provided me with a good education and molded me into the person I am today. Pomona offers many great advanced placement classes that prepare students for college. There are many students like myself who are academically stellar and have wonderful character. It was a place where I found some of my best friends. It also offers a variety of athletics that our school also excels in our district. The school has many resources for struggling students and the staff is really reliable. Pomona does a great job at crafting some of the best students to run the world. Pomona is just the best and I encourage incoming freshman to attend if they are looking for a great high school to go to.
The staff at Pomona is always looking out for the students. They put in hard, long, back breaking hours in order to make sure their students are at a level where they should be academically.
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I like how Pomona High School tries to get all the students who attend there to join a sport or club. Pomona High School has a great variety of sports and clubs that meet a lot of students eyes. I would like to see the lunch line system change.
Pomona High School is a team environment weather it comes to sports theater or clubs.The students are driven to work together by help with the teachers to help each-other to strive food good grades and make sure there included in everything.Pomona is a community environment driven by spirit.
It's a good school with the Warren tech program. I wish it had more social study /science electives.
Pomona High School has some of the most amazing teachers in every department. I'm pretty sure I found at least 1 teacher in each department that I believed to be great people and great teachers. The people at Pomona High School are nice and you get a sense of community at the school. I would like to see the school implement STEM classes and engineering classes, even if they were just entry level courses.
Pomona is a great school full of passionate teachers and hardworking students. It has the best coaches and athletics. The building could use some updating, but the overall environment of the school is outstanding.
This was an average high school experience. There are tons of cliques, and not enough extracurricular options. Something they should consider for the future is adding more clubs so every student can have something to participate in.
Great diversity, I can experience new things everyday. The teachers are awesome and everyone I meet is there to get better. The only complaint I have is that our school needs to be updated its much older than all the other Jeffco schools and we do not always have the resources that other schools have. I do love school thanks to Pomona High School.
I liked how well Pomona did in Sports and how a lot of people did extracurricular activities and how every participated in fundraisers. They need to improve on stopping bullying and be on people more about dress code.
What I most liked about Pomona High School was the involvement with the school, the sporting events were my favorite to watch. Football especially, the football team winning state my senior year topped it all. Another thing I loved about Pomona is our incredible theatre program, there was never a disappointment with a musical or a play that went on. If I could change anything, it would be the academics at Pomona High School. We have a few phenomenal teachers, but also a few teachers that I feel as if don't care about my education and what it's worth to me. Overall, I had a subpar experience at Pomona High School.
I enjoy going to school at Pomona, I feel safe, and the teachers are always helpful and passionate in what they teach. I feel as though the students are rather egotistical and rude to other students and especially the teachers, they do not take care in what they say nor what they do, which causes a lot of issues in and outside of the classroom.
I like how willing the teachers are to help but the students are so rude, there isn’t much that stops the kids from bullying . Especially cyber bullying.
Pomona is a school that focuses on athletics as well as school spirit. It is a fun school that aims to be diverse and inclusive.
I opened enrolled at Pomona to be part of a smaller more diverse community than my home school. Pomona has 1400 students in a suburb of Denver, where the diversity of the population make Pomona a great place to thrive. We have a state championship football team, wrestling team and gymnastic team and a nationally recognized band. The real world is cross- cultured and Pomona provides a jump start into life outside my parents' home.
The staff always treated me kindly. The counselors were always available for school related problems as well as personal problems. The teachers were always willing to help. I would have liked to see more funding towards the orchestra program. A lot of funding went towards marching band and athletics.
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The community with in Pomona is great. The support you can receive from teachers is amazing! Also the participation in school events is great such as football games, school dance, ad spirit weeks.
At Pomona High School, you’ll meet some amazing people: teachers and friends that become family. Pomona has a lot to offer. One thing that should change is their administration staff.
Pomona High School was the only high school I attended. They have an AP track that you can go down but not an honors path besides sophomore biology. I believe that i'm a very likable person but some of the teachers weren't very fond of me, making it hard to get along with. I'm an excellent student so I don't know why they wouldn't like me. The school spirit is very mediocre but I believe the new stuco teacher is fixing that. The students are very diverse you have some misbehavior and some that really excel but not many in between.
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