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As a senior at Pomona Catholic right now, I’ve got to say that I have learned a lot about my
School. I’ve been challenged and have gone through difficult stressful times, but being challenged is great! As a student at PC you are challenged and encouraged to take difficult classes and go above and beyond. There are also various activities to be part of such as clubs, sports, and leadership opportunities such as being an ambassador or campus minister! Even though the school is wonderful, I would say that events and activities can be very unorganized at times and needs work. There are not that many AP classes to choose from but the reason for that is because of the quantity of students at the school. Other than that, it was a good experience.
I like Pomona Catholic High School because the small environment has helped me grow as an individual. A smaller school setting is a good match for me and I feel the academics offered help a student succeed. We are a college predatory school, and students at PC are well prepared for college.
Pomona Catholic is a close knit family. Everyone is caring and thoughtful. All of the girls are very welcoming and kind.
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I love the friendship with other people, and how people can accept others. I want to see a better change in communication with the teachers, parents, and students.
The teachers are willing to work with the students, but the school has a history of being unorganized.
Coming to high school, not knowing anyone, I was completely surrounded in this welcoming environment with helpful, friendly faculty and students everywhere. Hopefully , in the near future, the school can expand to accommodate more students and current students comfortably; and have a gym for athletics. Also, although I love Pomona Catholic for its historic charm and history, it would be beneficial to have some updates around campus such as, renovations to the bathrooms and classrooms-possibly new desks.
PC is an outstanding school with an exemplary faculty. The administration has enhanced the academic curriculum and added several new sports programs. 99% of graduates attend a 4 year university and our student retention rate is 98%, which shows that students love the school and chose to stay. I will be a Senior next year - looking forward to a fun and challenging year.
For a "college prep high school", PC DID NOT prepare me for college. PC really needs to consider educating their students in health, economics, and a student's full range of options after graduating as well as the college application process. PC has nice experiences like retreats, but overall it is a very sheltered, low-budget, scam of a school. PC is inconsistent in their discipline and often the "popular"/wealthy students always get a slap on the wrist. Failing students will still get their C. Some girls have heart and are ambitious, but it is unfortunate that they just don't have the right guidance.
Pomona Catholic High School is second home. It is very welcoming, the staff really cares about you, everyone knows each other by name, the academics are stellar, and there are SO many opportunities.
I am a Senior at Pomona Catholic and I have attended all four years. I had a great experience all in all. I made a lot of friends and created thousands of memories. As a freshman I was new to the private catholic school community and I am proud to say that Pomona Catholic did a wonderful job in helping me adjust and go about things in a way that suit me. My favorite part about Pomona Catholic was definitely the teachers and staff. They were amazing in so many different ways. Being a school of about 300 students, the teachers had unique relationships with each and everyone of their students. The many clubs and extracurricular activities contributed to the diverse culture presented all throughout the school.
Pomona Catholic does not have a steady unbiased staff. If you aren’t top of your class, or an administrator doesn’t like you then you’re invisiable on campus. It’s a small sheltered school of all girls. Girls on campus aren’t disciplined for their wrong actions and again if you’re liked by staff a student can get away with anything. School events aren’t organized as well as they could be. Teachers are expected to do multiple tasks on campus no questions asked. Students are not a main focus on campus until senior year when seniors have to apply to college and the school has a 100% graduation rate they have to stay loyal to. It has prepared me for college but not so much in an academic way.
I like how involved I was able to get at school. I was able to play sports, and participate on our student government. It was not very academically challenging. I was in two A.P. classes, and I was still not that challenged.
I went to Pomona Catholic my freshman, sophomore, and senior year. Junior year I attended my local public school and I saw a major difference in the way the schools were run. I would say that the public school I went to had a better education system but it was not nearly as family based. Pomona Catholic revolves around a sisterhood that pushes one another to grow in faith, knowledge, and character. Some teachers were very good at their study and others were just hired because they were alumni. The administration tries to make it look like they are everything every parent would dream of but in reality they treat students unfairly and it is really all about the money for them.
Pomona catholic High School created a great academic environment that made students excel in all the course curriculum and also provided a balance for those students that have learning disabilities. The teachers are very committed to help all the students by making themselves available for one on one tutoring before, during, and after school but still offer a challenging curriculum to prepare for college. This school not only has a great academic environment but it also allowed the students to have make connections and become closer to staff and teachers. Pomona Catholic High School provided many great academic curriculum but it lacked in school clubs yet encouraged sports activities.
My daughter learned to advocate her feminine rights with regard to political, spiritual, social, and economic views. The quote, “When you educate a woman you educate a generation” is as true today for her, as it was then. The teachers were helpful, and quick to reply even in 2005, when they didn’t upload grade online. All it took was a visit to the classroom, a phone call, and the teachers were ready to help. Pomona Catholic is about the whole girl intellectual, moral, athletic, and spiritual experience. They offer a great blend of academics, athletics, and spiritual tradition in a small school, which ensures that every girl’s voice is heard, and development, every day. If I had to it over again, I would definitely send her to here again.
There are many different extracurricular opportunities at this school, they are also very encouraging to step out of your comfort zone and try something new and different.
What makes this school unique is that it sticks with their traditions from 1989.
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Pomona Catholic has a very encouraging staff of teachers.
I'm graduating this year and I am very emotional as I write this review, because I know my time here is coming to an end. There is so much to say yet I feel that I cannot express how much this school has done for me within this tiny little review box. This school has helped me become a leader, confident within myself, studious, knowledge about the - everything I could want to be. Of course I am still growing and have more to become and to learn, however I am so much of who I am because of Pomona Catholic. I have had the blessing of being an Ambassador, a Campus Minister, Yearbook Editor, Art Club Secretary, Theater member, and Interact Club member. You can become something great at this school. All the teachers care- truly care about you not only as a student, but as a being. They care for when you don't feel good or just accomplished something amazing. One of our teachers Ms Stith, gives tea to our girls when one doesn't feel good or simply has cramps. Not to mention, she's an absolutey AMAZING English teacher (I had her for AP junior year and this senior year). We have so many events that help our girls experience things; for example multiple guest speakers come throughout the year so that we can be knowledgeable about what goes on in our world. There is so much to say but, but I think it's best for others to experience it themselves. I simply cannot explain my love for this school. In the future if I were to have daughters, I very much would want to send them here. I am beyond sad that my time here is ending, yet I know Pomona Catholic has prepared me for bigger and better things. I am excited for what the future holds. Last but not least, shutout to Ms. Phay! She is absolutely phenomenal with her job !
Pomona Catholic offer a a variety of after school activities ranging from Anime Club to Water Polo. Many girls are involved in after school sports and clubs. To name a few sports we have golf, cross country, waterpolo, softball, soccer, and basketball. The girls also have the option of creating a club if something they want is not offered. Most of our clubs are based off the community and helping those around us. Which is one of my favorite things about Pomona Catholic
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