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I can't imagine having gone to any other boarding school. I chose Pomfret because of the pretty campus that is set in the country but is also close to Boston and New York. I started as a freshman and immediately made friends from all over the world. I graduated five years ago and still consider my Pomfret friends to be some of my best friends. There was a lot of schoolwork, but the teachers are good about making themselves available to students in the dorms or their offices. Most of my friends got into their top choice for college, as did I (Bates!). I loved having the school come together every week for events like sitdown lunch, chapel, school meeting. Pomfret was small enough so that you knew everyone, which I loved.
Pomfret is a really great school but is quite competitive socially and academically. I am pushed by my teachers and feel like I constantly have work. Luckily, almost all teachers live on campus and are available to work on a project or homework at any time. Sports run the social scene at Pomfret, so it is helpful if you come to school already a good athlete. In fact, a fair number of students are recruited for sports and end up laying in college. I have loved my time at Pomfret and have really great friends. I am excited for the new building to be finished.
Pomfret has a very beautiful campus. Great teachers and very competitive academically. More APs offered than any other boarding school. Go Griffins!
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I was recruited to Pomfret for crew. I started my sophomore year and found it pretty easy to make friends. I love the campus and my teachers, Especially Mr. Gibbs.
I couldn’t have asked for a better community for my daughter. Pomfret is a great school. We enjoyed the scenery and the beautiful campus. We drove up from Boston (little over an hour) for soccer and lacrosse games. Pomfret has great sports. She is happy at Colby now and we think it is mostly because of Pomfret.
Pomfret really pushed me both academically and personally. I attended for four years (graduating in 2016) and wouldn’t trade those years for anything. I made life long friends at Pomfret.
The academics are top-notch at Pomfret. There is pressure to succeed and most students matriculate to top-tier schools. The difference between Pomfret and other boarding schools is that the teachers actually care and constantly make time for their students.
Pomfret is a very welcoming community. Lots of work, but the teachers are very accessible. Food is pretty good and dorms are new.
As a Pomfret alum, I can wholeheartedly say that this school had a massive impact on me. Pomfret challenged me academically and socially, but the support I received from the teachers, especially Dr. Brush, my advisor, helped me really come into my own. The campus was designed by Frederick Law Olmsted (architect of Central Park among other masterpieces) and is a truly idyllic setting. I enjoyed the rural setting, although it’s not for everyone. Pomfret is a school with rich traditions that has managed to stay on the cutting edge of modenirty in regards to technology in the classroom and teaching strategy.
I have enjoyed my time at Pomfret. The campus is gorgeous and the teachers care a lot about your development. It’s a very tight knit community. I’m glad I have my advisor, who is like my mom away from home. Close enough to Boston to check out colleges on weekends.
My experience at Pomfret has been great. I am now a senior and have been here for four years. I will really miss the beautiful campus. The new Health and Wellness center just opened and is a wonderful addition to the campus.
My first choice and I was happy when I got in. I feel like a part of a community at Pomfret. Coming from Darien, CT, there is not a ton of diversity, but the sports have gotten a lot better since my freshman year.
Great boarding school. Prepared me for my first year at Colby. Pomfret is great for the type of student that wants a small-school vibe with tradition.
Overall, Pomfret is a place where the teachers care about the students. That is what we were looking for for our son, and we found it on “the hilltop.” There is a large fundraising effort at the moment, with a new science/STEM center going in. Wish I could go back to high school at Pomfret :)
I spent four years at Pomfret and they were the best of my life. I came from Korea and the community was warm and welcoming, which is not always the case. Pomfret is only 1.5 hours from Boston which made it fun to go on trips and easy to look at colleges in the Boston area. I miss the teachers, but felt prepared for my first year of university
Great boarding school experience. I played lacrosse, squash, and soccer. Coming from NYC, I really enjoyed the beautiful campus and the cute town of Pomfret. I felt prepared for my first year at Dartmouth.
A place where the teachers really care about the students. Unbelievable facilities. We wanted a tight-knit community boarding school experience for our daughter and we found it at Pomfret.
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Great school. I sent both of my kids here and they enjoyed it. Healthy and competitive environment, both went to top tier colleges. Go Griffins
I chose Pomfret because I was looking for a school that was near both Boston and NYC, but was still in a beautiful setting. I am very happy with my choice to attend Pomfret. The college counseling has been great and I hope to matriculate to University of Chicago for their business program or Cornell. Sports are very popular at Pomfret and I was intimidated at first, but I am now on Varsity squash and JV soccer and am so glad I learned to new sports. I was able to connect with a Pomfret alum (currently at Colby College) who is mentoring me as I apply to schools now.
I have been a student at Pomfret for the past two years and I have to say that I cannot imagine myself anywhere else. Pomfret has a high level of school spirit, from our annual homecoming games against Westminster to Senior chapel speeches, I feel like this is truly a home. While Pomfret isn't super diverse, there are students from almost every states and dozens of countries. I am applying to mostly Ivy League schools along with some Liberal Arts schools like Williams College and Amherst. Pomfret has definitely transitioned to a bigger sports school recently. We won our football championship in 2017 and Boy's Hockey in 2016.