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Pomerene Elementary School Reviews

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The principal Mr. Sherman and staff are wonderful. Parents involvement is appreciated. Bus driver Mr. Fletcher is the best! Small town small school. But it's good atmosphere for all.
The math classes and opportunities were great but some of the other middle school teachers were lacking. The elementary school teachers, for the most part, were much better and more effective.
The secretary doubled as the nurse for the small school. The grounds were very safe and had metal gates along the perimeter and it felt like a safe and secure campus.
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There were no extracurricular activites, for the most part, except very few sports teams, although they did fare pretty well. Volleyball and basketball were the only real sports that the school participated in.
This was my favorite school because as a student, teachers got to know you very well and understand you. The classes were also typically very close because they had all been together for years and it was a very welcoming experience where I met some of my favorite people.
The teachers at this school were dedicated to the students. The prinicpal was great and worked with a math teacher to give several students the chance to work ahead and skip to high school algebra. The teachers and other staff were always very friendly and helpful to the students.
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