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My experience with Poly High School was amazing. I was a new student my freshman year, mid semester. Poly is like every other high school with the cliques and struggles, but at the end of the day I have experienced the most influential teachers who have taught me beautifully and good peers to help me succeed. What I like best about Poly is the authenticity of it all. My counselor and teachers genuinely care about my performance and well being.
I like how my teachers are involved and considerate of what is going on with my life in school and out of school
Overall, my past four years at Poly have been great. I've had lots of fun in certain classes, and I've made a lot of new friends and participated in many school activities. The sports are not the best and are at best average (I played JV volleyball in 9th grade and Var in 10th). Most of the students are very friendly, but there is very little diversity in the student body (Riverside is not very diverse as a city). Most of the AP teachers truly care for their students, but if you don't take many APs, there are not that many teachers that are as devoted. I think that the academics at Poly are decent. The classes, although AP, are not as rigorous as those in Diamond Bar High or Walnut (schools known for notoriously hard classes). All in all, Poly was a great place to go to school, and although it had some lacking components, I learned so much new information about the world, and grew as a person.
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Poly High School is amazing for so many reason, but my favorite is the amazing teachers, most of which really do care about there students and try their hardest to make them successful. This school offers many different class. They offer Multivariate calculus, which is pretty rare in high schools. Overall, I think Poly is a great school to go to and I would want my future children to go there.
I really enjoyed how most of the teachers cared if you succeeded in class and in life in general. The ASB at poly was very organized which made the events at poly fun and easy to attend. I would like the school spirit that the students lack to be more present. Also there are so many things that we were not allowed to do because the adults in this generation are soft and unreasonable. For example, we can't have curse words at school dances or watch some pg 13 movies or have a fun senior prank.
It was a great overall experience and the teachers were a lot of help but the underlining situation is that the school made choices that could’ve benefited the students more than the staff and in many ways its still ongoing.
I feel as though that the school can have a very good atmosphere, the principle and most of the teachers are amazing. One of the factors that we lack though are intensity of school spirit. Our sports teams successes vary but it would still be nice to have consistency of school spirit.
Poly High School is located in a beautiful neighborhood. We love Riverside. It is an older school and could definitely use some updates. There is a lot of support from the community because the school has been around for a long time which is nice. We have had mostly good experiences with teachers and staff. Some sports programs are better than others.
It was amazing!! It was the best experience ever because of how everyone was so nice and they gave me so much help in my education .
Polytechnic High School is a great school. All the students and teachers are nice. I'm glad I went there for high school. A lot of the teachers and classes I took helped me prepare for college.
Poly High School is such a great and energetic school!As I end my senior I could honestly say Poly gave me the best high school experience. Being apart of ASB, AVID, and Medical Club really opened my eyes to new adventures and to strive for excellence. As a school our pride is there and we are diverse!
Poly high is a good school and they have great teachers.The teachers there help you lot with claswork or homework. Poly is a great place it is cleaner than other high school in a Riverside.The Principal at poly is amazing. He cares about he student there. He helps students too.The food at there is okey. The classrooms are great. They have a big library. At the library you study and print out papers. You can also read books and checkout books.Poly has lot of supervisor to keep the school safe and also for students. Almost everyone at poly get along with each other. Poly is a great for everyone to go to.
My overall experience at Poly was a great one. I had really good teachers that genuinely care about my acedemics and my future. I was apart of my schools cheerleading team which was also a great experience. I met a group of kind and talented girls/guys. Together we helped make the team stronger, built life long friendships and made our school proud. My best memory of high school would have to be Friday night football games. Seeing how the entire student body came together to support our team and celebrate our victories. Even if we lost, we were still proud of the boys for giving their all on the field.
Poly is an old school with renovations being done until about 2021. So far, I have seen no improvement on campus. Another problem is that unless you are in a sport you will get little to no recognition or funding for your club/class. Some teachers are amazing, some are not but overall I would say that academics are well
The campus and teachers are positive and help students achieve a successful four years of high school.
I liked how there was teachers that care about you and make an effort to get to know you. School counselors helped me out when I needed help with school or college. Principal is very kind and treats you with respect. Enjoyed when the school would invite colleges to come and give presentations about their schools. It would give the students to learn more about a specific college. I also enjoyed how Poly would have CTE courses.
I really like how spirited the school is and how my counselor is very helpful. I met my best friends here. There are so many clubs on campus to choose from. I really feel in a safe and fun environment.
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These past four years have been a really great time at Poly High School. I feel like we are very connected as individuals and as a school we try to be as welcoming as possible. I think that it is a great environment to learn at because the teachers are understanding and without hesitation the faculty does a great job in making high school a great learning experience.
What I like about Poly is that you can get involved in any club or activity. One thing I’d like to see change is the pressure teachers put on students, wanting us to do better is great but don’t pressure the students to much we all try to be hard workers but sometimes our teachers make us feel like it’s not enough
I loved going to poly, and I deeply miss it. Although it wasn't the ideal school I definitely loved going there and will cherish my memories. The only bad thing about Poly were the counselors, mine was no help whatsoever. That was the only bad thing about poly, everything else was great.
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