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This school suited me very well. It was such a diverse campus and had kids from all different backgrounds.
The teachers at the school are very help full and understand how the students feel and are wonderful people to talk to the school is pretty big and old but they are under construction making the school even better
My experience was good considering I was very involved. There are a lot of politics involved in most of the sports and clubs, so be cautious of that. However, a lot of the staff really care about the students, while some are just there to collect the benefits.
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When I attended Poly High I thoroughly enjoyed it. While there is room for improvement among college readiness and cleanliness of facilities, overall my experience was enjoyable.
Poly high school is an average school. They don’t really care about you as an individual, just as a student that will soon be gone. Sports are average and not competing at high levels. The campus is old and needs remodeling.
While my 4th year was cut short, Poly offered an array of different clubs, sports, and academics that enabled me to learn on a higher level and meet new people that exposed me to new opportunities and experiences.
Riverside Poly High gives students opportunities to better their academics and also mental health recourses.
This school was just an average high school. Nothing above and beyond. I believe each student could say that they had at least one teacher who they trusted a lot and felt that they could go to for help. Students enjoyed going to the sports games, though we didn't always win there was a good sense of "Poly Pride" with our students and staff. Providing both AP and regular classes gave the students the range of educational capacities needed for each students. The counselors on campus were very involved with the students and helped to the best of their abilities when asked for help. Before the end of the year came close, they would make sure that the students were ready with the following year by helping them pick out the classes that were best fitted for that student. Poly was a pretty good high school overall.
I had two childeren attend the High School. My boys participated in the baseball program. I also participated on the Booster Club. The school had a good school climate and good student-teacher relationships. The academics were fairly good and the teachers had high expectations for their students. I am happy with the school counselor who guided and prepared my children to a college after their high school years. One thing that can improve for this campus would be to update the lunch area for the students.
Going to Poly High School was more about fulfilling a legacy role than anything. 4 generations of my family went to Poly High School. Being a legacy I was also going to be a first-generation college student, I had to figure out how to do everything college-oriented on my own I wasn't helped or guided through councilors. That would be something I would change, the involvement with councilors and students the priorities seemed more valedictorian, sports-oriented and not very student-oriented. Overall I spent more time on independent study because of the student/teacher/higher up relationships then in school.
I have personally had a good experience at Poly in the last four years. The teachers are very good, and the academic opportunities are great as well.
My experience at Poly was pretty cool, I've been here all 4 years and graduate as class of 2020. I've certainly learned to better myself as a person not only through the academics here but also through the friendly teachers here and even friendlier people.
Poly High School is a great school to go to. The staff members and teachers show that they really care about the students. It's a great environment to be studying in.
Excellent school system and great extra curricular activities and sports programs. Good leadership and faculty that go the extra mile for the students. Great counselors that listen and care for the students.
One thing I really liked were the teachers. Although there were some teachers that did not teach the material well, I still enjoyed the my connection with some of the others teachers. I could tell they were really passionate about the subject passing it on to their students. If I could change anything, it would be the amount of clubs there are. I wish there were more clubs to choose from and more sports. On top of that, I feel like this school should add independent study because, coming from a committed figure skater, it is not fair that kids playing sports within school get to pass up on P.E. credit but other kids who play sports out of school doesn't.
polytechnic is a very average, "okay" high school. The arts programs are not ran very well, and the school rarely puts on extra curricular activities. While some teachers are very good at their job, I feel like most teachers at poly do a very very poor job by showing up late or not fully teaching lessons.
I moved to poly high my junior year and I was afraid I wouldn't have any friends or I wouldn't fit in but everyone was welcoming and I made great friends here. I got really close to my AVID teachers who I am forever grateful for as well as my counselor.
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The counselors are very involved and do a lot for the students consistently. I would like to see more involvement with the administration and the teachers and hopefully have that change. The school spirit is also another low in terms of connectives and feeling apart of a community.
Counselors would consistently pressure students to attend UC and CSUs that they never provided much information on Community College and its options.
Poly is like an average highschool, nothing too fancy or out of the ordinary. The staff here is average, like the schoo itself. The students here are mainly involved, I would like to say that at least 75% of students are involved in some sort of sport or club.
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