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Poly has been a home to me for 4 years now. Among the friends and relationships I've gained Poly is to thank for that. I love being apart of a school that wants me to be apart of it. Jackrabbits for life!!!
This high school is so impacted, i wasn't able to any AP classes this year due to all AP classes being full.
I enjoyed how diverse the campus is and how involved my teachers are when getting me ready for college. The teachers here and very understanding and love answering questions, which is nice. I wish that the bathrooms were cleaner and had toilet paper 24/7 but with high schoolers what can you expect.
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long beach poly is a very spirited and energetic school that focuses on the involvement of their students. We have great academics and are home of scholars and champions.
It's a good school. Great teachers. A wide variety of classes (including APs) to choose from. Really good sports.
During my freshman year in LB poly, I thought that I was going to have the regular classes just like my middle school, I was afraid that I going to be lone and the teacher might call on me because I find it difficult for me to communicate with other people and English is not my first language too. However, on my first day of school, I found that all my classmate are just like me, that does not know how speak English fluently and classes make for the student like me. It make me very comfortable with all classes because of that, and they taught me how to read and write. ELD is English Learner Development that is the program that I had during my one and two years before I went to the regular classes. Thanks to that, I able to caught with regular students.
I loved this school. As an Alum, I now see the impact this school had on my life. The set the foundation for my success in college. The family atmosphere of this institution will forever live on. I made some my best friends on this campus.
Culture, academics, and school involvement is the best. Poly prepared me for college and gave me life long friends.
It is a very diverse school full with interesting people of all kinds. The teachers are wonderful and care for u as a person not a number. The overall experience is wonderful
Pace program is the best, have to test into, greater opportunities than non pace. Smaller classroom size. Freshman year they go to UCLA and meet with business school administration to create a business plan and present to the judges. Excellent counseling.
The school is mixed with many different cultures which is unique. The community at the school is very unique. Everybody gets along but there are a handful of those people that doesn't which makes sense because you can't have a perfect community during this time of era. Teachers helps students a lot and the sports is on the top level. Would recommend attending and participating with extracurricular activities.
Teachers were amazing. The P.A.C.E program was a great preparation for college! Poly is very diverse, i had no trouble fitting in and i felt welcomed. Did not experience any type of bullying nor did i see any so thats a plus. Sports are very important at Poly. The football team is very impressive.
It was was an awesome experience because everyone pretty much knew each other even the teachers were really great as well. Some teachers would spend time with you if you didnt understand it.
I liked going to the same high school as my best friends who I've known since kinder, I enjoyed making new friendships and experiencing new things. I would change the fact that I should've took dance, & joined more clubs.
In a short summary, Long Beach Polytechnic High School is a very welcoming place to be! I am part of the PACE program, and the teachers that I've had have all been beyond excellent in both teaching and dealing with students. In my program, it wasn't hard to make friends and I quickly obtained a group of friends of my own. There's also a lot of sports pride, especially in our football and swim teams. If there's one thing I'd like to change, I'd probably say maintenance of facilities! This lone hand dryer in one of the bathrooms was broken for almost an entire semester... but that won't stop me from recommending this school!
I've only been at Poly for 2 years, going into my Junior year this fall and I'm already in love with everything the school has to offer. Some of my favorite experiences so far are the homecoming and intercultural faires, football games, and Poly north! I think one of the best parts about Poly is how much pride we have in our school. Poly really is amazing, I wouldn't want to go anywhere else.
As a whole, the Long Beach Poly experience was pretty amazing, the teachers and staff were always there to support you and help with whatever you needed. Especially in senior year because at the time I didn't know anything about how to apply to colleges or what I should do to get a better chance in being admitted to one. With the help of some counselors they were able to lead me in the right direction and help me find a college that would best suit me. One thing I'd like to see change at Poly is for it to have more school events that way everyone in the school can feel more connected with such a great school.
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I grew up in Moreno Valley, CA and moved to Long Beach the summer before I started my Freshman year at Poly. I dreaded going to a new school... Poly was definitely a culture shock. But, within a few days I made friends and believe it or not, I am still friends with them today (9 years later). Poly is full of people of all different cultures, teachers that to their best to prepare you for college, and an eventful high school career to make memories. Poly opened my eyes and my mind to how diversity affects someone's growth, mentally and emotionally. I absolutely loved attending Long Beach Poly.
There was a lot of diversity compared to other high schools in the city. The school was kind of set up in different programs based on "intelligence" and if you were not in the top two academies and was not a star sports player you were kind of neglected as most of the school funding went to them. The teachers in the PACE academy are very great though and all of the classes are easy to handle. Join student commission, you will not regret it.
The PACE teachers at Poly really care about our education as students. They go out of their way so that we receive the education that we need to the fullest extent. Also, if you are not doing so well mentally, you can go to the care center where you can talk about your issues. Things that can change for the better include the food and the litter on the campus.
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