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The school is very diverse and welcoming. From my experience, the teachers have been very involved and caring towards the students. The teachers are willing to do anything in order dor us to succeed.
Seriously such an amazing school. 100% believe it's the best high school ever. The PACE program prepared me for college and beyond. The opportunities the school gave me led me to so many future job experiences. I discovered many passions in music and sports. I also made so many lifetime friends due to the amazing diverse family-like community.
Not the best. Even though Poly yes had a great academic program for exceeding students, it was only a small percentage of the school that really got this treatment in school, the rest were troublemakers who could honestly care less. Never felt safe, especially in bathrooms, kids dressed un-scholarly like, and teachers were good, but in lower academic classes, were not. The campus is old and very dirty.
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Poly has an amazing PACE program with committed teachers and staff, fantastic athletics and a vibrant school culture. Facilities are mostly subpar, with the new auditorium and field being the two notable exceptions. The surrounding neighborhood is rough but I rarely feel unsafe.
I love the diversity of this school. The staff here really cares about your future and what you plan to do with your life, and they also keep you on track when they see you drifting off a little bit. The teachers are great here and they know how to teach, they make the class more understanding. This high school emphasizes the readiness for college and putting academics before sports. This is what I love the most, I really care about my future and going to this school has helped me prepare. I am still a junior but I have no doubt in my future, these people are helping me every step of the way.
Long Beach Poly is a great school. my experience so far is great. there is a lot of diversity and it feels like we are one big family. Our school is known for our academics and sports. We are scholars and champions. Many athletes get scholarships for sports and even drafted to play professionally. In this school we take very challenging classes but we have great teachers to teach the hard material. one thing i would change is the food but other than that Poly is a great school.
Polytechnic High School is a very great school which gives their students a lot of opportunities to receive experience for their future journey onto college. Poly High School has great teachers that are always there to support their students through good, exciting as well as through difficult moments the student faces. The teachers make sure the students stay on track so that they can successfully graduate.
The program and resources were very good but the location of the school is not only dangerous because of surrounding crime but the campus layout is not very appealing to students. Parking is a harrowing experience every morning. There is not enough secure area for students to park and feel safe.
What i like about poly high school is that it feels like family. Its a really diverse community. The teachers help you out as much as they possibly can, theres lots of tutoring, a lot of (diverse) clubs, CIC and PACE really push you ti be college ready,you make tons of friends because most are welcoming, we have tremendous school spirit and after all we are scholars and champions.
I felt very included in a diverse population at Long Beach Poly. From day one attending this school, I fell in love with the teachers and staff. At first I was intimidated by the large campus (moving from a school of only 600 to one of over 5000) but soon felt like it was my second home. I have been fortunate enough to be involved in the Poly PACE program here which has pushed me to my limits in challenging academics so that I am ready for college.
Although the campus it self is a bit out of shape, the students, diversity, and professors really provide an experience like no other. I was able to meet so many people different from who I am and gain a variety of perspectives of the world that truly helped me grow as a person. The athletics programs is amazing and really provides the school spirit that make high school so fun!
Polytechnic High School has amazing students and staff that inspires you to do better and well all the time! Although many things are great at Poly, the campus lacks the funds for new technology and facilities to help further the improvements of students.
Long Beach Poly is one of the best schools out there. I went through the CIC learning community and I absolutely loved it. The teachers truly cared about every student and wanted to see them succeed in life. After completing this program most students will feel ready and not scared to start college.
Overall, I really enjoy the CIC Program at Long Beach Poly. CIC offers more flexibility with choosing between an AP Course or an Honors Course. Most of my friends are either in CIC or PACE. The courses are challenging but the teachers work hard to make it interesting. The only thing I would change is more diversity within the CIC & PACE Programs. Specifically more African-Americans. The school is extremely diverse but it’s not reflected in the 2 highest academies.
The diversity of the school is unmatched by any other high schools in this district. The sense of family that Poly promotes is incredibly unique and important in that it ensures that everyone feels included and worthy of love and success.
Long Beach Polytechnic High School is a decent school to attend. Like any other High School you get a good education, some really good and some bad teachers, but that is normal in any school.
The environment and the spirit of the school was very motivating. The teachers and faculty really wanted to help each student to succeed and wanted the best for the school.
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I would like to see the quality of the facilities change. Despite the poor facility quality (ceiling tiles falling, paint peeling, flooding) I was really happy there. The students and faculty are mostly diverse and understanding. The education was great and really prepared me for college and life after.
Polytechnic High School is the best school. I walk around with pride whenever I say that I am a Poly alumni. There is so much diversity on campus. Helpful teachers and numerous resources for students.
I was in the PACE academy at Long Beach Poly and it was great. At times it was hard because of the work load but it does prepare students for college and their journey ahead. Most staff are willing to go out of their way to help a student succeed.
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