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I loved the people and teachers at this school! Everyone is very welcoming in my experience! You really feel like you are apart of a family.
What I liked about Polytechnic High School was that the staff and faculty members are kind to the students and the campus is very diverse. I think that the staff and faculty members always encourage students to do their best and to not give up which I believe motivates students to want to improve on their learning and education experience.
As a current junior at Polytechnic Highschool I would say so far my experiences are pretty well. The school staff is awesome as they make you feel like they’ve always have your back. Also the care center is one of my favorite places to go if you’re struggling or need any help. There’s a teacher that’s always happy to help you in that center.
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I was in the PACE program at this school, which I feel like it prepared me well enough for college. This program is nice because most of your classes will be with the same people, which it feels like a small community. I can't speak for the academics for the rest of the school, but I imagine that it is good as well. Other than that, the school has amazing school spirit and there's a lot of diversity. Go Jackrabbits!
i like this school because the teachers are so welcoming and kind. the students, too, are super kind and courageous as well.
The main thing I liked about Polytechnic high school was their diversity and their staff. Their staff has helped me all throughout high school and they have guided me on the right path to success for college. The staff at the college and career center have helped me apply for college and understand financial aid/scholarships.
I loved how all of my teacher want the best for me and they are very supported and they love to help everyone pass their classes and get good grades to apply for awesome and great colleges.
I think that the teachers, student body, and extracurricular activities made the school an enjoyable experience for my 4 years at Poly.
Poly is home to many kids and faculty filled with school spirit. The teachers welcomed me with open arms and have taught me incredibly well. It's also a very diverse campus so it makes every individual feel at home.
What I loved about Polytechnic high school is the diversity , the college readiness , and the friends I have made there.
Our campus is extremely diverse yet, we are separated between different pathways. The way our school is set up is based on high to low pathways which also divides us between social class. Those who have access to tutors and extra help are mainly those from white descent and are in the higher level classes. Recently, we had a teacher using physical and racial slurs in her actions towards her minority students. The students face institutional oppression every time they step in her class because she has more power over them. These incidents happened countless times, but the students are now finding the courage to stand up for one another and speak out. Clearly, there is a lot of work and change that needs to happen, but certain members of staff push to make it feel like a home to many students. Numerous amounts of kids here have to fill the role of a parent for their younger siblings. The fact that most of the staff is encouraging is heartwarming and a great thing to watch blossom.
The school is amazing and everyone is basically a family there. Everyone is nice to each other and makes sure that everyone has what they need.
When you enter Polytechnic Highschool, it is like stepping into an inclusive and comfortable community. The pride at Poly is overall fantastic and brings fun spirit all around the campus, making it a family-like environment. Not only does Poly have rigorous classes and amazing sports programs, but it also has fantastic faculty and a diverse group of students that work together to succeed. My overall experience at this high school has been nothing but positive. I will say though, over the past year we've had issues with few teachers but our administrators have worked diligently through problems to make sure that our school is a safe place for everyone.
Great School ! Poly has been great to us, love the teachers, the staff and the counselors are great, always willing to help and assist in any way. I've had the best experience here and have gotten great results.

Thank You Poly Staff!
Poly gave me a space to grow as a young woman and meet so many people I never would have met if I had not attended there. The teachers and staff were very invested in their students. I also was fortunate enough to have joined the choir program where I met some of my best friends and learned leadership skills.
The overall experience was good I had a lot of fun at this school, but most of the math teachers are terrible at their job.
Absolute loved my high school experience here. This is a place I can confidently call home. Every single teacher, coaches, administrators genuinely care for student well being.
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Poly high school is a very good school. Starting from the academics, it is one of the best academic schools in the area. Poly has many different academic pathways, For example, there is Beach, Pace, meds,
I like Poly and we are very diverse but I would love to see the school make better efforts in getting rid of racial hang out spots and make things like nutrition and lunch time more open for the students and more diverse.
My experience at Polytechnic High School has been okay. The school has constant fights, administration has never bothered to address the fights or bother to try and solve them. I recall being a freshmen and seeing fights every single day at lunch. I'm now a senior, and there are more fights during lunch. The school normalizes racial slurs/offensive language. Teachers were proven to have said racial slurs and have been rude to students. Students are left in the dark when they should know about issues happening around school, and they should feel like they are actually involved.The best part of my school years was overall meeting the pArts/METS counselor, Mr. Acosta, he is the most supportive and caring counselor ever. People wished they had a counselor as kind, thoughtful, and helpful as him.
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