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Long Beach Poly is unlike any other school in the nation. The cultural diversity is unparalleled at the high school level. It is the perfect balance of a private school quality education (through the PACE and CIC magnet programs) with the public school social experience that is essential to personal development. While the facilities are less than ideal, the immense sense of community and family felt at the school make it feel like home. The staff truly care about the student's well-being and provide plentiful resources to all students to ensure their success.
This school is a great place to get an education. When I have kid I am going to make sure that they come here.
Polytechnic High School gave me a place to be comfortable with myself and challenge myself academically. It introduced a variety of programs to me to participate in, including music (orchestra) and student government (ASB). I have made friendships here that I know I will carry out through my future. Poly has school spirit like no other school that I know of. The pride of this school is strong.
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Poly is one of the most diverse schools in Long Beach offering great college-prep academics. The overall diversity of the school brings the student body together with various cultures.
Poly is a great school with lots of opportunities and activities. It’s very diverse. Poly is known for its great football team that has put more players intoxicatingly the NFL then any other schools. Academics is great too. Offers many classes that would help students with its future career field
Poly high school is known as the home of scholars and champions. Poly has magnet academies to help challenge qualifying students to better prepare for college through honors and AP courses. It provides a challenging learning environment in one of the most diverse high schools in the state. Poly competes in CIF division 1 sports and is consistently known to produce gifted athletes.
I love poly high school because of the community aspect and the drive for the staff and student advisors to get everybody involved in the school community. Also the easy access to tutoring is a hug plus!
I am in MEDS academy and it as helped me go down the right pathway and help me with readiness for college overall my 4 years at Poly was great and it is a great school for any student with a lot of support and wonderful academics, and sports there are many opportunities here and every student will be recognized and supported to the best of the schools abilities.
What I really like about Polytechnic High School is that the school really helps you succeed. Poly helps you by connecting you with programs which will benefit you in the future, as for me I was able to get an interview for the CNA program & I am so appreciated about this opportunity because I made it in, I know that accepting this will truly benefit me because once I move onto college I want to get into the Nursing program either at CSULB or LBCC. I hope to graduate as a CNA in about 2 months , Poly is a great school academically as well. Although I would like to see a change in teachers, for the most part we have really supportive teachers that guide us through, there is some teachers that favor other students and treat some differently , that should not be the case, all students should be treated the same and have the same support no matter what.
Im a senior in the pace program at Poly , and ive had a wonderful experience throughout these four years.The teachers i’ve met are passionate about the subjects they teach and it has been a privilege to have had them as my teachers. The school is very diverse, and is overall a nice environment.
My experience at Poly High has been a wonder. Being a senior this year of 2018 has changed my personality and the way I view the world and others. There are so many opportunities at Poly, so your voice can be heard along with support and guiding systems to make you feel safe, my experiences have been a joyous ride with many memories. The school itself along with the teachers are supportive and accepting of who you are.
The teachers developed great relationships with the students which in turn made it easier to learn. Athletic departments were held to high standards even though we lacked a softball field. Outstanding programs for higher learning.
What I love about polytechnic high school is that I gave me a better chance at success rather than my first school, coming into a new school isn’t easy but everyone from the students, staff, administration they all have welcoming arms... the high school experience is the best you experience all types of different things from sports, to clubs and more. My school offers something to all student so they can feel like they fit in.
I LOVE POLY. I was close to attending another high school in the district and I truly believe that choosing Poly was one of the best decisions of my life. I guess with any school it depends on what you make of it, but I have so much pride in my school and it has played a large role in shaping me into the person I am today.
I enjoyed my overall experience at Polytechnic High School. During all. my four years attending, I was able to grow as a person and mentally. It provided all the diversity and care a high school should have. The classes available for students to take are wide in variety, along with the teachers. I was able to meet some of the best people I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. The reason I am giving four stars and not five is for several reasons. First, I think the campus could use a paint job; if the jackrabbits are the best, they need to look the best. Secondly, I believe there should be recycler bins around the campus as they have none. The only places they have recyclers is in the class rooms, and more should be added. And lastly, I think the principles should do more to interact with the students. It took my three years to find out what only one of the principles look like, and there are two. Overall, I think Poly is so well known for a reason and I will always have my PolyPride.
Great school, but I feel there is more emphasis on student athletes than others. I think the administration should make more of an effort to get to know the students more personally.
I am in the CIC program and it was the best decision I ever made. I love this program it was challenging but I still had time for all my extra curricular activities.
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Polytechnic High School is a very diverse school with a lot of positive attitudes and school spirit. The teachers are all very friendly and easy to talk to the teachers about any problems or questions you have in the class.
The school is very diverse and welcoming. From my experience, the teachers have been very involved and caring towards the students. The teachers are willing to do anything in order dor us to succeed.
Seriously such an amazing school. 100% believe it's the best high school ever. The PACE program prepared me for college and beyond. The opportunities the school gave me led me to so many future job experiences. I discovered many passions in music and sports. I also made so many lifetime friends due to the amazing diverse family-like community.
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