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I love how there’s a place for everyone at Poly. There are so many opportunities to discover your passions. I wish it was more homogenous in terms of the different pathways crossing paths and working together. If I had to do high school all over again, I would come here in a heartbeat.
Polytechnic High School has a wonderful environment. There is a high diversity in students which negates the ability for students to feel isolated. There are a variety of different clubs in the school, so much that there is almost a club for every single student. The school has frequent culture celebrations in the center of the campus which allows for students to gather around and celebrate.
My experience at poly is great they give you so many opportunities , as well for the diversity it has within the schools and the club that are made to know more about other cultures and also to embrace it. The staff is very cool and people you can depend on because they'll always have your back and give you a heads up on an upcoming opportunity for any major you could be headed to.
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Polytechnic High School not only helped me grow as a student, but also as a person. I love how diverse the school is, always making room for an individual to find their place. Poly also has a sense of pride that us as students can take away even after we graduate and move on to bigger dreams. The only change I would like to see is updated sports equipment because ours are getting a little worn out.
Poly is very diverse and there are really great programs that most students to take advantage of but there are really great opportunities that Poly offers.
It was great to go to school and see so much diversity. Everyone was really nice and made you feel at home.
I absolutely love this school, the teachers here have helped me learn so much. All administrators and teachers really care about our future and work their hardest to ensure we’ll be ready for life after high school
Surrounded by people that I know will be successful because of the teachers and students high spirits. It all happens at Poly!
What I like about my high school Long Beach Polytechnic High School is that it's diverse, you see all kinds of people with different races, nationalities and religion and I like that because it gets me to know them and learn everything about their culture and their nationality but most of all their personality. Poly has many different classes that you might not get to learn from. Many AP and Honors classes which I like, may be hard but if you try and believe in yourself you can accomplish anything. But so far my freshman through beginning of senior year have been great !
Very diverse school. You feel included everywhere. There is always someone to help you if you ever need it. Teachers push you to strive for better grades or better work. Policies are pretty well set in place.
At Polytechnic High School, the campus is quite small but the buildings build on each other so that there are a lot of stairs. The facility and administrators are all there to help you. Poly High School also offers a number of different programs that are all centered on a focus that students may want to pursue in their future. The students are all organized into a program and can interact with their teachers and classmates easily. The sports offered at Poly excel and their music program is also stupendous. Our school motto is "Home of scholars and champions."
There are some great students and teachers at Poly. Some staff seem like they really care about the students but, not all. Also, its not the safest school as there are fights. Also, with a school this big, its hard to get any recognition for the things you do because there is just too many people. The best thing is that they provide a lot of college help and opportunities for all students.
Poly is a good school but I've made mistakes to make it be average. There are things I would like to change but I can't. These last two years will be the year to be the better version of myself.
I couldn't have seen myself graduate from any other high school in the world. There's just something about Poly that set itself from everyone else. Some of the teachers care and some would let you do your own thing, but they are dedicated into helping you succeed. Our school has one of the best sports programs ever, sending over 60 students to college to play football. Student council held rallies and events during lunch for students to participate in and Poly's diversity makes you feel like you belong. Once a Jackrabbit, Always a Jackrabbit.
Poly is absolutely amazing. Not only in academics, but athletics and the arts as well. The faculty and students are like family, and I've never been in such a positive environment before full of support.
I liked how the teachers and counselors were always there whenever you needed them and could answer any question you may have. If they didn't have the answers right away, then they would be there to help you. Prepared me very well for college and the overall atmosphere was great and there's a ton of clubs for you to be apart of.
I like the environment of being around different people of different backgrounds and being able to interact in a peaceful manner. I like the interactions between teachers and students, being able to share experience with understanding teachers, and being able to understand others perspectives by sharing their individual experiences. Something I wish that I could change is the outbursts of some students that result in fights that can not be easily or efficiently stopped.
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Nothing much I want to change about the school. The campus is in great shape. I would love to change about the food but maybe the school don't have control over that. Overall it's a great school, would go there again.
I like the cultural fair that we have every year at polytechnic high the most because it shows the diversity at poly. I also like all the teachers there because they are really helpful and friendly. Most of the teacher helps you even when your not in their class. They give all the students the same opportunities and resource for their success. All poly’s student are first scholar then we are champions. Poly has renovated their field this year making really big for their students need. Long Beach Unified School District is also really advance in their technology, providing all their students with chromebooks.
Poly is a very diverse and safe school. I've been here since I was a freshman and I have loved every single moment about being here. High school was an amazing experience, especially since I was at poly.
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