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Polytechnic highschool is a diverse school with many activists for children of all ages and disabilities. If I could change anything about poly it would be the administrations attitude towards its students.
Polytechnic has so much to offer to students who go there, like many clubs, which I absolutely loved like environmental club, Makeup Club, Key Club, Game club, Robotics club, they all made me feel more involved which is a great environment to be in, the courses in which I was put in where up to my level and well sometimes made me put my self out there more which was great for me, it helped me create study plans and agendas, Polytechnic has truly been more than just a high school for me, of course there are things that I hoped changed, like some faculty, there are some teachers and security who truly don’t seem to care about students, there have been so many in over this first semester which have truly put an impact on some students, like strangers with weapons inside of the school I just really wished the faculty would put in a little more effort in the schools security.
This school has a lot of improving to do. I wish they would tell the students more about classes they can take to help them advance in college.
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This school need improvement and i would like to see more change in the academic side as well as lunch.
The Polytechnic Parrot community is pleasant. Everyone is so optimistic and positive when it comes to learning. Even if we don’t all strive for the same goal we help each other succeed. The staff is always watching out for us. Teachers always check up on students because they care.
Polytechnic is not as bad as it seems although it could use some improvements regarding college readiness.
Close knit student body. Teachers were approachable. No need to keep up social circles. Fast learning environment.
I'm currently a junior at polytechnic high school i would be honest and say that I wanted to attend a better high school .However, after my three years experience at polytechnic I realized that it's not a bad school like what the majority says or think of it. Poly is actually working in improving in so many areas, they now have security lock doors, better and more surveillance cameras in the campus,also teachers and coaches who are willing to improve our academic and athletic performance. I would actually want polytechnic students to succeed in their STAAR tests and achieve high scores of passing and getting commended. POLY IS THE PLACE TO BE!
My experience at poly was alright not too bad but not good as well. I love the atmosphere there, never had a problem with no one. The facilities are doing a good job maintaining order and getting involved with the students.
I like how poly will stop at nothing to get you fasfa and readiness for college. And atmosphere feels warm everyone is so welcoming .
Polytechnic High School is filled with great people. Student in different organizations and clubs are all motivated to help Poly be recognized. Something I would like to see changed is the size of out cafeteria and bandhall. Both are in my opinion too small. Aside from that, my school does a great job in making me and others feel like it is our second home, as our motto says, Poly is the place to be!
Polytechnic High School is a very good school from the students to the teachers to the faculties. I have a very good relationship with all my teacher’s they don’t only teach me the things about school but also things I will need in life to be successful. The faculties make it a very safe environment for everyone not just for the students. Also we have a great principal he makes sure everyone is on task and he listens to all the students opinions on things. Over all Polytechnic High school is a wonderful school for a high school experience even through its only my sophomore year its has changed in many ways. Poly is the place to be.
Teachers didn’t really care (most of them) we needed new text books ,safer spaces etc it’s like we were forgotten
I barely got here, it was not the worst place I had been to. However the teachers I've met so far have appreciated me and I them, but at times certain aspects of the school seem rather deteriorated such as authority.
The only high school I've been too and it's has had it's ups and downs. The first few years were average and I was new so I would hear rumors of the school being labeled as "ghetto" and witness a handful of fights in a week. But it is a diverse school with students of different ethnic/race and unique background stories. Yes the school doesn't contain the best studious group of students but they are those who are and accomplish so much and meet the deadline. The school has been progressing onto influencing students to take their studies seriously and it has been a massive improvement compared to my freshman year and it will keep going until the word "ghetto" is not applicable anymore.
Polytechnic was at one point a horrible school. Actually, in 2012, I entered terrified as a freshman due to the rumors and truths of what it used to be like. I then realized that Polytechnic high school was not as bad as it was said and ranked to be. Teachers and staff were actually great. Within the four years I attended I was mentored and influenced to pursue a goal, college. Teachers care about their students and help them thrive to success. That is to say, I received a full ride scholarship thanks to this school. (I'm applying for this scholarship for school supplies and books) After I graduated , I began to visit my principal and other staff members, keeping them up with my success. They actually connect with students and parents! I am proud to say I attended that school, not only because they are the reason I decided to attend college as a teenage mother but also because they proved to be a resourceful and rising school.
My experience at polytechnic high school has been great i am now captain of cheer team my, my GPA is 3.5, and college preparations is great.
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It was an overall good school because of the teachers I've had but the counselors and go center didn't help that much
The school has very much improved since I entered as a freshman. The students are behaving more academically and hopefully the bad rumors about our school will go away because POLY IS THE PLACE TO BE!
What I like about polytechnic High School is that most of the teachers are very engaging with their students, and they respect all students as well.
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