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POLYTECH High School is a great school in terms of academics because of the different career pathways offered for its students. The pathways, known as "shops" here, are tailored to what an individual wants, offering Culinary Arts, Medical Assisting, Early Childhood Education, Automotive Technology, and much more. When it comes to the students, this school is not very friendly and there has been quite the number of suicides in our school's history. Unless you know what career path you want and/or you want to go to a small(er) school, although the academics are pretty great and there are SOME amazing people to befriend, I do not recommend going to POLYTECH.
Administrators are very nice, but some teachers seem like they don't like kids. Occasionally there is a teacher who seems like they don't like their job. The food served is gross, but nutritious. There are lots of different groups of people and different friend groups. There are lots of friendly people that attend the school.
It was an awesome high school experience, from all the teachers,staff, and students. It is a great school to get involved, from clubs to sports. Teachers always give support and go above and beyond to help you, they are caring and want to see students succeed. It is easy to meet and make new friends. It is awesome to be in a school that offers technical shops. The shops are set up to simulate real life experiences. I was in the early childhood education shop, and we actually have a pre-school in the shop, and get to run the pre-school by our senior year. This has been a great experience and a head start for college.
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I enjoyed the fact that a person learns a trade, while still being taught academics. This provides a student who doesn't choose college to still be able to work in an area they enjoy and can support themselves. I would like to see the school still be able to get a person "college ready". The best part of the school, learning a trade, also is a downfall. The school has a limited range of classes to chose from outside choosing your trade.
Applying to Polytech High School was one of the best decisions of my life. Learning a trade and gaining experience in a field really puts students ahead in the work force.
Polytech is a very diverse school that offers a variety of concentrations to choose from. Overall the staff has been helpful and responsive. It is my hope that Polytech will take a more serious approach with regard to Athletics as entry into this establishment is based on a pool system.
I loved almost all of the teachers at Polytech they really didn't teach you everything straight out of text it came more out of how you use these things in real life situations. I would love to see administration take more action in things that happen within the school.
polytech is a really good school with lots of spirit and a diverse culture everyone comes to support the school sports teams and the teachers always help a kid no one gets left behind
I liked the nursing program. It helped me prepare for college. I enjoyed cheerleading. It was very rewarding.
Polytech high school has one of the best environments out of any school in Delaware. It makes the students feel more comfortable and ready to learn. I would highly recommend this school to anybody coming out of middle school.
I really enjoyed how approachable most of the teachers were and they are always open to create personal connections, which can last a lifetime. I also appreciated the amount of diversity within the technical shops which can really prepare you to figure out what kind of path you might want to go down.
Polytech is very beneficial for those who are not looking to go into college immediately after leaving high school, but also want a trade or certification that they can use to go out in the work force. On the other hand, for those who are entering colleges after they graduate, it gives them a head start because they know the basic material.
I love Poly, it’s like another home to me. Everywhere I go I feel like I’m comfortable and centered around people that like me. Shops are a nice way to get familiar with the school and the activities we do. Surrounding yourself with like people is good for your new career and professions. Poly is amazing but has some downfalls. We could focus more on healthier lunches while getting the main nutrients we need to function. We could have better connections with the teachers and not have as many late assignments is information was displayed correctly. In total this school is amazing and I’m glad to have been apart of the panther spirit.
Polytech High School has brought me many joyous and entertaining moments. My experience there has been a great one. I feel like by attending Polytech High School, I am more prepared for college than I would beat any other High School. There are no serious things I would change at Polytech because I feel as though we are already an advanced school. Polytech has given me many opportunities and still continues to do so.
POLYTECH's administration makes unnecessary changes to the handbook. The college readiness coming out of POLYTECH is not as impressive as it should be. Getting ahead with college or in the workforce is extremely hard in many technical areas.
Polytech High School is a great tech school for those who want to get a headstart in their careers. This school gives students various opportunities to interact with their desired fields of work.
My experience with Polytech High school has been great. Since it is a technical high school, I feel prepared for when I go to college and I know most of the things I am going to learn. The change I like to see is more technical shops being created and more co-op options for the students.
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What I appreciated most from Polytech was the fact it helped me meet the great friends I have now. When we hit rock bottom as a school everyone helped each other, but nothin was significant that I felt or learned from Poly. I feel as if the education was mediocre and it didn't make us see our full potential as students.
Polytech is a great school. They are very supportive in helping you decide where you want your future to take you, and they supply the tools to help you get started in doing that. I highly recommend this school.
I’ve really enjoyed the climate of the school, the safety and comfort I’ve been able to feel, and the atmosphere of support from everyone.
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