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Poly Prep Country Day School Reviews

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This is a school that is great all around. Excellent academic and college advising, very good dean system. School enrollment is not too small, not too big. Solid academics, beautiful athletic and theater facilities, suburban-like campus, lovely grounds and view of the water. Diverse student body. Like that the administration is energetic and forward looking. Like that parents are never discouraged from coming in to discuss any matters. It's true that the students study hard, play hard. Healthy, positive environment.
My experience at Poly has been enriched by the abundance of resources and opportunities offered to me, including the chance to participate in study abroad programs and nationwide conferences. These rich experiences have given me the tools needed to be a young adult with a curious mind, unafraid to pursue my passions. The community is very supportive, and at Poly I was fortunate to have met some of my closest friends.

Even though Poly has had some issues in the past regarding diversity, we have never stopped trying to come together to be better as a community. Over the past few years, I've witnessed Poly's efforts to embody a productive and inclusive "community", the unpoken word in our motto: Mind, Body, Character.
I love Poly Prep because it is outstanding all around! Most of my friends are excelling in several areas. Poly offers amazing opportunities to excel in academics, clubs, athletics, and the arts. My class is very diverse with students coming from all five boroughs and beyond. Poly faculty are super supportive, encouraging, and give a lot of individualized attention. There is no other school I would rather be graduating from! I'm already beginning to miss it.
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As a parent of three students who graduated from Poly, I have seen it from many angles. While my two older children were there, I would have written a glowing review about the strong academics and athletic opportunities as well as the college counseling. They were academically successful without much help and enjoyed their time at Poly. My third child had a bit more trouble, including some behavioral issues. Poly administrators did an exceptionally poor job of supporting her and our family through this. Although my older children think fondly of Poly, they're the kind of kids who would have succeeded anywhere. I think a school is best judged by how they deal with a child who needs a little bit more help, and on that measure, Poly failed.
A highly athletic school with amazing academics as well. My daughter feels proud to be a Poly student. They have a huge campus and some of the best athletic facilities in the city.
Science lacking. School morale down since new head of school.
When we toured the school it seemed warm and fuzzy. The previous headmaster had a golden retriever puppy at the open house and fresh baked cookies.
I understand the push to make more money by getting kids into top colleges, circle of indie schools, but at what expense?
Kids must have positive, memorable experiences and traditions to become generous alumni.
The students are impressive. They are articulate and engaging and make you feel welcome. The school is also a nice mix of traditional and progressive teaching.
Great academics for the price of the school. Sports however over powers arts and other extracurriculars. Teachers and faculty are amazing however, just wish they would focus less on themselves and being a business and focus more on the well being of students
I absolutely hated this school. I was a new student last year, and I'm so thankful to have gotten out. Technically speaking, academics were good. However, I didn't feel as if my teachers or counselors cared about me as a person whatsoever. In addition, the student atmosphere is horrendous. For starters, it's filled with homophobic and racist people. Secondly, the kids here are self-centered, entitled brats who can't think of a world beyond themselves. The administration is aware of how horrendous the atmosphere is, but choose to do nothing, or half-ass a presentation on why we should be nicer to each other. If you're going to spend the ridiculous amount of money that it costs to go here, spend it at a different school. The only redeeming quality about this school is the athletics, so if your child is really into sports, this is a good school for them. Anyone else though, don't go here.
This school fosters an impressive learning environment that puts its students far ahead of the game in terms of preparation for college. It has its downfalls, as every school has, but I'm very grateful for the opportunities I've been given by attending this institution. I've created the best bonds with teachers and students and my talents have been able to flourish within the environment.
I believe our Head of School is piloting this school towards the top of the heap. I am a parent of three boys, one recent graduate and two current students. In the last 3 years Poly has moved toward a more modern approach to every aspect of education. Decisions a remote data driven while maintaining the heart of the school. Parents have a greater sense of community. The administration is much more connected to the student body and the parent body than it had been under the past Head of School.
For the most part, Poly has been a great place to learn. I like the push towards community involvement but wish that the students were less cliquey.
Poly is an amazing school. The students walk around campus with purpose and pride. My older son started in 7th grade and he's never been happier. While many students are drawn to Poly for the athletics, understandably (it's impressive!), there are so many other areas available to the students - the arts, the sciences, debate, events, etc. School is more than just academics, and you feel this through Poly's goal of building character in each student.
This school literally saved my daughter’s life. Being intellectually curious, her previous school did not challenge her and she was on her way to becoming a surly adolescent who would be disinterested in learning. Poly, because of its creative approach to learning and its flexibility in scheduling, encouraged her to pursue her passion in math and science. She has excelled academically and is happy. She also was able to be fully engaged in athletics. Poly has been the best decision we have made as a family.
We are a New family to poly prep . Our son entered In The 9 th grade and he couldn’t be happier ! The school year started with a three day overnight as a way of intergrating new and old students. Our son came home and was thrilled ! It was the best way for the 9th grade to begin. When classes officially began he had already made many friends and felt much more confident and comfortable . Good job poly !!!
Poly was definitely a learning experience. It is a student driven institution, no one reaches out to help you -- you must seek it on your own. Overall, I had a good time. I made some wonderful friends, but overall the student body isn't that great. The diversity in classes is great, but if you're interested in art, music, or science, look somewhere else
Poly Prep is definitely a mixed bag. A student's experience is no doubt affected by the involvement of their parents in the school. Scandals come out ever so frequently, resulting in rapid administration changes. But on the bright side, the academics are pretty good.
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Poly's a great school- the school spirit is outstanding, and the students are united. Poly students have an impressive work ethic and they are determined to do well without being uber competitive. School spirit is found in events like homecoming, a popular favorite, or club events like dodgeball. The typical Poly student is a student who loves to do many things and loves to get involved.
I have seen Poly from every angle. Poly provides every tool for you to be ready for college. Every single department is stellar and has teachers who have have doctorates or been professions in that general field. The library is reliable and Google Drive makes projects and communication with teachers simple. One sceptisim is that some people beyond our doors might find some Poly kids as lazy rich kids. That might be true in some cases, but Poly gives you the opportunity to get into amazing schools: you must put in the work. Those who put in the work get rewarded with going to the most competitive universities in the countries and will be the most prepared for College and most importantly the real world. I have enjoyed my 8 years at Poly. Poly has everything someone should be around, diversity, passionate teachers, strong athletics, clubs, arts and everyone should consider going there.
Poly has a deep commitment to student interests, and the resources to back it up, so Poly students are able to accomplish tremendous things during their four years.