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For the most part, Poly has been a great place to learn. I like the push towards community involvement but wish that the students were less cliquey.
Poly is an amazing school. The students walk around campus with purpose and pride. My older son started in 7th grade and he's never been happier. While many students are drawn to Poly for the athletics, understandably (it's impressive!), there are so many other areas available to the students - the arts, the sciences, debate, events, etc. School is more than just academics, and you feel this through Poly's goal of building character in each student.
This school literally saved my daughter’s life. Being intellectually curious, her previous school did not challenge her and she was on her way to becoming a surly adolescent who would be disinterested in learning. Poly, because of its creative approach to learning and its flexibility in scheduling, encouraged her to pursue her passion in math and science. She has excelled academically and is happy. She also was able to be fully engaged in athletics. Poly has been the best decision we have made as a family.
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We are a New family to poly prep . Our son entered In The 9 th grade and he couldn’t be happier ! The school year started with a three day overnight as a way of intergrating new and old students. Our son came home and was thrilled ! It was the best way for the 9th grade to begin. When classes officially began he had already made many friends and felt much more confident and comfortable . Good job poly !!!
My daughter hid the fact that she could read from her preschool friends and teachers. When she joined Poly in Kindergarten, she was painfully shy, seldom spoke outside of our home, and had a folder on my computer containing over 100 stories she had written, revisited, added to, and revised. She will be entering Poly's High School next year and has blossomed in the embrace of Poly Prep. The girl who hid behind me, peering out at the class from behind my legs, now stars in musical theatre, loves school, and is accepted, supported, and encouraged for who she is and what she hopes to become.
Poly was definitely a learning experience. It is a student driven institution, no one reaches out to help you -- you must seek it on your own. Overall, I had a good time. I made some wonderful friends, but overall the student body isn't that great. The diversity in classes is great, but if you're interested in art, music, or science, look somewhere else
Poly Prep is definitely a mixed bag. A student's experience is no doubt affected by the involvement of their parents in the school. Scandals come out ever so frequently, resulting in rapid administration changes. But on the bright side, the academics are pretty good.
Poly's a great school- the school spirit is outstanding, and the students are united. Poly students have an impressive work ethic and they are determined to do well without being uber competitive. School spirit is found in events like homecoming, a popular favorite, or club events like dodgeball. The typical Poly student is a student who loves to do many things and loves to get involved.
I have seen Poly from every angle. Poly provides every tool for you to be ready for college. Every single department is stellar and has teachers who have have doctorates or been professions in that general field. The library is reliable and Google Drive makes projects and communication with teachers simple. One sceptisim is that some people beyond our doors might find some Poly kids as lazy rich kids. That might be true in some cases, but Poly gives you the opportunity to get into amazing schools: you must put in the work. Those who put in the work get rewarded with going to the most competitive universities in the countries and will be the most prepared for College and most importantly the real world. I have enjoyed my 8 years at Poly. Poly has everything someone should be around, diversity, passionate teachers, strong athletics, clubs, arts and everyone should consider going there.
Poly has a deep commitment to student interests, and the resources to back it up, so Poly students are able to accomplish tremendous things during their four years.
I've been at Poly forever, and although every school has its issues, I think Poly is tremendous. First and foremost, Poly students are exceptionally well-rounded. They excel in all areas and take their academics and extracurriculars very seriously. Poly has a very strong culture of athletics, but the performing and visual arts are equally strong in my opinion, and the athletics culture does not compromise academic performance and success. Students work hard and possess tremendous drive and ambition for their futures.
I have never felt unsafe in all my time at poly prep.
Fantastic extracurriculars that are supported by all teachers.
Poly has it all, competitive sports, great teachers, and amazings preforming/studio arts
I have spent a lot of time at poly as both a student and an athlete, personally I cannot imagine a better k-12 experiance.
It's excellent, I've never felt unsafe once here.
The activities are great if you are well aware of what you love to do and have a good handle on specific interests. Most major activities are excellent, and help passionate students form life long friendships and skills. For many, it is their primary identity. And it is true that no activity contributes to higher social standing, if you love what you do and do it well, you will be respected no matter what. Football players can double as musical leads etc. The problem lies, however, in the treatment towards students who just want to explore and discover their sense of self. If you join a prominent activity, such an A Cappella group or debate for instance, you will immediately be labelled as a "singer" or "debater" and it can be hard to change your identity as you change throughout H.S. Activity hopping and exploring isn't easily done and not well regarded. People who are unsure and not completely passionate in their activity can be insulted and looked down upon. Overall, while activities are mostly amazing, students can sometimes be known by what activities they're in rather than who they are. You will love them if you know what you love, if you don't, it isn't always the best place.
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Poly is a great school for some, not for others. It's all about fit. If you are a diligent worker and an interested student, you will have great relationships with teachers and an awesome academic experience. But no matter what, Poly is beyond committed to providing a first class education to all its students, and I'm so thankful for the education I've received. The only academic down side is students are obsessed with the AP's, which are overrated and sometimes turn a blind side to passion and learning. I advise students to take classes THEY are interested in, not the "most rigorous". Despite this, Poly is awesome academically. Socially and community wise, it can be heavenly for some, but uncomfortable for others. If you're socially mature and (somehow) know who you are in high school, you will love it. This is because everyone at Poly has labels, whether it be "singer" "debater" "lacrosse player" etc. If you are unsure about who you are or what you're passionate about, this school can sometimes be misunderstanding and not very supportive. If you are comfortable in your own skin, then definitely go here, but if you are not, it's not always the best place. Also, while this is improving by the minute, the sports culture is dominant, especially among the boys. The majority of upperclassmen boys lift weights daily and are avid fantasy sports players. It can sometimes be hard to be a more quirky or non-macho boy. Everyone is 100% accepting of differences, but they aren't always embraced. On that note, some minority communities are thriving, such as the African American community which is an integral part of Poly's culture. However, there is almost no visible LGBT community, and the GSA is basically non existent (this is true in most high schools so it isn't really Poly's fault). Overall, however, Poly students are characteristically aware and interested in the world around them, and aspire to be leaders and change the world.
Most teachers love teaching and are always looking out for struggling students. They challenge the students but always have their best interest at heart. Many lessons are very interesting and engaging and teach students how to think. However, Poly teachers have a habit of (some) staying for 20+ years, which leads to some very traditional and not very open minded teachers. While they care about students, they rely on 30 year old methods. Especially in the AP's (which are vastly overrated here) the teachers care more about how time consuming an assignment is rather than how much it expands the minds of the students. These teachers are convinced that the AP score is the most important portion of a student's career rather than the student's experience, and a handful of AP teachers sacrifice interesting and engaging lessons for test prep.
Health & Safety is highly promoted.